Popular Korean cosmetics brands

Korean cosmetics is rapidly gaining popularity in the market.This is justified, because these products combine both pleasant design and quality content.The content in turn is known for its efficiency in view of the fact that the cosmetics includes both ancient recipes of traditional cosmetics, and innovation and technology.

Consider the most popular brands of such a product as the Korean cosmetics.Brand «Tony Moly» gained its popularity particularly among young girls because of their interesting and nice design.Translated brand name means "style pack" that can sometimes give the mistaken impression that because of the good in the cosmetics will only pack the famous fruit or eggs, which will decorate your shelf in the bathroom.But it's not Tony Moly products and attracts more and more consumers because of its effectiveness, as all cosmetics very clearly classified by age, helping to choose the most useful tools.But the division of skin types and features of the exterior is very vague, which is a striki

ng disadvantage if, for example, in adolescence your skin is oily, as is often the case, and such cases are not interfacing and facial features.

Next brand worthy of attention is «Holika Holika».These cosmetics also has a nice design, but more specific, associated with mysticism and gothic.The target audience of the cosmetic line are mainly young girls, and despite the presence of a pair of complexes of anti-age care, this brand has more effective's Skin and partly decorative cosmetics mainly for young ladies.

opinions about the South Korean brands such as «Etude House» and «Skin79», vary widely, ranging from neutrality disappointed, and ending with the words of admiration.It is for the most part those cosmetics, which govoryat- "until you try, do not know."

«Skin Food» - brand Korean cosmetics focused on nutrition and making healthy skin from the inside, not on the outer disguise flaws.For the most part due to this fact, the brand gained popularity.

a brand like «The Face Shop» will delight lovers of natural makeup, and natural beauty.The line of decorative cosmetics of this brand is very limited and does not provide adequate diversity.But withdrawal from «The Face Shop» trustworthy.All cosmetics rich in natural ingredients, and is harmless for you and at the same time gives a good and long-lasting effect.

Cosmetics «Mizon» is a pretty specific thing, as the active ingredient in it is snake venom and snail slime.Despite this unusual composition of these tools are effective, it should be noted in particular anti-age cosmetics of this brand, which is known for its effect.

And the last brand that deserves no less attention is «Purebess», focused not so much on the beauty and comfort, as the safety of the use of the composition and purity.From the composition of cosmetic eliminate all fragrances, dyes, alcohol and other harmful cosmetic giants of mass consumption.These cosmetics will not offend even the most delicate skin.Is gaining popularity for its use of children as «Purebess» can outperform many brands for the production of cosmetics for sensitive baby skin.