Rating men's fragrance in 2014

Young men and boys not only your physical strength, but also an expensive perfume can attract attention to you girls!In this article, in order to facilitate the choice you are presented with the rating of the male fragrance in 2014.

1st place: Uomo Valentino

We are pleased with the novelties 2014 men's fragrances.Most popular in the first place was the men's fragrance from Valentino Uomo.This is a classic men's fragrance for those who prefer first quality.The imperious, purposeful, with a reliable man can appreciate the decent perfume.

should be noted that for an advertising campaign of the fragrance chosen Rome - truly masculine choice.At its heart it felt woody notes, underline bergamot.Further disclosed aroma of roasted coffee and cedar notes.Currently available on the perfume market in Russia and Europe, and later it will be available in the Americas and Asia.Louis Garrel, the French actor, became the face of the fragrance.

2nd place: Hommage a l'homme Voyageur Lalique

Pick up on men's fra

grance.Rate continues to novelty, born in 2014.In this toilet water bottle dark color.And it is no wonder, since he immediately adjusts to the long sea voyage.

It also achieved a stunning blend of cardamom, bergamot, papyrus, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, amber and moss.

3rd place: Bentley For Men Azure

This is the next unforgettable aroma that can dip us into a world of fun and relaxing holiday.

of the toilet water bottle shade close to the color of the calm sea.Thus, he makes us mentally transport ourselves to clean beaches and breathe the fresh air of sea, just as naturally and easily as "Bentley Azure Fo Man."

4th place: Bentley Azure

Continues ranking men's fragrance great citrus scent that combines fresh violet leaves and sweet pineapple.It is suitable for young, purposeful and active guys.

5th place: Reaction Kenneth Cole

This perfume has a unique flavor.It features a citrus, fruity scent.Top notes are currently stored in the smell of green apple, melon, lime, citrus and watermelon.Further disclosed notes of lily of the valley and patchouli, musk and sandalwood.

6th place: Rochas Man Rochas

found himself in men's fragrance and the perfume with a strong recognizable odor.It stands out spicy and woody scent, bergamot and lavender.Further disclosed Heart notes of cedar from Virginia, jasmine, cappuccino, raspberry and lily of the valley, patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood and amber.

7th place: Dirty English Juicy Couture

Dirty English is a daytime fragrance related to woody fragrance.They contain notes of cardamom, oak moss, agar ebonovogo tree, blue cypress, seeds, carrot, cedar, musk, leather, vetiver, mandarin, bergamot.Among the base notes are allocated vetiver, cedar, bergamot, leather, cardamom.

8th place: Eternity for Men

course rating men's fragrance can not do without the product Calvin Klein.This year the classic flavor that allows to enjoy the freshness of warm rain.Just inhale the fresh air and feel it every green foliage, moreover, echoes of splashing waves of pure sea ...

9th place: Guerlain for Men Eau De Toilette Spray

Especially for young people fragrancewhich belongs to a group of tree fern fragrance.It felt notes of mint, and green rhubarb mojito.Further disclosed floral notes, rum and geranium.Among the base notes can be distinguished from Virginia cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

10th: Angel Thierry Mugler

Rating completes men's fragrance Angel Thierry Mugler.They are a pleasant perfume, available in stylish black and blue colored bottle, as well as in four flavors, including coffee, mint, lavender, caramel.

Note that any scent of toilet water sounds in his own way on every person, therefore, can not give advice on the choice of a universal water specifically for you.But there still are some tips.For example, for the summer is better to buy water, citrus, fresh fragrance;Winter - spicy, sweet and rich.