Pheromones - what is it?

Have you noticed a very remarkable peculiarity related to the attraction of opposite sexes to each other?Sometimes you can not explain why one person we love, and the other, apparently not worse, it is not impressive.For some reason, interesting, funny, and in all respects suitable for a relationship as potential partners seem absolutely neobayatelny?

Conversely, where it is when dealing with the ordinary at first glance, "copy" there is an exciting attraction?Modern scholars insist that the solution is clear - pheromones.What is it: the true secret of appeal or one of the tricks of art of seduction?Many wondered.In any case, this topic does not cease to be interested in the dream always welcome.

Since science can not argue

to find out, is it really pheromones drive our actions and feelings, the researchers are taking up the most daring experiments, observing, analyzing and comparing chemical communication in animals and humans.They found that these fragrant volatile substances in small doses a

llocated almost all the inhabitants of the fauna, as well as a man - with the help of special glands located in the skin, the armpits and in the nasolabial folds.Not having a pronounced odor products exocrine act on receptors, and these in turn, the functions that define sexual desire.

a result of the study were identified types of pheromones, and even developed a special classification.Some names have got sex attractant responsible for the appeal of men - androsterone and women - kopulin.On an unconscious level, they act as aphrodisiacs, igniting a passion for the object of desire.

Secret Love fragrance

Seduction - the process is not only exciting, but also quite delicate, requiring considerable work on, starting with the clothes to the inner spirit.Naturally, the heady fragrance of conscience is of particular importance.Therefore, many people choose perfume with pheromones as a way to win and, most importantly, keep the attention of your partner, drive him crazy smell of love and passion.What is the substance found in the magical vials, provide assistance in seduction?

In the middle of the last century, after the discovery of the causes of attraction of insects, intensive development began to search for means of contributing to strengthen human appeal.Do not make us wait and release of perfumes with synthetic additives.

But decades later perfume with pheromones Sexy Life, which is eager to test the effect on his experience more indifferent, went into mass production and have become quite popular.Until now, shrouded in mystery, what is contained in their structure: any chemical compounds or aphrodisiac plant or animal origin, or maybe the ingredients of synthetic nature.One thing is clear - each brand its own secrets, to lift the veil on which is not yet time.

How to create magic

The choice is really big and diverse.Tempting offers to try the elixir of charm attract a wide range: there are spirits with pheromones for men and women, with and without scent, surprisingly expensive for a modest purse.Perfumes, odorless, can be used simultaneously with others, the expression means smelling.

meaning that they do not need to have a rich plume, because their imperceptible aroma should merge with the skin, providing the desired effect on the subconscious level.The idea is that a couple of applications at "pulse points" - the neck, wrists, elbow bends, and the second half there will be a chance to stand in front of you.

stronger sex - a strong attraction

Sometimes, you look and you wonder: a man a man - nothing extraordinary, but fans around his neck and hung up.Maybe this is caused by the deadly charisma of its unique ability of the body to produce more attractants than the competition.A possible explanation of the whole - men's water with pheromones that even skromnyaga put at the center of female attention.

If, for example, in the manufacture of this wonder drug was applied androsterone type alpha-isomers, the representative of the stronger sex in the eyes will look pretty nice, friendly, pleasant.If the case in the beta-isomers, the communication can buy more romantic character.

Let's talk about the pros and cons

What exactly did not expect those who relies on pheromones?What does this change in their interpersonal relationships?Experts say the following: First, there will be a whole lot of favors from women - weary look, inviting smile, intimate touching;secondly, the amateurs of impermanence will not have a deficit of new connections;Third, increase the number of sexual intercourse with the same partner.And it does not forget about the ignition of a greater passion and a significant increase in self-esteem.

What disadvantages have scents with pheromones:

  • quite expensive means high price due to the instability of the substance;
  • pheromones affect each person individually for one person it would be an effective means for the other - weaker;
  • some perfumes may cause allergic reactions.

Select aroma

So, to get the desired result in the attempts of seduction we need spirits, are rich in pheromones.What is the best invention of modern science for the rapprochement of the sexes and to ensure harmony in the relationship - constantly prove trendy perfume manufacturers.But how to choose the perfect fragrance for yourself and the person you're interested in?

to start investigate the composition of perfume.There should not be alcohol, because it will not leave a trace of pheromones.But avoid problems if the list of ingredients will find artificial musk or phytochemicals - ginger, marjoram, ylang-ylang.Their miraculous mixture enhances the effect of the influence of natural human chemical signals.It is very important when choosing scents with pheromones, refer to the fact that they do not cause disgust and distaste.Focus on spirits, having in its composition of a wide range of odors, without a sharp selection of one of them.

crazy competently

We all remember the famous saying - enough is enough.It is necessary to be aware of: the measure should have and pheromones.What is necessary to be able to sue that attract attention to themselves by some inadequate, unbalanced person with explicit intentions.

It is not necessary to apply such spirits every day in large numbers, keep them for special occasions, let them be the secret weapon that can madden your soul mate.

accepted gifts of nature

unique effect on humans has not only specific perfumes, and essential oils but with pheromones.Some of the components of the structure are endowed with endocrine disruptors.It allows them to influence the important functions of the body, causing the formation of endorphins, which, in turn, exacerbated sexual desire and kindle passion.Moreover, these oils are good as an anesthetic and are regulators of the processes of the nervous and endocrine system, accumulate vital energy, detoxify.Naturally, it gives good results in the struggle against impotence and frigidity.These natural ingredients are called aphrodisiacs.

Can I replace the pheromones?

It is clear that not everyone has the financial ability to buy expensive fragrances leading fashion houses, as well as magical oil exotic southern countries.But pokoldovat to create substitutes pheromones can be anyone.If you find in your chocolate or vanilla Stores, mint or lemon, rosemary and cloves, basil or tysyacheletnik, pink or lavender oil, consider that you're halfway to success.

We just need a little patience, a couple of simple recipes and, of course, faith in our own strength and ethereal appeal.Take the time to buy in a drugstore a few vials of essential oils, because to create an interesting composition, you'll need 3-4 components that must be mixed together using a pipette.When the composition is ready to take her to breed with the ingredients selected as a basis.15 drops of this mixture to combine 10 drops of olive oil.Voila - you're irresistible!