Nourishing Cream "Gerantol": reviews.

Before you buy any product should read reviews about it.Cream "Gerantol" from cosmetic factory "Freedom" - a product which can be found a lot of comments, and a wide variety.Try to understand how they are truthful.

composition and properties

In order to understand how the particular product, just look in the instructions for its use.There, as a rule, given its detailed composition.What are the ingredients in our cream?It is no surprise the consumer company "Freedom."Cream "Gerantol" - a cosmetic product, in which the components can be found, known for its nourishing properties, and smoothes the skin.

• Mineral oil.The product was obtained after thorough from petroleum processing and purification.It does not matter the color and odor, it is not oxidized, and well kept.Such oils are often added to various cosmetics.It nourishes the skin, helps to protect it from harmful environmental factors (cold, wind, and so on).This product does not clog the pores of the skin, allowing it to freely "breathe."It

does not cause allergies.

• Vegetable oil.It uses olive oil, beneficial effect on the skin which is known for a long time.It is a natural elixir of youth.It has a lot of vitamin E, which neutralizes free radicals - "guilty" of wrinkles.Oil well nourishes the skin, creating on its surface the natural protective barrier.

• Lanolin.Animal waxes, have long been used to soften the skin.It is perfectly absorbed without forming a greasy film.The substance promotes rapid healing of small cracks, preventing their re-emergence.

• Beeswax.It is a waste product of bees.It has strong antibacterial properties.Included in the many drugs for the treatment of burns, wounds, ulcers, inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin.

• orotic acid.This vitamin-like substance that affects the metabolism.A lot of it is contained in cow's milk, dairy products, yeast and so on.The disadvantage in the body gives rise to severe skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.Orotic acid is often added to creams, has a rejuvenating effect.It has beneficial effects on the skin turgor, reduces facial wrinkles and age, it helps eliminate dryness, irritation and flaking.The clinical examination, which writes Dr. Shmakov IV, confirm it.

• mink oil.This is a 100% natural product that has soothing, nourishing and protective properties.It protects the skin against the aggressive environmental conditions, increases its ability to regenerate.It does not cause allergies.The unique composition of the product is that it is very similar to the composition of the lipid layer of the human epidermis.Therefore, even with its great density, mink oil is perfectly absorbed without causing irritation.

To sum up all the above, we can conclude the following: nourishing cream "Gerantol" perfectly nourishes the skin and protects it from environmental factors, promotes the healing of small cracks and smoothing wrinkles.

How to apply?

Beauticians recommend using this cosmetic product twice a day, morning and evening.The tool must be applied on clean skin after washing it with warm water and soap or milk.After 20 minutes, then the person should be wet paper towel to remove excess product.People have different skin.And each of the users found their way to use this tool.All this will tell us their feedback.Cream "Gerantol" has a fairly dense consistency and a fat basis.Therefore, some users are recommended to apply it on your face in the evening, at night.In the morning, they said, the skin looks soft, velvety and smooth, peeling disappears, its color improves.And there are the consumers, who are writing that the means are not always used, and the courses (1-2 months).People say that it can easily compete with expensive imported cream for dry skin, as well as other cosmetic products from the factory "Freedom."Cream "Gerantol" - an inexpensive and effective way to take care of their appearance and prolong youth.

Where to buy?

Many interested users may wonder about how to purchase this product.In stores that sell cosmetics and cream sold in pharmacies "Gerantol."Instructions on how to use written on the reverse side of the package.The price of money is really low and is about 35-50 rubles in different outlets.

Helpful hints from consumers

• Some women use this product as a base for make-up.Before going out for two hours before applying foundation and blush, make a mask of cream on 20 minutes.Take off the surplus.Skin after such a procedure, delicate and smooth.Any cosmetic products on her lie perfectly.

• Making a mask of cream, some users have added to it a liquid vitamin A (just a droplet).It is necessary for the normal course of all processes in the skin.Vitamin A is fat soluble.Fatty cream base - an ideal substance to dissolve it.

• As women still use means "Gerantol"?The cream, which we are now part of a well-known, is the ideal product for caring hands.The skin in this area is very vulnerable, especially in winter.Therefore, some consumers are advised to make a mask of cream.It should be abundantly lubricated hands before going to bed, and means to wear soft cotton gloves.After a night with a mask of the skin is smoothed.A roughness of cracks on the hands and not a trace remains.

• Before applying the tools recommended rub it between your fingers and only then lubricate them face.The cream has a rather thick consistency.This technique will help facilitate its application.

• Many consumers have noted the effectiveness of such an inexpensive cosmetic product as a face cream "Gerantol."Reviews they say that the effects of its application can be seen after 2-3 of the application.Women thus marked reduction of wrinkles on the forehead and nasolabial folds alignment.But as you know, all the cosmetics you need to change over time.The skin becomes accustomed to their use and to achieve the desired effect is no longer possible.Therefore, if someone says that the result of applying the cream is poor, you just need to change the tool.A good alternative to this product are the same goods from the factory "Freedom", namely face cream "Evening" and "Lux".

Other products from the factory "Freedom»

• Cream "Evening".This means for a century, which includes all the known natural ingredient from swelling under the eyes - parsley juice.Vitamins A and E, glucose activate metabolic processes in cells.Through regular use of the cream "Evening" dark circles under the eyes are reduced, eliminating sagging skin in this area, increasing its elasticity, "crow's feet" become invisible.

• cream "Lux".It is a good alternative to our product.This is indicated by consumers, or rather their reviews.Cream "Gerantol" Some of the users have purchased at a time when the shelf was no cream "Lux" and do not regret it at the same time.As part of this tool also has natural oils and lanolin, as well as vitamins A, E, F, and mineral salts.The product smoothes the skin, improves its elasticity, firmness and density.It has a light texture compared to cream "Gerantol".Recommended for use not only in winter, but in warmer months.Do not clog pores, absorbs quickly.

• Cream "Amber".Elegant product, consisting of 80% natural ingredients.It includes the same components as in cream "Gerantol", namely, beeswax, lanolin, olive oil.Suitable for dry skin.Intensively nourishes and restores.Perfect for use in the cold season.

• Face Cream "Velvet" anti-wrinkle night with violet extract and vitamins A and E. In addition to the above components in it even includes avocado oil, collagen, elastin, allantoin.This product from the factory "Freedom" has a slightly different composition than the cream "Gerantol."Where you can buy it?Conventional cosmetics stores or pharmacies.Cream "Velvet" is well nourishes and regenerates the skin and protects against signs of aging.

• New.Face Cream Night nourishing for sensitive skin KRASIVA cosmetics.Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil, karite, vitamins A and E complexes SymSitive SymRelief to relieve irritation.Tool quickly soothes sensitive skin, smoothes it, removes wrinkles, slows down its decay.

• Lifting-wrinkle cream "Diamond".Contains a unique active substance, has a significant rejuvenating effect.The product works in several directions: it strengthens the contours of the face and eliminates wrinkles, restores skin cells, restores moisture balance, neutralize free radicals - the main sources of premature aging of the skin, protects from harmful sun rays.Composition of active substances: UV-filters, cocoa butter, shea, avocado, peach and extracts of herbs, plankton extract, soy proteins.

Face Cream "Gerantol" - the best way in the winter!

As you know, during the cold season should be more carefully cares about their appearance.After the winter - it is a test for our skin.A cold wind, frost, snow - all this is an extremely negative impact on it.As a result, it is winter in the skin often appear irritation, redness, flaking.Wrinkles deepen on it quickly, new.It is especially difficult for people with thin dry sensitive skin.What remedy care to choose?In summer, it is enough to use a moisturizer for the face.In winter, it should give preference to the nutrient media, such as a cream "Gerantol."You can buy it in any store cosmetics.It nourishes the skin, smoothing it makes her invisible protective film on environmental factors.There are many reviews of women that winter, they prefer the use of this particular product.Many people write that its use is not necessary in the summer.He's pretty bold, tight, can clog the pores of the skin, causing irritation.But in the winter, on the contrary, this product is needed, as it copes with its protective function.If you look at the instructions, it becomes clear why the category of nutritional pertains cream "Gerantol" (Freedom).Its composition - are mineral and vegetable oils, and lanolin.All these funds are often used in baby creams and creams for use in the cold season.

Counting benefit

know how much you can save if, instead of expensive cosmetic products advertised use the "Gerantol."Cream, the price of which on average is 38 rubles, combines two functions: it provides a lifting effect and protects the skin in an unfavorable climatic period.We make a selection of these products from well-known cosmetic brands and compare prices:

• Cream for dry skin Oxygen Formula Day & amp;Night Care for Sallow, Dry Skin from Biodroga.It contains carotene (vitamin A), wheat germ oil, complex peptides.It has the consistency of fat.Recommended for dry skin.It nourishes and smooths wrinkles.It can be used in winter to protect the skin from the cold.The cost of 2233 rubles.The benefit of 2195 rubles.

• Protective nourishing cream «Camellia» by Magirey.Suitable for dry skin.It activates metabolism, fights signs of aging, creates a protective barrier against adverse environmental conditions.The cost of 900 rubles.The benefit is 862 rubles.

• Regenerating lifting cream Supreme Secrets Lifting & amp;Recovery Cream by Janssen.It contains vitamins C and A, shea butter and peanut proteins oat extract, squalane.What is common to him with our product from the factory "Freedom"?Firstly, it has the same dense thick consistency, like "Gerantol".The cream, which structure is somewhat richer, also contains vegetable oils to nourish the skin.That's just the cost of it is 1893 rubles against our 38 rubles.The benefit is obvious - 1855 rubles.

• Repairing the product with vitamin A «Creme Regeneratrice» by Algologie.Designed to protect sensitive skin from the dry wind and frost in winter.Judging by the reviews of women, poorly absorbed, leaving a greasy film on the face.Its cost is 1662 rubles.Benefit - 1624 rubles.

rejuvenating effect of the product

As you know, with age, the skin becomes thin, dry land.It appears at first mimic, and then the old man's wrinkles.That's why beauticians are advised after 30 years of use for skin care is not just a means for nourishing fatty basis, but also products that can affect the reduction of wrinkles.Both of these effects combines inexpensive but effective cream "Gerantol" (Freedom).Reviews of women say that it is perfectly smooths wrinkles, makes them invisible.In its structure there are orotic acid, which "encourages" the skin to self-renew, restore.There are many reviews that are often used as a means of nourishing and anti-aging cream for the hands.After all, the skin in this area of ​​the body is also aging rapidly, covered with wrinkles.Women write about that cream is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film.The result of it - soft to the touch and tender skin.

mask for the face, neck, décolleté

How to use our consumers Cream Factory Freedom "Gerantol"?Instructions to it states that it should be applied twice a day, morning and evening.But many people believe that this tool can clog the pores with regular use, and cause skin irritation.Therefore, some of them use it as a nourishing mask for the face, neck and décolleté.After all, these parts of the body, as we know, the first issue age of our beautiful women.Therefore, the skin in these areas require more care.The mask can be done in two ways:

  1. face over the steam steam-bath for 10 minutes.Then clean it from dirt using scrub.Then rinse it with warm water.Without wiping the skin, apply a face cream "Gerantol."Reviews women say that in this case the use of tools is simplified.After all, it has a dense texture and smeared with some effort.And wet steaming skin cream is applied more easily.The mask should be held for 20-30 minutes.Rinse it is not necessary.You can just get wet face with a paper towel, removing excess cream.
  2. Clear skin of impurities and make-up by means of a milk cleanser and warm water.Then apply on face.Cover with a towel soaked in warm water.Hold 10 minutes.After this time, remove the surplus with a paper towel.

Negative reviews

there were also a few negative comments towards such means as the cream "Gerantol" ("Freedom").These reviews are also very important for us.From them you can learn some useful information.Let's see, what people do not like about this tool?Above all, this odor.In almost all comments noted specific aroma means pleasant call that fails.Second, dense texture.Consequently, the cream is difficult to distribute on the skin.Consumers write that apply a thin layer does not turn out.Third, it can cause the occurrence of acne.The cream is very fat, and some believe that it clogs the skin pores.As a result, pimples and irritation.Fourth, the agent irritates the mucous membrane of the eye.The women write that an hour after applying the cream of their eyes began to tear, they get the feeling of cramps and burning.This is a serious argument against the use of this product.But many modern cosmetics, unfortunately, "sin" similar side effects.Out here alone - use in the eye area a special cream or serum, designed specifically for sensitive skin in this area.

We reviewed the comments of consumers about the famous rejuvenating agent from the factory "Freedom."That is the conclusion to which we have brought these ratings cream "Gerantol" - is one of the few inexpensive beauty products that can pleasantly surprise its good performance of our female.It protects the delicate skin in the winter, and smoothes wrinkles, preventing their re-emergence.