Rating male toilet water on the popularity and persistence

Since the discovery of Napoleon Bonaparte own recipe flavored with bergamot water ran two centuries.His "invention" was a great alternative to a sharp and saturated spirits, having a greater concentration of essential oils.

Since perfumes for women's hearts kidnappers significantly evolved, taking its rightful place in the everyday self-respecting individuals, we can say, formed a kind of culture of men's fragrances.Their palette is much more restrained and stronger than refined lady.But this in no way affects the breadth of the range and diversity of unique combinations.The choice is really impressive - from refreshing scent to passionately, from sensual to aggressive, from bold to elegant.Preferences brave half of humanity will illustrate best rated male toilet water.

Why evaluation perfume?

wealth of choice - a good thing, giving the freedom to make decisions.With shelves and virtual directories tempting brilliance attract the attention of numerous bottles with scented liquid.But understand thi

s boundless luxury fragrances: focus on the brand, to take into account the original packaging, trust your own nose, to judge by the price or reinforce confidence in using other people's evaluation?

order for us to greatly facilitate this task, and the rating designed in the form of short exhaustive characterize the current situation and near-term prospects.Rating male toilet water - is no exception, it will establish an independent and unbiased opinion of the majority on the best perfumes.

Trends 2014

year gone in the world of fragrances was deprived of lightness and freshness, they lost their positions oriental notes of spices, musk and wood.Instead of bright floral tones appeared restraint and elegance, spiced cardamom, anise and cinnamon.Slightly provocative was the addition of a smell of genuine leather, emphasizing strength, confidence and temperament.

To achieve sophisticated masculine fragrance perfumers benefited from generous variety of tea.Unusual composition allowed to create a stunning items that can convey ink Arabian nights, the spirit of adventure, exoticism and adventure.A fabulous result was demonstrated at the confluence of notes of wood, citrus, bergamot and incense, as well as through the rod flavor incorporated in Moroccan spices and rose.There was a place for a cool fragrance, woven from invigorating menthol and citrus trees and gamma.

intense refreshing effect provides stratagem cardamom, mint, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit and cedar, which laid the foundation yarn lavender and cyclamen.How are these trends affected the demand of customers and win their hearts than the most popular men's eau de toilette?Rating 2014 will reveal all the cards.What are the factors

popular eau de toilette for men?

fashion trends perfume market - the concept of changeable, so should only take into account the relevance of certain specific flavors in this season.After all, experience shows that a lot of fragrant creations, unable to survive for at least six months, disappear, and has not won the affection fastidious audience.

But good old classics never ceases to leave the ranking of male toilet water for a sufficiently long period.But this factor is the popularity of products spurs many men pay attention on well-known brands promoted.

popularity rating

So, it's time to sum up the results to determine the best flavors for a strong floor in the center of preference - men's eau de toilette.Popularity rating has placed leaders in the following order.

list is headed by the absolute winner - Versace Man Eau Fraiche - exquisite, luxurious, with a train of musk, wood, amber and saffron, for fans of the activity and movement.This is a slight variation on the beloved fragrance Versace Man.Fans of toilet water each have an opinion about this, but all respond with enthusiasm.

Second place went to title holder Creed Aventus.Eau de toilette is designed for confident conquerors, akin to Napoleon, who take from life all at once, for fashionable and stylish men.The fragrance belongs to the family of chypre fruity.

on bronze seated position fragrance Angel Schlesser Homme - this is the first Spanish brand perfume.Fresh, fragrant with jasmine molecules, it is designed for men who love themselves and care for their bodies.It belongs to the family of fern aromas.

fourth in the top 10 was the eau de toilette Givenchy Pour Homme, emphasizing the solidity, seriousness, gallantry and professionalism of its owner.The aroma is dominated by citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit, which will inspire the whole day.

fifth was the multifunctional fragrance Angel Schlesser Essential for Men, linking the sensuality and passion, ease and swiftness, for successful, rebellious and unconventional personalities.The fragrance emphasizes the individuality of the modern man.

Rating male toilet water within ten short following popular fragrances (starting from 6th place): Armand Basi In Blue, Armand Basi L`eau Pour Homme, Givenchy Blue Label, Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction, Lalique EncreNoire.

What is the resistance of eau de toilette for men?

How to find a good flavor?Not only in terms of popularity is determined by the best men's eau de toilette.Rating and there on such important factors as resistance.This quality depends on many components, chief among them - the concentration of odorous substances and shades of odors.Fragrant share in toilet water should range from 10 to 20 percent.Among the not particularly resistant include scents of leaves, grass and flowers, longer "live" notes of musk, amber, cinnamon and vanilla.

permanence rating

specifically identified in this question is difficult.Rating for male toilet water resistance is easier to allocate by make, because a large number of well-known brands to worry about production of perfume with a high concentration of odorous substances.

Among the favorites products Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Thierry Mugler, it is difficult to miscalculate choice.Quite often pleasing palette resistant Amouage, Serge Lutens, Yves Saint Laurent, Annick Goutal, L`Artisan Parfumeur.And, of course, important criteria - price.Hardly fragrant remedy of questionable reliability impresses producer loop.

male gaze

What flavors are most in demand at the bristle holders?What makes it unique - men's eau de toilette, the rating is always high and stable?There is no single answer does not exist, but a significant proportion of men favorable to the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and rosemary, fruity aromas excite them less often, depending on the mood.But fresh and tart undertones - at any time at the peak of popularity.

Female gaze

To attract the attention of women, the representative of the opposite sex in the first place should be applied to perfume without fanaticism.The most sophisticated and expensive men's eau de toilette, the rating is undeniable that, in large proportions, can cause the opposite effect - disgust.It seems that it either washed or taken inside.Much better if scented cloud around the man's going to be easy, unobtrusive and mysterious.