The new facility in cosmetics from the company EOS - Lip Balm

Among the many cosmetic products, there are many different creams and salves for skin care face and hands.To a large extent this need and lips.Their beauty and healthy appearance depends on the proper care and use of high-quality lipsticks and balms.Among young women and girls is very popular lip balm EOS.Reviews of him only positive.What is this means and what its superiority?How to use it?

Origin and the balsam

EOS translated to English language means "smooth evolution."It produces balsam one of the American companies.The main difference of this product from other cosmetic products is that it is made from natural ingredients.It contains no wax, petrolatum and other chemical impurities or other origin.Certainly contents are vegetable oils, extracts, extracts and other elements.These include: jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil, beeswax, fruits, berries, herbs.One important element in the composition is vitamin E.

Useful properties

Produced by EOS - Lip Balm - is a unique to

ol for the protection from the effects of weather: cold, heat, dust.When applying balm on the lips of a thin film that prevents ingress of dust and exposed to direct ultraviolet rays.However, it passes through a sufficient portion of the clean air required for the skin.

cosmetics manufacturers using such ingredients, which have a pleasant, light fragrance.The new facility of the EOS, lip balm, satisfies the requirements of each variety of consumer choice.It can have a light scent of lemon, melon, mint, strawberries and many other natural fragrances.Furthermore, balm pleasant taste.Exactly falls on the surface of the lips, leaving no rough edges, folds and divorces.It does not contract skin.This is the main reason that the lip balm EOS has only positive reviews and high demand.

External registration

Exterior cosmetic products EOS, including packaging, differ from conventional lipsticks and balms.Capsule small size, spherical shape, made of a material which is pleasant to the touch, do not slide in hands.Cover the bottle is easy to open, and snapped, leaving no gaps and irregularities.For convenience, there is a deepening of her finger.The contents of the bottle is shaped like a ball, light beige color.Smooth and comfortable can be applied immediately to both lips.

Advantages and disadvantages

Company EOS Lip Balm has a lot of advantages and only one disadvantage: because it contains natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions.If we eliminate this drawback, the rest balm EOS is an excellent cosmetic.The effect of its application effect in a day.This balm can make use of pregnant women and nursing mothers.It is easy to use: it can be easily found in the bag, despite the fact that the bottle takes up little space.Russians have to pay for the shipment and, therefore, not everyone can afford to buy the products EOS - lip balm.Unfortunately, it is made in the USA alone.Providers can serve other countries.

How to avoid mistakes when buying

When buying a balm in the store should be required certificate and carefully examine the purchase, not to buy a fake.Attention should be paid to the package.Marking on it should be clear, nerasplyvchatoy.You can distinguish a fake by sight and smell.This bottle is not glossy, and a rough surface.From normal packaging is felt a sharp flavor.Not to be confused with the original fake, should carefully examine the bottle.Between the base and cover joints should be the original gap.If it is not, it is not a genuine product.

unusual and original appearance is a product of EOS - lip balm.People have different tastes, but the cosmetics of this brand like everyone.Its quality indicators, packaging design, ease of use - all this attracts customers and makes the product popular.