"Belita" - high-quality cosmetics

In the arsenal of every woman there are various tricks and secrets that help her exquisite look and attract admiring glances of the opposite sex.Hairstyles, makeup and clothes - it is certainly important.But they no longer have the magical power, if the skin is neuhozheny women.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the quality of cosmetics: creams, tonics, balms, scrubs, mousses and gels.Have a good effect means "Belita" cosmetics is very popular.

Every year the demand for funds from the Belarusian manufacturer increases significantly.Primarily this is due to the harmonious relation of quality and cost.The composition of any cosmetic products contain only natural ingredients, the value of which is indisputable.

Belarus cosmetics - challenge global cosmetic companies

Such conclusion was made by experts after testing tools "Belita".Cosmetics fully justified confidence.Famous hairdressers and experienced beauticians rated the quality of biologically active components of the composition.Al

l the funds meet the requirements of, and the production is standardized.

assortment, which is presented by the manufacturer, is quite large and is constantly expanding.Cosmetic lines have their own characteristics, so that each woman has the opportunity to choose the means, based on their preferences and the type of skin.

Top 10

beauticians have identified a number of products which need to know all the girls to always look attractive and keep their youth and freshness as long as possible.Women who still doubt whether they will suit cosmetics "Belita" reviews will help you decide.All of the fair sex, to use the funds in this series, as seen and appreciated the positive changes in their appearance.

mask against freckles and age spots

It bleach incredibly effective.It is composed of active ingredients that cleanse the face of age spots and freckles.The mask is not aggressive and does not injure the delicate skin.

balm against cracks in the feet "Belita»

Many women have to spend most of the day on their feet.This load is not best way affects the skin of the feet.For these cases developed the balm "Belita".Cosmetics and all the care due to natural ingredients act effectively.Balm softens feet and prevents cracks.The tool has a pleasant smell of menthol, camphor and tea tree.

hair balm

The line of hair care products includes balsam "egg yolk."It smells and appearance really reminds beaten egg.It must be applied to the hair and hold for a while.Once you have it wash away, you will be pleasantly surprised shine and silkiness of your hair.

mask restoration

mask to restore the keratin "Vitex" pretty thick and does not flow, so it is very convenient to use.Those women who know how effective cosmetics "Belita", leave only positive feedback.The composition of this mask includes silicone, which is harmless for the curls and gives them elasticity and shine.After applying the hair have a healthy and beautiful appearance.

biphasic conditioner

«Belita" - professional cosmetics, which drew attention to women's another popular modern means.The two-phase hair conditioner "Quick Gloss" contains many active ingredients that are effective against hairs each.Rinse spray is not necessary, it protects curls round the clock.Means smells good and makes the hair shiny and healthy.

Cream Satin "Belita»

He cares for your hands and nails.Cream satin wheat-based deeply moisturizes the skin and strengthens the nail plate.It is non-greasy, pleasant consistency.The convenient dispenser them easy to use.


Belarusian cosmetics "Belita" earned excellent reviews.Mascara gives lashes LUX VISAGE extraordinary volume, which was called "a dramatic effect".Because the brush is made of plastic and has short bristles, the girls does not give easy access to the base of the eyelashes.

Cuticle Remover

Women who prefer not edging manicure, use a cuticle remover "Vitex".It gently removes unwanted tissue and does not injure the nail plate.Enough to put the means to wait a bit and gently move the cuticle stick.After regular use the skin becomes softer grows and grows not so active.

Gel foaming cleansing Liv Delano

«Belita" - cosmetics, which has a line for deep cleansing.All means are equally effective and are in demand.Gel foam for deep cleaning does not cause dryness and feeling of tightness of the skin.

solid soap Liv Delano

in this product contains natural ingredients that make even the most delicate skin on the elbows coarsened, feet and knees.The consistency of the soap resembles thick cream with a light texture.