Cosmetics Kiko: customer reviews

now on the shelves of specialty stores there are many imported cosmetics.How to understand such a huge assortment?Is it always the foreign products are of high quality?Let today's brand renowned Italian producer - it is cosmetics Kiko.Consider its advantages and disadvantages based on consumer reviews.

few words about

How came cosmetics Kiko?Reviews of women say that they have been waiting for the release of the brand on the Russian market.The firm was founded in the small town near Milan called Bergamo.It happened recently.But the products of the company Kiko Make Up Milano has managed to win the hearts of the vast number of women in Italy, in Spain and in Colombia, and now in Russia.This grade is presented by means of facial and hand skin, as well as a large variety of decorative cosmetics.It is worth noting that the prices of products Kiko relatively low, given that it has a high European quality.


There Kiko cosmetics represented by several means - restoring and moisturizing hand cream,

cream "Winter balm" for the skin protection creams in the winter and a collection of three mini-vials called Unconventional Blooms Hand Cream Trio.It should be noted that each such product costs about 730-850 rubles.And the price of the last set is 1 550 rubles.At first glance, it is certainly expensive.But let's see what they say about the quality of goods buyers.There are a lot of positive feedback on these tools.People write that hand creams the brand perfectly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue, have a very light pleasant scent.

for skin care

What else do we offer this brand?Facial skin care is very demanding.Manufacturers of cosmetics this is understood.To create means to care for the person they used the latest technology and high quality raw materials.Italian cosmetics Kiko is represented by the following products: soft foam, lotion and gel for washing, hydrophilic oil for delicate make-up removal, cleaning wipes impregnated with a moisturizing lotion, facial masks, moisturizers, lip balms and serums.The cost of these funds varies from 850 to 1700 rubles.Does the quality of the products of their relatively high cost?Many buyers believe that this is to buy cosmetics.Cleaning agents such as foam and milk are very light, subtle, pleasant aroma, delicate texture.Separate conversation deserves a hydrophilic oil - a product that is in the arsenal is far from all manufacturers.It is very easy oily means for removing makeup.Women say that they are incredibly convenient to use: just squirted a few times on a cotton sponge and wipe your face.Eye make-it removes completely and easily, without irritating the skin.

Face cream is also very good, in the opinion of consumers.The skin after use is fresh, the color of it is leveled.However, they are absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy shine.These funds have only drawback: they are only for the young women.Even creams, declared as products 3D Lifting, did not tighten the skin and wrinkles do not cut.So says the majority of buyers.

But especially our women from all products of the Italian brand liking cosmetics Kiko.


Foundations comprise the following products: powder, cream, makeup base, a cream-lock make-up, foundation, powder, bronzer, concealer mask, blush.Russian women have already tested many products of this category.They write that the powder is very good, lays down a thin layer of transparent, it does not cause allergies.Blush are sold in a small jar - all five of them, however, are surprisingly economical.Applied easily not raise dust, keep all day.

According to some users, it is not successful at this brand a foundation.It is equipped with a dispenser, which is often clogged with dried product residues.Moreover, its masking effect is also far from ideal.Cream hides all the redness and pimples, but stresses every roughness on the face.So use it in the presence of enlarged pores, flaking, bumps on the skin and other defects are not recommended.

eye makeup and lip

Kiko Cosmetics in Russia appeared mostly in specialty stores.Our women are actively buying lipstick, eye shadow and mascara this brand.And they note that lipstick Kiko fantastic: lie flat, not melt, roll, hold a whole day.And what a variety of colors!However, they are not cheap: from 730 to 1130 rubles.

Shadows from this company from the most classic to bold hues.According to women, they are of good quality: the touch - a little rough, but lie on the skin is very smooth, well-kept and not roll down.

But eyeliner pencils and age our customers did not inspire.Those who have tried these products, write that the quality is quite good, but nothing special, they are not present.

mascara, volume and lengthening, is also pretty good quality.They make the eye expressive.This product does not fall off, holding up well throughout the day.


If somewhere and one can find a large variety of the most amazing shades of nail polish, this cosmetics Kiko Milano.Lucky dries very quickly.But here, their dignity, according to many consumers end.By cons include:

• thick uncomfortable brush, not allowing even put means;

• thick consistency (to put a thin even layer does not work);

• poor resistance (lacquer wears on the third day);

• composition, is bad for the health of nails (they quickly become brittle and start to exfoliate).

cost of nail polish of the firm ranges from 430 to 990 rubles.Given the fact that our customers this product is not particularly liked, you can say that the price is too high.

We talked about the Italian production of such products as cosmetics Kiko.In our country, it already enjoys great popularity.