Vampire: Halloween makeup.

More and more people have recently celebrated Halloween.It is a day of various evil: dead, vampires and witches.It so happened that on the eve of the holiday people applied makeup.You can choose what will be the make-up for Halloween.

vampire - it's quite common option.You can turn to professionals that in minutes will create a new image.Despite this, many of the fair sex prefer to apply their own makeup.So, in this article you will learn how to make a vampire make-up at home.

First step: preparation of the work area

Before you put makeup on your face, it is necessary to prepare.Wash the skin with your favorite cleanser.Then wipe the face tonic or lotion that you use every day.

Next, apply a thin layer of moisturizer that suits your skin type on.Allow to soak well.Then proceed to the next step.

Second step: applying foundation

Surely everyone knows what should be a vampire.Makeup involves the creation of white people without a blush.To create the foundations you need a conventional pharmace

utical glycerin, potato starch and flour.

Mix bulk ingredients in equal proportions, and add a few drops of glycerin.Then use a normal warm water and bring the makeup to a creamy consistency.

thin layer apply the resulting composition to the skin with a brush.You can also use your own fingers.Remember: the thinner the layer is applied, the longer it will last your makeup on Halloween.The vampire will look as natural bases for a uniform distribution in the skin.When the mass is dry, you can proceed to the next step.

Vampire: eye makeup

To highlight the eyes, you'll need dark decorative pencils and shadows.Also it is necessary to keep on hand a red lip liner.

Draw an arrow on the movable century.The lower part of the eye is also necessary to highlight the black.Connect the arrow of the upper and lower part.Then take the dark shadows and cover their upper eyelid.The lower part of the eye is also possible to emphasize the shadows.This will make them more expressive and more gloomy.

Dark Shadows is necessary to underline a silvery color.Also here you can apply the white opaque shade that perfectly be combined with the base and complexion.The inner part of the eye, move the red decorative pencil.This manipulation did look terrible.

How to make the look more realistic vampire?Eye makeup is veiled, if you make up lashes color ink.It can be red, green or white.It all depends on your attire.

Lip Makeup

lips What is the vampire?Make-up should be bright and juicy.The ideal situation would be the red color with black elements and additional lines.Create lip contour using a black pencil.The inner surface of the mouth do the bright red.The corners of his mouth swipe bloody stains and drops.Circle created by drawing with black.

If you plan to consume food or beverages at the festival, it is necessary to make a lasting makeup.The best option is to choose the appropriate lipsticks and pencils.In the absence of such means, use a little trick.

After applying a thin layer of powder makeup cover it.Do this lightly.Try not to smear the paint application.After that, re-apply the color to the desired areas and let the paint dry.


Here and ready to make a vampire.Photos of the completed image, you can see in this article.But something is missing.Of course, this optional accessory.

They can be purchased in specialty stores.To save money, you can show imagination and everything to do with his hands.

Each vampire teeth should be.If you bought a consignment accessory after reading the manual fix it in your mouth.In the case where the props created yourself, you will need regular plastic forks and scissors.Carefully cut the inner teeth at the device and breaks the handle.The resulting item must be inserted between the upper jaw and lips.If a product has a sharp areas, they must be cut off or seal.Otherwise, you may damage the delicate skin in the mouth.

on eyebrows can be pasted red color feathers that will make your image magical.If you do not want to do that, just emphasize hairs black pencil.

Conclusion Now you know how to create a desired image at home.Try to apply the appropriate make-up a few days before the holiday.In this case, you nabete hand and make a perfect make-up vampire for Halloween.

Have a good Halloween!