Face: advice and reviews

specialists in the field of makeup and psychology suggest that the most visible elements of the appearance of any person is hair, eye and skin color.If the color curls today can be quite easy to change the ladies and men stress and eyes can be completely different shade a lens, then get a nice and smooth skin tone can help only high-quality cosmetics for the face.

general classification of cosmetic products for the face

believed that all cosmetic products can be divided into several classes, including (in order of cost):

  1. Medical series cosmetics (cosmeceuticals).
  2. Salon Face, reviews which are ambiguous, includes a series of "lacrima" or "Academy".Members point out that it's quite a specific product.The presence of hormonal supplements in some article numbers can be addictive and even violation of the cycle in women.Cancel medications can give dramatic effect of aging.But it helps to look youthful very quickly.
  3. luxury cosmetics from "Nina Ricci", "Chanel", "Dior", "Givenchy" and others. It has
    significant efficacy, contains a high percentage of natural substances, does not cause addiction, is produced mainly in Europe, it meets environmental standards and production standards.
  4. also released "Middle-class" cosmetics.Face cream from the company "L'Oreal", "Revlon" or "Mary Kay" can contain up to 60% natural substances and to be quite affordable.
  5. All other marks belong to the class of consumer goods produced huge parties for the fair sex, which the above brands can not afford.It consists of few natural components predominate petrochemical derivatives occur formalin, phenol, preservatives and low-quality dyes.This Face often gives allergic reactions and poor visual results.Therefore, some women avoid such brands as "Rubirouz", "Nivea", "Avon" et al., Especially if there is a suspicion of counterfeiting of well-known brands.

Some drugs are only tested

Experts believe that the best cosmetics for the face, the best way affects the skin, cosmeceuticals refers to the third level.These drugs affect all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) provide enviable pace of recovery.Their cost is prohibitive, and today many drugs that are not available to ordinary level of the wearer, as yet to be completed all clinical trials.Cosmeceutical second level - this creams, balms, tonics, which not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also exert therapeutic effects at the cellular level.

Cosmeceutics second level.Who is the manufacturer?

total in the world there are about a dozen companies representing such products (including «NSP-Natria»).Here ladies can count on the presence of creams and balms extracts of many plants (soybeans, chamomile, ginseng, lettuce, ginkgo biloba, green tea, etc.), Natural oils and vitamins.Exposure to listed ingredients is enhanced due to the fact that the present cosmetic products, for example, an enzyme micrococcus lizatin which restores the damaged structure of DNA.The company "NSP-sodium" has been operating since 1972 (trademark registration), so the reason to trust the quality of products the company is.Although not all products are available due to the high cost.

buy cosmetics in the pharmacy!

Best Face can be adjusted individually in a cheaper price segment cosmeceuticals first level.Such products can only be bought in pharmacies, where it is represented by companies "Vichy", "Phyto», «Lierac» and others. Cosmetic products of these series have effect only on the layers of the skin to the basement membrane, so they mostly eliminate dryness or oiliness of the skin,fine lines, improve the general condition of the ducts from the sebaceous glands in the skin.That is, working with the "problems", but specific therapeutic action are not.

example, cosmetics for skin "Vichy" ("Ideally Cream") may be one month to improve the texture of the skin, narrow pores, reduce the severity of venous spider veins and age spots, smooth wrinkles (for reviews and to clinical trials - at 77-82percent of women who used the tool).In the production of cream used sophisticated biotechnological processes, including special fermentation of black tea, which gives the vitamins and enzymes, particularly deep effect.

Creams with protective functions

Company "Vichy" is presented and arts and restoring Face.Reviews of cream "BB Cream ideals" are close to five points out of a possible five, and indicate that the facility is easily applied to the skin, has a delicate texture, gives the effect of radiance by mineral pigments.The active ingredient of this cream (Kombucha extract) eliminates the signs of dullness, moisturizes, and a sufficiently high sun protection factor (25) helps to keep the skin soft and fresh throughout the day.

Wonder funds from the Land of the Rising Sun are not cheap

Several less common in the Russian market Japanese Face.The most well-known company, representing this country, is a corporation "Shisedu", which offers a wide range of products of high quality and quite affordable prices.For example, lifting cream anti-aging series "Vakanka" at a price of around 1,000 rubles per volume of 25 ml, allowing the ladies '50' to improve the complexion, even out wrinkles, improve skin texture by contained pearly light-reflecting particles, royal jelly, bee, collagen extractgarnet and rose petals.In addition, this vehicle has a lavender extract, allowing the cells to regenerate more quickly and extract of safflower, which increases the protective function of the skin.

Six tools in one.Only in Japan

almost twice cheaper it could cost the Japanese Face designed for girls and adolescents who have problem skin.In this case, it costs about 500 rubles (for the same 25 milliliters) can rely on the purchase of means "six in one", which is a BB cream.The wearer of the product properties of the serum obtained, makeup base, tonal resources, concealer, and sunscreen milk due to special powder, light-refracting elements, collagen, vitamins (E, C, B6) and izopropilmetilfenola that affects the inflamed areas of the skin.

sturgeon caviar face cream

In addition, Face of Japan presented nourishing eye cream (a series of "Enrich Cream '), which include hyaluronic acid, oceanic water, algae extracts and ... sturgeon caviar.This magnificent structure nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, darkening and removes puffiness, smooths the microrelief.The pleasure, I must say, is not cheap, as for a tube of 30 ml have to pay about 800 rubles.Approximately the same cost care products for centuries with vitamins E, C and ceramides, which normalize the balance gidrolipidov, strengthen protective properties of the skin.

Not all characters on the creams can be

Japanese means "the Treatment Cream" series "Lochi" also contains an extract of soybean, which nourishes the skin, adds to their elasticity and brightness that is so prized in Japan.The more well-known Japanese cosmetics?Facials Japanese firms almost always contain collagen, which fills the irregularities and fine wrinkles, allowing the skin to look better.But keep in mind that the effect of such a mask lasts a couple of days, after which the representative of the fair sex "gets" her face back.Also note that many Japanese cosmetics brand is not enough known, and when purchasing through online retailers need to take into account that the text on the tubes with Asian creams usually done characters that in the case of counterfeiting may be Korean, and Chinese.In the opinion of many of the fair sex, under the guise of Japanese makeup very often sell Korean counterparts.

Products Available from the factory "Neva Cosmetics»

For those women who are not willing to overpay for the coveted tubes, more than one hundred and seventy years, markets its products factory "Neva Cosmetics."For a person, this company offers products for nearly twenty traditional creams that you can buy for less than one euro forty milliliters.Despite such a modest cost, these funds nourish the skin of various types (articles, "almond", "avocado", "Peach" and "Apricot", "Lanolin" and "Sperm" and others.), Protect it from external influences ("Greentea "), moisturize (" cloudberry "" Pomegranate "," Grapes "and" Calendula ").With cream, "Cucumber", you can get a matting effect, and the "carrot" and "Ginseng" will help in the fight against aging.Wearer noted that the products "Neva Cosmetics" demonstrates the great value of parameters "price-quality."

Why pay more for imported creams?

What ingredients contains Cream "Neva Cosmetics"?Surprisingly, they overlap with the composition of many expensive and famous foreign brands.For example, in "Ginseng" core excepting homonymous extracts of Echinacea plant can be found and vitamin E, shea butter, avocado oil and olive oil.A cream "Grapes" is composed of white grape extract, allantoin, glycerin and natural olive oil.Also women customers note that any cream ("Neva Cosmetics") has a light texture, a pleasant aroma and is adapted to the climatic conditions of the Russian Federation that are substantially different from the climate of the same Italy or France.

Experts believe that an attractive skin is formed primarily due to sufficient moisture.In the environment there are many factors that contribute to strong evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, including poor nutrition, stress, adverse conditions, dry air in an apartment or office, exposure to sun, rain, heat or cold.Face of the aforementioned company from St. Petersburg series "Rosa" for intensive moisturizing complex contains "Gidroviton 24" (of natural origin), which prevents the evaporation of moisture, promoting efficient delivery of moisturizing ingredients into the upper layers of the skin (at the level of the intercellular space).As well as the traditional series, it is much cheaper than foreign analogues.At the same time the effect can surpass all expectations, making it popular with shoppers.

Professional - means quality

And what is a professional cosmetics for the face?Reviews wearer and specialists, alas, do not give a clear answer.Therefore, under this definition often gets expensive, high-quality cosmetics, mostly decorative, foreign production.Girls call such brands as «Jansen», «Lancome», «Dior», «Sesderma", "GG", "Dr. Baumann," et al., Which they bought on the advice of your beautician or directly in beauty salons.

example offered by "Dr. Baumann" professional cosmetics for the face, reviews of which are positive, includes five lines of funds that do not contain mineral oil, animal ingredients, flavors or preservatives.It is composed of a substance inherent in the human body, so allergic reactions are eliminated.The company has been in existence for more than a quarter century, and proved to be excellent due to the high quality and diversity of products.