EOS (lip balms): description, views, photos and reviews

In winter, when cold, searing frost and high winds sure to protect lips.Also in the sultry heat of the lips are exposed to dangerous ultraviolet sun rays.Aggressive external environment worsens the condition and appearance of the delicate skin of the lips.The negative effects are manifested in the peeling, the appearance of small, and sometimes large cracks.

production of balsam

protect the sensitive skin of the lips from the negative impact of a high quality and is designed to exclusive lip balm EOS.The product is manufactured by the American firm under the slogan "Evolution of smoothness."

unique moisturizing and nourishing products is available in an unusual manner which causes surprise and admiration.The spherical shape of the bottle is attractive and arouses interest.And the variety of color choices is simply amazing.Easy to use compact sphere balm EOS.Lip Balm, a photo of which is a general interest in girls and women, very quickly gained popularity.When producing the balsam and does not us

e chemical synthetic substances.

manufacturer of unique means of a brand EOS.Lip balms are distinguished from other means of natural ingredients.Ingredients of the balm are absolutely safe and harmless to human health.Manufacturer deliberately renounced the use of hazardous ingredients to produce a product, granting a healthy and attractive lips.Cosmetic company released funds EOS - lip balms that will make your lips smooth and soft as silk.


Natural balm balm is located in the vial-ball, which is made from safe plastics.At the touch of a bottle resembles a rubberized surface, so keep it in your hands nice and comfortable.And he never dropped his hands.Opens sphere quickly and without any effort, you just need to turn towards the top of the vial.To cover is opened quickly and easily, the designers have developed a special recess on the bottle for the fingertips.

unusual opening a jar, you can find a natural balm that has a transparent texture and a light pleasant scent.The unique tool looks like a chapstick.A distinctive feature is the circular shape of balm.The taste and color set the color scheme means EOS.Lip balms, photos of which can be seen in the article attracted the attention of its diversity.

closes the bottle as well as offers.It is necessary to turn the cover in the opposite direction with a gentle touch.When balm closed, then a click.Manufacturers have taken care of the convenience of opening means for lips EOS.Balsams, the description of which can be found in catalogs cosmetic products look stylish and bright.


The natural remedy includes useful and effective plant oils such as olive, coconut, sunflower, Shea, Jojoba.As well as the active ingredient is an environmentally friendly beeswax and vitamin E. For the production of balsam used extracts of blueberry, strawberry, strawberry, peach and many other delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables.Organic ingredients will make your lips soft and velvety.

After a brief and efficient use of natural lip balm will acquire a natural healthy look.Balm has a patent, which is assigned by the Oregon Institute of organics.

lips silky and velvet by using EOS.Lip balms have a light floral and fruity fragrance that is provided by natural and safe flavoring.Nice soft texture coats lips, giving comfort and a feeling of freshness and lightness.

company that manufactures exclusive agent for the lips, does not practice product testing on animals, as there is no need.For the production of balsam not apply toxic and harmful ingredients.Buy means the company EOS - lip balms, photos of which are presented in the article - it is possible at the pharmacy.

aroma and taste means

Every girl will find a personal flavor in the line of lip balms EOS.The product has a variety of odors to color and flavor.Thus, you can become the owner of the balm with taste of summer fruits, medicinal mandarin, honey melon, blueberries and blueberry.Recently a new product from the company EOS - lip balm, "Coco," which takes you to an exotic world.

This is not a complete list of all the abundance of flavors balms.Unique means has a light, fresh scent that creates a sense of mystery and unreality.No balm does not have a clear, obsessive smell.

You can purchase the company EOS lip balms, a set of which can have different flavors and colors.

Special properties

Balm Balm different from other similar hygienic means many parameters.Firstly, it includes nourishing and moisturizing oils that protect sensitive lips from the aggressive environment.With balm EOS fears neither cold and frost or strong wind, no scorching ultraviolet rays.Your lips will never crack and peel.

Second, when applying lip balm covered with a thin film that provides protection from dust particles and dirt in the air.Skin Lip thus can breathe, so as balm does not clog the pores.

Third, moisturizer protects the skin of the lips from the unwanted and harmful effects of sunlight.UV lips can get a painful burn.To avoid this, cosmetologists created extraordinary means of EOS.Lip balms, photos of which is presented below, have a unique formula.Its use during the sweltering heat necessary.

Fourth, texture balm is so tender that it falls on the lips easily and without forming lumps.When applying you do not feel a sense of constriction and dryness of the skin.Unique product from the company EOS - lip balm, which has a picture in the paper - lips gives a feeling of freshness and weightlessness.

Advantages balm

exceptional balm has many positive properties:

- naturalness of all components.To use the tool can pregnant women, women in lactation and children due to natural and organic ingredients.Balm does not pose any harm, and brings only benefits.

- Comfortable and velvety to the touch jar.Its compact size bottle can be carried in a camera bag, clutch bags, pocket.To find it there will not be difficult, as it is significantly different from all other contents of the bag.Ease and accessibility - the distinctive features of balm EOS.

- Affordable balm.Modern natural cosmetics are very expensive.But this is not a balm EOS.The price for a reasonable and acceptable, it can afford to buy every girl and woman.Balsam serve faithfully for a long time, as is spent economically.

- The obvious effect of the first application.After applying the unique resources for the lips, they become smooth and tender.If you apply it regularly, you will notice that the lips have acquired a healthy appearance and healed minor cracks.

- delicate flavor, pleasant taste.Apply lip balm on very nice: in the air slightly perceptible aroma, and on the lips of sweet and delicious balm.A variety of flavors and pushes to try them all to one.To realize a dream, you just need to book in the company EOS - lip balm.The set contains the set of natural aromas and flavors.Now you can not worry about that with the lipstick you eat the whole table of chemical elements.

Natural components of balsam and allergy

only nuance in the application of the balsam is the possibility of an allergic reaction.Since it is composed of natural substances, they can trigger an allergy.

To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct a trial test.Before you apply the balm to the lips, it is necessary to smear it on the wrist or on any other sensitive area of ​​skin.Leave it there for a day.If after no redness and burning, the lip balm can be used.Cases of allergic reactions are rare, but precautions will not be denied.

Where to buy natural balm

Buy lip balm can be a chemist or a specialized large store cosmetics and perfumes.Before you pay the cost, ask the seller, where he brought the means and check the quality certificate.If you do not have time to go shopping, you can order a balm on the Internet.

exclusive product comes only from America, so you need to find a trusted and reliable supplier.Be sure to read the reviews of his clients.If you do not bother, you can order a balm EOS.Photos can be viewed in a fake Internet.This is done to avoid the risk of buying a fake.

EOS (Lip Balm): fake

Forgery can be quickly distinguished from the original product.To do this, you need to pay attention to the following shortcomings:

- blurred and fuzzy letters on the label and packaging, mistakes in words;

- a sharp unpleasant smell or suffocating;

- bottle smooth and even, without indentations for the fingertips;

- opened and closed spherical bottle with difficulty, on the body may appear small cracks;

- dark and nonuniform texture balm;

- soap and unpleasant taste.

If your hand is a lip balm with at least one flaw, or even more so with a few, it is a fake.Such means dangerous to use.Bring it back to the seller, he is obliged to change the fake on the original product.Be careful when buying lip balm EOS.

Beware of imitations balm, as they can harm your health.Counterfeit products can lead to disastrous consequences.

cost of lip balm in Russia

If you offer it for 200 rubles, you should think about the quality and originality of natural means.On the site of the cosmetics company EOS lip balms cost a few dollars.But it is necessary to take into account the expensive shipping balm from the US to Russia.When ordering through the balm supplier, you will save money.You can buy wholesale company EOS Lip Balm (set or more bottles).Today balm price is 300-400 rubles.

balm EOS: customer reviews

reviews moisturizing and nourishing means positive.Many noted the improvement of the skin of the lips after using the balm.Lips become soft and velvety, and most importantly, attractive.

With large cracks balm can not cope, so use it as a drug does not make sense, but with small cracks cope just fine.

variety of flavors and tastes buyers struck.Smells, indeed, light and unobtrusive.Lip balm want to eat, because he has a sweet fruity taste.Many holders balm EOS abandoned other protective measures for the lips.

Keeps balm on the lips for a long time, it does not need to apply it every half hour.They are very convenient to use because it does not have anything to twist and twist.To become the owner of attractive and delicate lips, just to buy a balm EOS.

Use lip balm EOS company and have a lot of fun!