German brand "Katris" - cosmetics for women

Every woman always wants to be well-groomed, attractive and young.To help the weaker sex created cosmetics that ideally should meet high quality standards, while still having affordable price range.In the modern world hard to find an honest manufacturer, producing high-quality and inexpensive products for face and body.

More recently, the Russian beauty-arena ascended the German brand "Katris."Cosmetics of the corporation known buyers in other countries since 2004.The collection shows a wide variety of decorative means consisting only of natural ingredients.Producers managed to obtain unique solutions for creative and safe cosmetic line.

It presents the classic colors for any occasions.For avid fashionistas team of professionals has developed and released the flickering shadows and patches of different color palette, emphasizing the individuality and refinement lines.Inspiring glamorous mix of modern and Gothic create incredible image.Now, no greasy residue from the powder and foundation, not raste

ksheysya lipstick or gloss.Easy and simple to be beautiful with the brand "Katris."

Cosmetics for eyes and face

This miracle flawless makeup easily using only high-quality assets that will hide all the defects and roughness of the skin, moisturize, correct facial features and create a protective barrier against the sun's harmful rays.The entire collection face meets the above criteria.Selection of funds is very high:

  • tonal framework for make-up with a lifting effect, and matting.
  • Fortified powder with hyaluron, eliminates the fat shine and gently cares for the skin.
  • Concealers and proofreaders with a slight air textured fine eliminate signs of fatigue and fading.
  • Camouflage Cream eliminates inflammation, pigmentation and lies perfectly straight.
  • Bright blush add image completeness and natural glow.
  • Liners and pencils will cater to every woman.Selecting colors from the first moments captivates and excites the imagination.Your eyes become more expressive and brighter.

  • Mascara is of high quality, lengthens the lashes, making them bigger and sexier.It does not crumble and does not create lumps.Available waterproof mascara with an interesting and convenient brush.
  • Shadows "Katris" in the form of a stick, cream and crisp.Very convenient and easy to use, have a slight uniform structure.The range is rich in color.The collection includes matte shades for discreet daytime makeup and shimmering palette - for the evening.You will always be in trend with the brand "Katris."Cosmetics deserves top praise.

Cosmetics Hand

Manicure - is an important component of beauty of every woman.With the ruler of this brand can create absolutely any image on mood, time of year and in line with the image.Lucky have a rounded brush, allowing easy application of liquid ink.These formulations contain harmless substances that protect the nail cover from thinning.

They dry quickly and remain long on the nails.The cosmetic line caregivers huge selection lotions and creams for the skin of the hands.Delicate texture agents are well absorbed, moisturizes and nourishes.Ideal for dry and aging skin.

Where products are sold?

actively expanding its base for the realization of assets produced and promoted so beloved by our compatriots brand "Katris."Cosmetics focused on women of different age groups, so it can be found on the shelves of conventional inexpensive shops and online resources.Cost pleasantly pleased - even the student will be able to purchase a bright lipstick or powder bronzer for a summer party.

What women say about cosmetics?

Company "Katris" regularly receives feedback from satisfied buyers of thanks and celebrities.From the remaining manufacturers distinguish the brand: high quality, wide assortment and reasonable prices.Lots of positive words found on the lacquer resistant eyeliner, powder matting and creative shadows.Catrice Corporation has managed to win the trust and love modern women, and this is the way to success and fruitful work.