After removing eyelashes lashes.

Rarely today we can find true fashionistas who have not tried first hand the benefits of modern cosmetology.What a true lady does not want to make all possible efforts to come closer to the ideal, and make your eyes look more languid, expressive and flirtatious?

no limit to perfection

miraculous solution - eyelash.Every morning you wake up, as they say in full dress, with luxury, like the wings of butterflies, eyelashes, and does not have to spend a lot of time to make up efforts to avoid scaring the favorite in their natural guise.Especially since the effect long enough.But the method is not only the fans but also the opponents, who claim that natural eyelashes after removing lashes significantly weakened, exhausted and fall.Each side is very compelling argument, considering that, and should draw conclusions.

Yes, natural beauty Recently somehow not impressive, so anything is possible - nails, hair, cilia - modern women mercilessly subjected to "treatment."Some do it for the sake of appearance t

he doll someone so "cures" complexes, others just curious.And only a small percentage of the fair half of mankind really needs a radical application of cosmetic methods.

It follows that the eyelashes - not a particular need, and the most ordinary, purely feminine caprice.It would be desirable on the solemn occasion to create with something original, or, for example, to go on holiday in fully armed.It would be desirable, but that's a little bit of thought about the consequences naveivaet concern: what if relatives after removing eyelashes lashes at all, and will fall off "mask effect"?

We have the experience, and for an unsuccessful outcome, and, incidentally, is not unfounded.There was a case when the girl for her spouse under the pressure of her friends decided to experiment that ended his discontented grumbling: "Why are you dressed up these blinds?".So keep in mind, there are some things that just do not go to a specific person, but on the other hand, just do not know until you try.

How to choose?

If you are fearless of the consequences, bear in mind that there are different forms and types of lashes.Therefore it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the master and to determine the length, curvature, thickness, color, quality and its own technology, which offers a choice: Beam (Hollywood) and poresnichno (Japanese) techniques.The first is bonding on the eyelid eyelashes beams 6-8, its main advantage - simplicity of action, lack of - will disappear if a beam is formed tear, which will spoil the whole picture.The second - is more complicated to implement, but it looks much more natural and lasts longer.

These technologies used and mink and silk, and sable, depending on the client's wishes.

lashes, a photo of which it is possible to carefully consider in detail the way to prompt you the right choice.If you wish to frame your eyes will acquire a length from five to thirty millimeters, will be complete or partial.

course, there is always an option, with the support of friends, their own eyelashes, but do not forget that this should be done from the outside to the inside corner of the eye.And do not worry if the fruits of your labors will hold on just a couple of days.

Talk about safety

Types lashes - an important topic, but more importantly the issue of security during the procedure.After all, although she does not carry any obvious threats, but has some contraindications, no one should ignore.Do not hold it during the critical days, hormonal disorders, conjunctivitis, any eye diseases or a tendency to allergic reactions.

If natural eyelashes after removing the lashes look weak and unhealthy, let them rest, recover, and does not expose the following test.Better fasten them with the castor oil, and reflect on the fact that artificial beauty must also know when to stop.If the term "bald" eyelid does not convince you, check out the lashes after removal of extension, which eloquently confirm Photo - some sacrifices in vain.

Select positive

to definitively establish the need for eyelash for himself, fiddled with the game in the pros and cons.Whose side will outweigh the scales, and that take into account when making a decision.So the positive side:

  • less trouble with make-up, saving time on his application and removal;

  • relative stability of artificial eyelashes to moisture, which allows relaxed feel to the sea or in the pool;

  • visual correction of the eye;

  • individual approach to your wishes about the range of eyelashes for building;

  • exist options jewelry lashes sparkles and sequins for special events.

about what harm is it?

Before you touch on the question of the negative consequences of the cosmetic procedure again acknowledge that if it is done in good conditions, high-quality materials are used, and you do not have medical contraindications - your health is not in danger.And that's about comfort probability of complications, it is manifest disadvantages lashes, so you can not:

  • them rub and strongly pressed, so as not to break and not to spoil the view;

  • sleep on my stomach in order to avoid deformation of extension of the layer;

  • wear lenses, the manipulation of which harm the artificial decoration;

  • use fatty care products for the skin around the eyes, which can contribute to peeling cilia.

addition to the above, you should also exercise care when applying shadow.In addition, you will have to shell out good, because periodically (at least once every 3 weeks) is necessary to make a correction from the master.And the last - suffer natural eyelashes after removing the lashes, and as a result will need to be taken for their intensive care.

draw attention to the care

possible, information about the disadvantages of eyelash will urge you to abandon this idea, or, on the contrary - with the help of tips about leaving to try all the positive and negative points on their own experience.

If you are not scared, "plucked" natural lashes after removal of extension, a photo of which is somewhat alarming, then take care of the following: consider selected previously "impossible" does not apply mascara, remove makeup around the eyes with a cotton swab, make-up remover, use low-fat substanceand alcohol based.

means for removing lashes

If you are entrusted with the beauty of its professional look, do not be lazy and do not be stingy to entrust him with such an important operation as the removal of lashes.It is better not to experiment, and you may accidentally pull out most of its natural.

stubborn, want to do everything themselves and at home?There are three lifebuoys: debonder, oil, fat cream.The first - a special liquid for removal of extension eyelash.Sometimes it is a little magical effect, then, the master tried to glory, and you will tinker further with the application of conventional oil.Either no fooling, found in the purse very rich cream and give him freedom.

Remove lashes correctly

Depending on your choice of funds is necessary to develop a strategy for removing the artificial frame.To use debondera need cotton swabs and wheels.The last to be cut in diameter and put under the eyelids.Please hold the one eye, then for the next one.Wand take a little money and the reason it on the lash line.When the glue is softened, they will disappear.

oil is put on the upper eyelids all night with the help of CDs, you wake up in the morning, and after you have done - the eyelashes on a pillow.Very greasy cream works on the same principle, but can handle much faster.

Yet - natural or artificial?

Despite all the disadvantages, you still tempt lashes, photo show them in all their glory and compellingly, it's tempting to call the master?Try to take a chance and be one hundred percent sure that it is better for you personally - natural or artificial.But always keep in mind that beauty is not so important to become its victim.