Black toothpaste Blackwood from Splat: reviews.

Who does not dream of a real Hollywood smile?Earlier, white teeth was considered a sign of purity, aristocratic and prosperity.Today, it is valued no less.

Unfortunately, pearly white teeth nature gave no means all, so for the support of the image often have to resort to time-consuming and expensive whitening procedure, which, unfortunately, do not provide lasting results.

given the nature of the

The fact is that the milk-white smile given by nature is not all.Often the natural color of the enamel to a large extent different from desired.In most cases, it has a gray or yellowish tint, which darkens with time under the influence of internal and external factors.

that spoils our teeth

change the color of tooth enamel contribute to such troubles as hormonal disruptions, lack of vitamins and minerals.Even stress can exert a negative impact on the quality of our enamel.

Unfortunately, this problem does not end there - the darkening of the enamel in a much more conducive external factors.For exam

ple, it is desirable to move away from the Hollywood smile frequent consumption of beverages such as tea and coffee.The pigment contained in them has a sufficiently high degree of transmission - it is hammered into microcracks in the enamel and eventually spoil the color.

no less pernicious influence, and the water that we regularly use in food.No matter how good was filtering is still a certain percentage of various salts and external contaminants, which are gradually deposited on the teeth, depriving them of their appeal.

there a way out?

As the proverb says, you can resolve virtually any problem.Most often, revealing darkened enamel, people run to the dentist and asked to urgently address this shortcoming.Whitening procedure, no doubt, gives excellent results immediately visible, but it requires a very considerable financial cost, which is far from being acceptable to all.In addition, this type of action is very harmful to our teeth, not to mention the fact that the result can not be called sustainable.

There are also less expensive option to solve this problem - one-time caps for bleaching, which can be found in almost any drugstore.However, the durability of the effect, they also can not boast.

Finally, there are a number of folk methods resolve this trouble: You can find a lot of information about the use of activated carbon, salt or soda for this purpose.But to call these procedures can be effective only with great reserve, and about security often have to worry about when it is greater than about the very white teeth.

Preventive measures

They say those who smarter than us, the best way to solve the problem - to prevent it.Proper dental care could prevent trouble.A case in point is the protection of tooth enamel from childhood - the good, children's toothpaste is not only a beautiful design, but also a very pleasant taste, so no one has to make.

is very important in this case, to choose the right toothpaste.It is better to give preference to a professional brand than the product category "mass market."

striking example in this respect is a trademark Splat.


Although the products of the company are often found in pharmacies and stores specializing in cosmetics, their mass can not be named.If you examine the reviews, Toothpaste "Splat" is different from the others even though that really is developed by professionals at harnessing the latest technology and unique formulations.It can safely be called the perfect embodiment of matching the price and quality.

If you leave positive feedback, Toothpaste "Splat" is different and more a form of submission - in each box the buyer discovers a letter from the CEO of the company, which provided plenty of warm words, wishes and suggestions.This charming detail makes the purchase more enjoyable, whether children's toothpaste or a powerful tool for bleaching.


Although the brand enjoys less popularity than its more publicized competitors, the paucity of product line can not complain.

If you analyze the reviews, Toothpaste "Splat" often purchased just for bleaching the enamel.The most popular in this regard black Toothpaste "Splat Blackwood┬╗ and Extreme white to intense color change.Both species, according to reviews, have a powerful antibacterial effect for a long time and freshen breath.

special praise in the whitening toothpaste earned "Splat Blackwood┬╗, containing extracts of juniper berries, Karelian birch charcoal and antiseptics "Biosol".Besides quite obvious qualities as bleach freshen breath and an oral care this paste boasts another feature - due to the black color means, the result is even more noticeable in the resulting contrast with the whiteness of the enamel.

manufacturer offers just 3 full product line: Junior, Professional, to which the least popular Toothpaste "Splat Biocalcium", and Special, which includes goods prompt action.

addition, there is a line of Express, which presents a more compact, ergonomic, so to speak, options products, various accessories for cleaning teeth, starting with brushes, finishing dental yarns, and miniature, easy-to-use kits for travel.


often means having a pronounced effect, can not boast of a good set of components.Toothpaste "Splat", composed of carefully selected the most favorably differs from them in that regard.The fact is that for the manufacture of products used for the most part it is the organic raw materials that do not harm the tooth enamel and exceptionally beneficial effect on the state of the oral cavity, which is confirmed by a huge amount of positive feedback.

Pricing Policy

Toothpaste "Splat", the price of which some may seem quite high, in fact, is a fine example of matching the price and quality.To put it simply, the best time in a month to spend a certain amount on a good toothpaste, than to pay for a whitening procedure that will give lasting results.

As for the cost, depending on the species, it can range from 40 to 150 rubles.Black pasta with Karelian birch charcoal, whose main task is whitening, costs an average of 110-130 rubles, which is not too expensive considering its quality.

Unlike other products using

If we analyze the responses, Toothpaste "Splat" differs at least by the fact that no thins the enamel to prevent hypersensitivity.Because the composition of the products for the most part organic, acidic environment has no negative effects on teeth and in the oral cavity in general, than the sin products of other manufacturers."Splat" - pasta gentle, carefully leading to the desired result and does not have a negative impact.Judging by the reviews, it is ideal for regular use, and for emergency measures."Splat" - paste, which gives tangible results within 2-3 weeks after the start of use.

In short, this is the option of preventive measures, which will not only avoid costly procedures, but also provide a breath of fresh air and beautiful smile for a long time and painless.