Aroma "Dior addicts": reviews, description, price

perfume "Dior addicts" whose price of 1,500 rubles is too high for many buyers, but quite acceptable for such a high quality product that instantly transforms its possessor.Thanks to him, any girl or woman will feel like a million, and no man can resist the charming dependence flavor "Christian Dior".

"Dior addicts": the secret of your perfection

slogan of "I love Dior" is the best conveys the attitude fashionistas all over the world for this brand.Only one perfume "Christian Dior" is the fourth in the world by the number of sales.The line of fragrances and cosmetics "Dior addict", reviews of which are constantly replenished by new laudatory odes of these products is quite popular both abroad and in our country.

Among the most famous fragrances - "Miss Dior", "Zhador", "Dior addict."Comments about these and other products perfumes full of gratitude and admiration of fans of the fashion house, although some of them are the spirits of "Dior addicts" seem a bit heavy.The cosmetic line "Dior addict

," was published in 1998, and in 2002 there was the aroma, which became her trademark.

"Dior addicts": the smell of dependence

creator of this perfume is a provocative and defiant perfumer Thierry Wasser.Bold, bright and at the same time feminine and intoxicating sweetness oriental fragrance very quickly appreciated the ladies all over the world.Its name translates as "dependence", and not in vain.

From the first breath he is able to tighten anyone in its sweet captivity.Fresh citrus notes of orange leaves and mulberry trees intertwine harmoniously with the dominant fragrance "Dior addicts" - Bourbon vanilla.Next shackles delight even more magic you hold down fluids exotic Jamaican flower "Night Queen", which blooms only a couple of hours in a year.

In conjunction with the soft heady notes of Bulgarian rose, orange blossom and jasmine, you get an unforgettable fragrant bouquet, hidden in a bottle of "Christian Dior".Completeness is achieved through the formulation of resinous Mysore sandal, musk fragrances enveloping tonka bean and amber hues.

unique series of cosmetics

"Dior addicts" - perfume, which became the basis for the creation of a series of fragrances.These vials are different from each other in color, but they all have the shape of an elongated rectangle with round up golden lid.The first perfume "Dior addicts" came out in a dark blue opaque bottle, which seemed to hide secrets seductiveness of its owner.

Besides spirits, in line produces various cosmetics: mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and lip gloss.These products are quite popular among the fans at home, "Dior".

Variations in flavor depending

After this bold scent gave a real sensation in the world of fashion house "Dior" has decided not to stop there.His perfumers invented a whole line of fragrances "Dior addicts" whose price in the region of 1400-1500 rubles.The basis of some of them were laid the same notes on which was built the first "addicts", but most of these spirits have created with other accents and trains.

In 2004 came two new flavor of the series - "Dior addicts Fresh" and "Dior Twist addicts."Fresh - summer eau de toilette "Dior addicts", which the perfumer made notes of freshness and coolness of tuberose, gardenia and freesia.And the usual for "addicts" musky vanilla, "Night Queen", jasmine and sandalwood were complemented by the smell of bergamot.In conjunction with conventional citrus accents, these components created a fresh and daring, heady and a cooling cocktail that is perfect for the evening and for the day.

"addict Dior Twist" - limited edition fragrance, which inspired its creator perfume line "Dior Couture."The main difference from the fragrance in 2002 - changes in the design of the bottle.Strict dark blue bottle has now been wrapped up in a gorgeous, seductive black corset, bound with thick ribbons.In the intoxicating aroma is now dominated by floral accents and citrus on the backburner.

Also in the series have been released fragrances "Shine," "Shine Couture Collection" and "Tu Life."Inspired by the brilliant work of the designer John Galliano, perfumer Francois Demachy created a fragrance that perfectly emphasizes femininity, grace and refinement of their owners.

Second Coming classic flavor

In 2005 came another updated version of the fragrance "addicts" - "Dior addict 2".This perfume, unlike the original, has a light, fresh fragrance, but it remained sweet notes of sandalwood and musk.

citrus accents in the upper layer of the odor blend harmoniously with bergamot and freesia.The heart of the fragrance is fragrant lilies and lotus, mixed with fruity notes of watermelon, pineapple and pomegranate.And this completes the multifaceted composition of sweet base notes of white musk, sandalwood and cedar.

light fragrance for all occasions

Classic "Dior addict" reviews which say that it is more appropriate for the evening, not too generic (for use during the day he is too sweet).But "Dior addict 2" will perfectly fit in your style of business lady at work and in the romantic image of the moon for a date.

On the basis of flavor, "Dior addict 2" has created an entire line of perfume, "Couture Collection", "Fresh", "Logomaniya", "Sparkle John Pink," "Summer Litchi," "Summer Pions," "SummerBreeze ".

These fresh and at the same time sweet scent of floral fragrance which harmoniously intertwine with fruity notes, is quite popular among fans production "Christian Dior".

Classic oblong bottle of dark blue color, "Dior addicts" in "addict-2" retained its shape, but instead mysterious colors of the night sky designers fashion house painted it in pristine pale pink hue.

perfect lips of "Dior"

Lipstick "Dior addict" appeared in 2011, and since that time consistently pleases fashionistas for its high quality and stylish shades.It is based on 4 types of wax, so perfectly encapsulates lipstick lips firmly holds and preserves color fastness.The hyaluronic acid gel and a mirror, its member, add the volume of the lips, making them more expressive and seductive.

lipstick palette consists of 12 shades of haute couture, which are divided into 4 groups of styles:

1) "Incognito" - natural, beige tones, ideal for the fashion natural makeup style Nude.

2) "Lucky" - three bold pink color that will give your lips playfulness and courage.

3) "Riviera" - playful summer colors, perfect for an exotic sailing trips.

4) "Plaza" - saturated colors, which are the perfect finishing touches to the creation of the mysterious and enchanting evening image.

this lipstick to your lips become voluminous, expressive, radiant and always will attract the attention of others to their fashionable and stylish colors.

How to create a radiant smile?

Shine "Dior addict" is based on unique microscopic pearl beads that are like facets of a diamond, repeatedly refract and reflect light rays.Due to the action of the complex lip begin to emit an incredible magical glow.A hyaluronic acid, which in large quantities is a part of the light, making lips and seductive volume.

gloss palette consists of 24 shades, among which every fashionista will find it an ideal option for themselves.Gentle and natural, bright and bold, rich and seductive - each of these colors will help you create a unique and unforgettable style.A slight, barely perceptible texture shine every fashionista will feel the freedom, independence, self-confidence and feel like a queen is always and in any manner.


Spirits "Dior addicts" have gained recognition among fashionistas in all parts of the world and marked the beginning of a series of sweet aromas "dependency".For 12 years of existence, this series perfume its products touted by many famous model.

So, facing the first campaign dedicated to these spirits, became Liberty Ross.Art director filming, renowned photographer Nick Knight created a frank and provocative video in which after use perfume heroine opened her dark and free "I".

In 2011, individuals "addicts" became famous model Kate Moss (spring-summer) and Karlie Kloss (autumn-winter).Apart from the spirits, Kate Moss also represented lipstick "Dior addict."Photo top models touting products Dior, was published in all the most popular gloss.

One of the most striking commercials perfume was withdrawn in 2012.It belongs to the director Jonas Ã…kerlund, and sang the title role of Parisian catwalks Dutch star Daphne Groenveld.Advertising was shot on the beach, where in the middle of the last century were shooting the film "And God Created Woman."

main character of the video - playful and cheeky, cute and independent, free and carefree Heartbreakers unlocks the power thanks to its charming fragrance and arranges a real holiday wherever there.Shining, cheerful, relaxed and incredibly attractive, it catches the eyes of passers-by, subjecting them to an irresistible force, depending on the perfume "Christian Dior".

In 2014 became the face of Dior house charming Sasha Luss, which took part in almost all the fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week.Commercials toilet water model of a luxury, but a dull house moved into a bright and colorful world through the mirror.There it carries, of course, the fragrance "Dior addict."

What people say about "Dior addicts" of its owner?

in all parts of the world (and in our country as well) is hard to find a true connoisseur of high fashion, which would not have known about this fragrance.It has in fact become a cult.Comments about this smell for the most part positive, his musky trail wins both women and gentlemen with the first breath.

aroma is very stable, it can remain on the trail of clothes up to two days.Total of pressure on the spray gun is enough to have a haze enveloped the mysterious and charming freedom.

Despite the creation of different variations of the perfume "Dior addicts' reviews about it consistently praise classic fragrance, created by Thierry Wasser in the distant 2002.He still enjoys continued popularity, although the smell is quite specific because of its sweetness, and even hard.This fragrance is more suitable for an evening stroll, but many feel quite comfortable with it in the daytime.

create the perfect image

Spirits "Dior addicts" not too well with a simple loose clothing style kezhual.Much better it blends with refined, elegant, refined style luxury haute couture.

When creating the image of the perfect complement to the fragrance may be other cosmetics of this line.For example, from the "Dior addict" lipstick or gloss, of course, will not leave indifferent neither you nor your associates.