"Eccentric Molecule 02": customer reviews, description, photos and price

is well known that from birth everyone has a unique smell.We are involuntarily attracted to people who smell good.But the flavor is sweet especially youth: it fascinates and inspires.What's the matter?The fact pheromones, which are impregnated with the skin of young people: it is not just fragrant, and in order to attract individuals of the opposite sex for reproduction of high-grade posterity.

All is good, but in a big city to distinguish the smell of fascinating man (or woman) is very difficult.Only a few do not have a problem with it - these are the people to whom it is written in the stars become perfumers!For people with ordinary scent (of which the majority of) the output is very non-standard - a "molecule cam 02".

These unique perfume fragrance reveal the skin and hair of the person, that is the individuality of the body.The story of creation, the idea of ​​the path of success and spirits "Eccentric Molecule 02" we will tell now.

Spirits Molecule Escentric 02 - intriguing and fascinating

How smells "molecule"?Each person is different, but in its own way beautiful!Watch disclosure flavor "Eccentric Molecule 02" - an interesting case.Strict and fresh notes of the fragrance are gradually changing to a soft and calm.Spirits like woven of contradictions, but their smell is surprisingly harmonious and attractive.They are especially suitable for people of unusual, creative and versatile.After all, these individuals they are fragrant truly divine!


Spirits "Eccentric Molecule 02", which reviews the most positive, suitable for both men and women.This can be guessed by two features:

  • design.Namely stylish package without a hint of glamor, as well as bottles, made in a minimalist style.
  • smell.Spirits have a soft metallic color and clear woody notes.Many people associate the aroma with cool spring water, fresh herbs ...

From what weaved a unique bouquet spirits

Selective consists of various components, which are divided into basic and additional.The former include:

  • Jasmine silky.
  • Iris.
  • Ambroksan.
  • ISO E Super.

Ambroxan and ISO E Super - those are the same molecule, which worked on the creation of scientific laboratories in the best perfumers in the world.We will tell about them in more detail in subsequent sections of this paper.

The additional components include:

  • Elder.
  • Gedion.
  • Violet.
  • Musk.
  • Vetiver.

Ambroksan constitutes an amazing connection with musk and vetiver.Elderberries, gedion and violet make up the initial note perfume.They give the spirits of light mineral shade.

Interesting fact

As a true connoisseur of chemistry, Geza Schoen (founder of the brand) has added to its perfume neurostimulator.All who are familiar with this fascinating science, are well aware that the substance (nootropic) activates the hidden potential of the brain.Namely - improves memory and focuses on complex tasks.This trick of the great perfumer literally sings unexplored possibilities of the human brain.It encourages people to improve their intelligence ...

muse for interesting ideas was a girl prodigy Christian Stenger.In its 12 years, she received the title of "Grand Master of Memory."Despite the large number of chemical components in the "molecules", spirits associated with summer, sea and warm ...

idea revolutionized the perfume

At the heart of most of the great things is the idea - the fruit of imagination of the inventor."Molecule 02 Eccentric" (picture shown below) is no exception to the rule.The project is an ideal molecule Leonardo da Vinci, established 500 years ago!She is the embodiment of absolute beauty.By accident five centuries, a unique molecule of the Italian inventor of modern perfumers little "finalized".Next, put a few transparent cone fragrance that evokes mixed feelings among his contemporaries.Each of us has a unique opportunity to find their "molecules".One that will awaken a true delight.

secret of success "Molecules"

MOLECULE innovative project has no analogues in the world.In what lies the success of the company:

  1. Project participants look at perfume as an art.
  2. any talented (known here does not matter), the perfumer is able to offer its development team organizers.If the idea of ​​standing, it will be required to put into practice.
  3. competent marketing strategy.The project's organizers seek to create a first-quality and unique product, not to sell more and cheaper goods mediocre (but in the presence of add Escentric Molecules was not seen).

Geza Schoen - great perfumer and a pioneer of the German

more than 12 years a modest but surprisingly capable German worked on the famous perfume the Diesel and French Connect's.During this time he learned a lot and picked up invaluable experience.In 2005, Geza knew it was time to create a brand that will reveal and realize the most daring ideas.They became Escentric Molecules.The idea of ​​the perfumer was justified.Now he created spirits without regard to the ideas of the employer.

first success companies have spirits Escentric Molecules 01. They relished such famous personalities as Naomi Campbell and Elton John.For the first two days of sales in Australia it was dismantled entire first batch!

Team "Molecules"

Geza Schoen was not only a perfumer from God, but also a talented organizer.He was able to build a strong team of real professionals.The "molecule" has enabled many previously unknown perfumers to present their ideas.The modern laboratories were such inventors as Kilian Hennessy and Ben Gorham.Last is the creator BYREDO.Charming Camille Goutal and Victoria Christian head of the perfume shop.All these people are united by one thing - the desire to create a refined perfume.Without a doubt, they succeeded.

Symbiosis pheromone and natural ambroksana

"Molecule 02 Eccentric" (a description which is given above) - is the fruit of inspiration Schoen.It appeared after the overwhelming success of "01 Molecules" which sales beat all records.If the basis of the first perfume is pure ISO E Super, the second range is supplemented with natural essences.

see what are the two main components of perfume.ISO E Super - is an artificially synthesized substance, as close to this smell pheromones.In Molecule Escentric 02 Schoen increases its concentration doubled.It also complements the bouquet of perfumes with natural ambroksanom.This natural element is extremely rare and difficult to obtain.Ambergris (precisely because it is mined ambroksan) is contained in the allocation of whales.She travels the years the ocean surface and absorbs the flavors divine nature.Namely - the sun's rays, sea salt and seaweed ... Collect it when it hits the shore.This method of collecting ambroksana shows the careful attitude of people to nature.

Spirits "Eccentric Molecule 02": price

From the description Molecule Escentric 02 it is clear that the components included in its composition, it is rare and expensive.The cost of "Eccentric Molecule 02" (the price shown below) is fully justified.It is 4350 rubles.Buy perfume is possible both in stores and over the Internet.

Spirits "Eccentric Molecule 02": reviews

Most of the people who decided to try for the first time described the perfume, becoming his regular fans.From the series most popular selective "Eccentric Molecule 02".Reviews of her most positive.One of the owners of the treasured contents of the vial calls it a wonderful elixir, uplifting.The other part does not feel the smell of perfume on themselves.But outsiders it great feel and often inquire about the name of the miracle of spirits.Thus, the number of fans of fine perfume is constantly increasing.

People literally fall in love with the spirits of "Eccentric Molecule 02".Reviews from fans speak of surprisingly delicate fragrance that promotes intellectual work.

Not without a spoon of tar ...

No doubt spirits "molecule" leave no one indifferent.Most people praise this strange smelling each person different flavor.But there is a group of those who do not understand the smell of perfume.Such individuals "Eccentric Molecule 02" is associated with the hospital, musty moss or something sharp and unpleasant.

However, there are cases where the love of selective comes gradually.That is the first time a person does not feel the smell of perfume, or it seems to him repulsive.But for a second or third use of perfume is starting to unfold.As a result, even a doubting person becomes a fan of perfume.

These are contradictory spirits "Molecule of the eccentric 02."Reviews show once again that every person has a unique scent.

Secrets use

"molecule" - a selective, designed to reveal the individual smell of human skin.The following tips will help you achieve the maximum effect.

  1. Apply only on a clean body.
  2. Strangle skin, next to which are the endocrine glands.For example, the wrist, the elbow, decollete.
  3. Try not to mix with sweet perfume selective.
  4. If you are the owner of an acute sense of smell, you can try to create your composition.Namely - mix "molecules" with other spirits.A good combination is obtained with the perfume from Hugo Boss.This is the conclusion many of the fair sex.

In this article, we plunged into the world of fine perfume.Namely - spirits brand MOLECULE.We hope that every reader will find a "molecule" flavor that will always promote creativity and high spirits.