Concealer for dark circles under the eyes.

Every woman from time to time want to hide some small flaws on the face: dark circles, after a sleepless night, redness due to improper cosmetics and so on. D. To help it can come good concealer, because in the right hands it can workmiracles.

Corrective cosmetics

Conceals enlarged pores, black points, stood small vessels, of course, redness and irritation and so much more.Without corrective cosmetics for women it would be much harder to charm men and hide the traces left by life on their face.Shimmer, lyuminayzery, highlighter - sort of habit, that what you need is not easy.It will concealer for dark circles under the eyes?Which of these products can even out skin tone?

So, all in order.Each of these products has its own characteristics and scope.All they need to be applied in a certain way and only some parts of the face.Otherwise, the effect might not be so, as we would like.But now it goes only on concealer and highlighter.These assets are suitable to deal with a black eye.


For those who know English, you might guess that the word comes from the conceal - "hide", "to hide."From this we can assume why there is a concealer - to Mask minor skin imperfections.Perhaps, most girls are faced with a situation where, waking up in the morning, they found on the face of something undesirable.Of course, this may seem a tragedy only to her, but foolish to deny that such problems spoil the mood, and seriously undermine the self-confidence, especially if the day is assigned an important meeting, a job interview, a date.

Spaset concealer for dark circles under the eyes, and properly applied, it can hide more serious flaws.On the other hand, it may seriously harm, once in the hands of inept.In general, it is a magic wand with two ends, especially if the problems are rare.You can buy a professional MAC concealer, but to put it correctly, and to reduce all possible favor to none.And you can spend quite a bit of money, but "fill the hand" and make serious flaws really invisible.So the price is not always indicative of quality.


Until recently, all the tools to help mask the deficiencies referred concealer.More recently, they have begun to distinguish from the highlighter and clears up some parts of the face due to the special small reflecting particles.And if to disguise the redness will rather concealer for dark circles under the eyes is best to use just a different product or together.Universal means no, and highlighter can bring a lot of problems, were not in place, so you should not be confused.But the experiment is possible, but it is better if it would participate pro.

How to choose?

This may be the most difficult stage.The fact that the color tone and undertone summer skin may look quite different than in the winter.In addition, the role played by certain coverage, the form of funds, other facial features.But it is not required to find the shade, coincides exactly with the face.The principle and the other based on mutual absorption of different colors.So, green and blue netralizuyut redness.Peach tone will remove dark circles under the eyes, and yellow - pink.

As to the form, it really is a matter of taste.However, lighter liquid and means are better suited for young skin with problems not too pronounced, whereas the stick and a more dense texture to help cope with serious drawbacks.Good concealer can be both so and others.


first rule - you need to moisten the skin.Because the area around the eyes is very delicate, it should be done very carefully.The second rule - to apply makeup better in the next world, for which it is intended.Daytime make-up you need to check with natural light and evening - with electric.So it is possible to identify possible flaws and correct them in time.The third step - put the three points means a line lower lashes from the outer corner to the inside.No need to take a lot of cream and rub it into the skin.If the color is not set correctly, it will not save, but only exacerbate the situation.Suitable as proofreader almost instantly transform the face.If you feel that something is missing, you can support the overall picture highlighter.To do this, you can apply some means for projecting the cheeks and bridge of the nose - they distract the opponent's eyes.Finally, the final step - powder.Poluzprozrachny better to choose a tone that will not create a mask effect.Fix the result can be, for example, the thermal water.

are going to an important event, you must keep in mind one more thing, which might affect concealer - photos.The flash - point is the light that can grab the projecting parts of the face and make them even lighter.And if they also applied highlighter, the picture may get quite a surprise.So it should also be taken into account.If the task is to correct minor flaws across the face, it is necessary to approach this task easy.Do not try to paint redness dense layer means.Accurate spot coating and compliance measures - that helps in this difficult matter.


So, how do you choose a concealer?Picture tubes and colors did not help, all you need to try on your own skin, and sometimes can approach something totally unexpected.But there are certain brands, proven, so you can first search among them.

  • Clinique Airbrush concealer.This company in the Russian market for a long time.Specifically, this product is considered to be quite successful.
  • Select Moisturecover, MAC.Concealer might need during the day, and that means with a brush is perfect for carrying in a bag.
  • Beauty Base Cover Stick, Lumene.Good and tight stick neutral color.Make friends with them may not be easy, but it's worth it.
  • Natural Finish cream, Shiseido.Perfect blonde and red with cold midtone.Convenient packaging.This concealer price slightly bites - about 1300 rubles.But for those who are desperate to find their color, may be suitable.
  • Mr.Light, Givenchy.Simply accept a very, very good tool, combining both corrective and reflective properties.

But really high quality concealer does not determine the price.Expensive means may be money thrown to the wind, and a budget - just fine.Therefore, there is only relevant method of trial and error.

remaining corrective means

But what does it mean to the rest of the terrible words mentioned at the beginning?In fact, nothing terrible in them not, but they will not help the correction.Shimmer and lyuminayzery used when the overall complexion dull and need to arrange the light accents.Properly using these tools, you can get a so-called "sculptural" effect, the skin will appear intoxicated and porcelain radiance and freshness.To ignore them is not necessary, but should not get involved.

Other methods

If concealer for dark circles under the eyes helps only partially, you can try other methods.For example, to distract from the problem area can correct hairstyle and hair color.Straight bangs aggravate the matter, while as flowing on each side of the strand can work wonders.At the same time dark and ashy tone increased emphasis on the community, and a bright and warm will be salvation.

Finally, instead of masking the problem, you can try to solve it.So the bruises under the eyes can occur with use of tobacco, lack of vitamin C, chronic sleep deprivation, constant stress.Incidentally, it may be a symptom of a disease.If the case only in the thin skin and a genetic predisposition, it is useless to run on doctors, but to entrust themselves competent hands make-up artist and hair stylist is.Suddenly it happens that no longer need to think what is needed concealer?