Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret": reviews.

Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret", reviews of which appeared about five years ago in connection with the release of a cosmetic product on the Russian market, to date, received a lot of positive and negative assessments.The very first women customers were surprised that this is, in principle, a good cosmetic product is so inexpensive - once the bottle could be bought for a hundred and fifty rubles, due to the low rate of the euro.Today, of course, it will cost more.

Cosmetic means "with history»

Mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret", reviews of which many enthusiastic member of the production of Swiss company, the history of creation which is itself romantic.The company is named after the French real girl Vivienne Sabo, who studied at the Sorbonne and chemist loved her classmate Louis in the mid 30-ies of the last century.Then, the cosmetic industry is gaining momentum.Together they have developed recipes for cosmetics and wanted to open their production.But in 1940, Louis left the ranks of the Resistance

and died and Vivienne traces lost in the post-war years.Diary of a girl with a recipe was found, and the producers have recreated many of its ideas, adapting them to modern conditions.

four point two five!

«Vivienne Sabo Cabaret», reviews, ratings and price of which indicate the maximum effect at low cost, has earned four of the above assessment of the maximum of five points.Russian women customers believe that it justifies the claimed effect of the stage, creating a long, curved eyelashes.Not all of the wearer agreed that it attaches to the amount of hairs, even when applied in two layers.Although there were also comments that even after the application of a single layer of some ladies there is the effect of "spider legs" - thick protruding cilia.Perhaps, this result emerged from those who own eyelashes on the nature of the subtle and rare.Therefore, each case is different.

jet black and blue

When it comes to evening makeup, you can often find reviews: "Oh, mascara with a scenic effect« Vivienne Sabo Cabaret »- gorgeous!".Especially blue version, which is discharged along with the black color ink.For everyday makeup girl stained the cilia in one layer, and that was enough for a good effect.In the evening, you can use two coats of mascara to give a more expressive look.Some of the fair sex believe that the mascara has a deep black color, while others believe that it is more appropriate for the "nezhguchego" makeup.Cosmetic means many considered fairly stable, but it is not waterproof.Mascara is not showered, not smeared, not rolled into lumps, that is holding up well.Rinse with eye makeup can be plain water, or use special tools.

composition to produce carcasses in Italy

The more notable mascara «Vivienne Sabo»?Reviews of this cosmetic product often point out that in its composition, there are components such as paraffin, butylene glycol, Karnab wax, dyes, water, propyl paraben, methyl paraben, and others. Actually cosmetic mass is formed in Italy, and then arrives at the Moscow factory of color cosmeticswhere packed.This partly explains the available value of the carcass, which is used in the production of a minimum of expensive foreign labor.The very same headquarters of the company with the French title is now in Switzerland.

not fit all brush

The wearer did not like mascara «Vivienne Sabo Cabaret»?Customer reviews sometimes negative in respect of such accessories like brush.It is made of plastic (not silicone!) And has a very short bristles.Criticism is the fact that the ink is typed not too evenly, often accumulates at the tip, which creates difficulty for the formation of the ideal image.In some cases, marked by an excess of money that the daily use leads to too rapid consumption of the product (a tube of mascara contains 9-10 milliliters).So many women take the brush from the other brands of cosmetic products with the same or other manufacturers.Again, note that ink is classified budget of cosmetics, so expect some innovative accessories for it not worth it.Development of special brushes requires an investment of considerable amounts, which will certainly affect the cost of the product and its price.At the same time we must take into account the fact that some of the ladies brush, on the contrary, very much.

are looking for their consistency

What else should know about ink "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret"?It periodically reviews indicate that women did not find it "their consistency."That is, for some it is too liquid to quickly make up (for a long time to dry), for others dryish.In the latter case the Russians diluted inventive cosmetic preparation "Visine" and enjoyed with pleasure.Others said that the cosmetic product dries quickly in comparison with analogues of other firms, which shortens its use.Moreover, almost all say that mascara separates lashes well and has a wonderful lengthening effect.

Attractive design

As outwardly looks mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret"?Reviews indicate that the facility has an attractive black and gold packaging with high resistance color registration.Often the ink offer in a nice cardboard box with a picture of shansonetki theater or in a set with other means.Many ladies prefer to buy cosmetics, sealed in plastic, which increases the chance of actually buying a quality product that no one before them did not open.

Today you can buy not only the ink «Cabaret» by «Vivienne Sabo».Reviews of cosmetics of this firm mention other worthy ladies' attention to products.These primarily include a means to strengthen the eyebrows and eyelashes castor oil-based "subles ideals."It includes, in addition to the base oil, there are vitamins that counteract brittleness and dryness of the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes make thick, shiny and silky.A small bottle cheerful color "polka dots" provided with a convenient brush that allows you to quickly process cilia after removed from them, for example, mascara «Vivienne Sabo Cabaret», economically spending while the tool itself.It can easily be placed in a purse, take on the road, in contrast to conventional large bubbles with oils.Note that the effect of the use of castor oil is shown gradually, after several weeks of use.In some (serious) cases it is advisable to opt out of the carcass for several months and apply only restoring complex.

products that can complement the mascara "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret."Reviews good

Among the means to care for the eyebrows and eyelashes, and include the famous "Fiksatёr", which is a colorless gel.With it you can put the eyebrows in many ways, forming a particular expression.Line eyebrows may then become more ascending or descending, and their shape - either smooth or "disheveled."Makeup artists believe that the eyebrows are very important, sometimes more important, than the eyes, which can emphasize the beauty of ink "Vivienne Sabo Cabaret", reviews of which often positive than negative.

Exquisite makeup from Vivienne Sabo

French women are known around the world exquisite light make-up, which is formed with the help of eyeliner.A series of "Regar Koke" offers two basic colors (chocolate and milky white), which will help to place the right emphasis on the outer and inner side of the eyelids, while additionally using mascara «Vivienne Sabo Cabaret» 01. Reviews of the pencil-Kayala report thatit has a creamy texture, natural waxes, emollients and vitamins in its composition, which allows for minimal impact on the delicate eyelid skin.In addition, the company offers an eyebrow pencil with a brush "Coop Deux Gene" and resistant to external influences eyeliner with a matte texture.It is firmly fixed on the age sixty seconds after application contains oils and vitamins.

And, of course, no make-up is not without a basis under shadows.Basic means of a series of "Fiksatёr" makes it possible to apply the shadows quickly and creates an opportunity for a clear eye makeup without excessive brightness."Fiksatёr" allows makeup flawless stay all day and contains components, relieves irritation, which may be useful to those who need to look good after a sleepless night.In today's collection firms are a few lines of shadows, combining powdery (velvet effect) and satin (with a slight sheen).This allows you to put the interesting experiments in search of the perfect image in purple, pink, blue tones and shades of sea water.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that the company "Vivienne Sabo" on the Russian market offers a wide range of popular cosmetics, which enjoys high demand Russian ladies.