Baby Care for Girls "Little Fairy".

Each representative of the fairer sex wants to always be beautiful, fashionable, well-groomed.This craving for beauty lies nature.Even little girls show interest in cosmetics, using her mother's lipstick, blush, shadows.However, the composition of such products is not intended to use her children.Especially for them today is produced cosmetics for children."Little Fairy" - one of the famous brands, which has earned popularity.And all thanks to the availability of, natural ingredients and a wide range.Makeup for Girls "Little Fairy" provides an opportunity to learn from childhood to care for themselves.Let's take a closer look at the brand.

little history

It is believed that many manufacturers do not think about the quality of products and the impact of, and try to just make more money, including on children.At the end of the last century, corporations have begun to expand our market, producing products for children.For example, concern "Kalina" power which are located in Moscow, in 1997, began to pr

oduce cosmetics for girls.She immediately fell in love with not only the young women of fashion, but also their mothers for beautiful design, the availability of high quality.If there are negative reviews, they are associated with an allergic reaction of the child to any component, such as chamomile and aloe.Cosmetics "Little Fairy" - a product in which the soul was invested manufacturer.A positive reviews say that the brand does not only earn money but also think about the children.

first cosmetics

Today cosmetics "Little Fairy" - a more than 30 varieties of products for fashionistas from 3 to 12 years.Manufacturers clearly state that all products have been designed and built taking into account the peculiarities of the age, and the composition was selected in such a way as to minimize the possibility of manifestations of allergic reactions.For example, nail polish of this brand are mostly bright colors, but they are made of water-based, so it is very easily washed off.Lipsticks contain only natural ingredients, vitamins, chamomile, making them safe for use.

For lovers of toilet water

Cosmetics "Little Fairy" - it is also a scented toilet water in bright original vials.Moms can be quiet for the health of children - in the spirits does not include alcohol and light scents, unobtrusive.Manufacturers have tried to create them so that they do no harm to children's body.Moreover, many of the components are even useful for the delicate skin of children.The cost of the product - approximately 200-250 rubles.

Easy hair care

Shampoo "Little Fairy", a photo of which you can see in this article, make the procedure shampooing easier.For example, the product "Obedient locks" contains in its composition a special balm, thanks to which the hair is not tangled, free comb.A pleasant aroma gives a real pleasure.Linden flowers and chamomile help keep curls healthy, strong and shiny.Also, brand launches and shampoo-balm called "Without a dandelion."Air chicory has a completely natural basis.The formula "without tears" and the magical scent of shampoo turn in long-awaited and pleasant moment.Shampoos are composed of B vitamins, natural supplements that soothe irritation, have healing and antiseptic effect.It should be a pleasure about 100 rubles.

Shower gels

As we have said, cosmetics "Little Fairy" consists of natural ingredients, bubble baths and gels are no exception.Unique flavors of fruit, ice cream, berries make it impossible - the child will ask to redeem it almost every day.Composed of aloe, chamomile, cotton, useful minerals, vitamins A, P, group B. They are designed to gently care for the skin of little princesses.Bubble bath creates billions of bubbles, which makes the procedure of bathing fun and memorable.Also available - the gel will cost about 100 rubles.

gently cares for the skin

Gave concern young women of fashion and body lotion.In its structure there are natural yoghurt, vitamins, lactose, proteins.With all these components lotion moisturizes the skin baby and protects it from drying out.It has a light texture, pleasant scent, absorbs quickly.

hand cream brand "Little Fairy" protects the delicate skin, contains vitamins E, A, B5, prevents flaking, eliminates irritation (worth 100-150 rubles).

If baby hands and stretch your face cream, it is best to buy her specially designed for her age.It includes extracts of chamomile, aloe vera, which are designed to soften the skin, to protect her, to comfort, to eliminate flaking.

lover of painting sponge like hygienic lipstick, which included only natural ingredients - vitamins, beeswax, coconut oil.Lips little princess will be shiny and protected from the harmful effects of the environment.

What other products manufactures concern?

Besides all of the above, young ladies will be delighted, and the shadows for a century, and lip gloss.The products easy to apply, has a pleasant fragrance, contains no harmful additives.As part of only those ingredients that protect the skin, moisturize, will not have any harm.

should also say a few words about the toothpastes of this brand (the cost is usually less than 50 rubles).Little princesses will enjoy a pleasant and "tasty" fragrance, and parents will worry about the state of children's teeth.Pastes prevent caries contain herbal extracts, double calcium.

set of "Little Fairy┬╗

Cosmetics gained popularity so quickly that the company decided to make another marketing ploy - he began to produce sets.I must say, a reasonable solution.Firstly, it is an excellent idea for a gift that will appeal to every girl.You do not need to buy all retail and execute a set of their own.He is ready - a beautiful, attractive, practical.Secondly, the products are less expensive in the set as a whole, rather than separately acquire all.Today, these kits are complemented paper dolls, stickers, notebook, pens and other such pleasant and necessary details.Set of cosmetics "Little Fairy", whose price ranges from 150 to 500 rubles (it all depends on the number of units sold), like any princess.

Product Reviews

Goods discussed many moms and babes themselves.Reviews products earned mostly positive.The parents say that the manufacturer actually produces quality cosmetics designed specifically for children.Skin, hair improves after treatment, side effects were observed (except for allergies, if a child is, in principle, it is inclined).If the label says that the hair easy to comb, the way it is.Design, quality, staff - everything is thought out as "excellent".Both parents and dermatologists appreciate the brand for the safety and naturalness.