Dye for eyebrows "Estelle" - the height of perfection

Nature gives women an individual appearance.Some are born with dark eyebrows, and someone they are light and almost invisible.To make them more expressive, many women use a pencil.However, regular eyebrow tint uncomfortable in the summer and all the girls do not want to apply cosmetics.How to be?Quite simply, because the dye eyebrows "Estelle" to help find a way out of this situation.It will give them a stunning cast that will delight the beautiful half of humanity over 1-2 months.

main means of

Dye for eyebrows "Estelle", the price of which ranges from 150 to 300 rubles, is a professional cosmetics.She cares for the hairline and does not cause skin irritation.Her ultrasoft basis satisfy even the most demanding to a customer, and ease of use provides an opportunity to use the paint in the home.Is not this your dream?Of course.

Dye for eyebrows "Estelle" has five basic colors: Graphite pleasant, burning, black, brown, pearl and blue-black.A wide palette of cosmetic product makes it suitable for

all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.Thanks represented range every woman can find the right shade that will blend perfectly with her hair color.This is undoubtedly one of the advantages of production "Estelle".

Dye for eyebrows, instructions for use is available in each box is quite simple to use.Also in the set has a bowl of cream with the developer dilution, brush, protective strips.With this composition coloring process is safe and enjoyable.

assortment of paint for the eyebrows "Estelle»

Dye for eyebrows "Estelle" is offered to buyers 2-variants, namely Only-Looks and Enigma.The first product designed for sensitive skin.It includes no perfume oil.But "Estelle Enigma" is suitable for all skin types.Her ultrasoft formula is easily applied to the eyebrows, and the presence of shimmering pigments make the procedure more pleasant.Which option to choose up to you.Both dyes include a full set of ingredients, so eyebrows women customers will gain lasting color that will delight her from one to two months.

«Estelle": paint for the eyebrows.Instructions for use

To achieve luxurious result, you should carefully follow the rules of the application of funds, namely:

  1. Squeeze in a bowl with 1 ml and 5 drops of ink developer.Mix everything.
  2. Prepare the protective strips and put them under the eyelids.The user should be that the lower lashes lay on paper.
  3. Spread the skin around the eyebrows fat cream (you can use the normal children).
  4. Prepare wand.With it apply to get funds on the brow.
  5. Hold paint 8-12 minutes.
  6. Upon expiration of vehicle wash with warm water.

all, the procedure is over.If you use a paint "Estelle", your eyebrows will receive unmatched expressiveness and gorgeous color.With it, you can safely abandon the usual makeup.

Where to buy paint for the eyebrows "Estelle"?

colorants "Estelle" is a leader among the potential buyers.And it is not surprising, since it has an amazing effect, easy to use and durable result.This brand has been on the market since 2000.During this time, the company opened a large number of stores around the world.That is why the problems with the acquisition of the cosmetics should not arise.

also dye eyebrows "Estelle" is offered on the official website of the company.Here, each girl will be able to read reviews about the tool, find detailed instructions and if you want to consult a professional employee.