Lip balm Carmex: a magic wand in emergency situations

lip balm Carmex - a universal tool that instantly revitalize dry and chapped lips, and relieve acute symptoms such unpleasant diseases such as herpes, which appeared on his face.In addition to caring properties balm also provides reliable protection from UV rays.

lip balm Carmex: The story of

After 15 years, these miraculous hygienic lipstick will celebrate its centenary.The first lip balm Carmex appeared in 1930, and the company Carma Laboratories was founded in 1973.Today Carmex is the undisputed leader of sales in more than seventy countries around the world.

For more than eighty years, these popular balms are successfully sold in all corners of the planet.And all the while the business remains in the hands of its founders.I can not please the soul and the slogan of the company, stating that the products Carmex lip is tested on animals, and family members to create a brand.

balm Carmex and their properties

Carmex - is the most famous balm in the world.The list of its ingredients can be fo

und on the packaging, but the proportions in which they are mixed, held in strict confidence.Competing firms do not stop trying to create similar balms, but so far no one has managed to do something even remotely resembling the original.

Unfortunately, in our country is difficult to find Carmex products commercially available, so most of it bought from online stores, both Russian and foreign.

The packaging balm information on the composition and properties available in English.The tool is used to prevent chapping of the lips, as well as to eliminate tightness, dryness and flaking.In addition, chapstick can be used as a remedy for cuts, insect bites, cracks and the appearance of a cold.Lip balm Carmex, which more closely resembles the composition of medicines than about cosmetics - this is a real first aid for those who have sensitive skin, heavily exposed to the cold, wind and sun.

The properties of moisturizing chapstick greater than nutritious.

High efficiency is achieved by using the means of the following active ingredients:

- menthol (calming effect);

- camphor (pain);

- phenol (disinfects).

Besides them, the balsam include cocoa butter, beeswax, lanolin, salicylic acid, and perfumes.The product does not contain gluten and is not addictive.

How to use the balm Carmex

agent is applied to the dry lips, with which removed the remains of colored lipstick or gloss.If the skin is badly weathered and peeling, it is recommended to apply a thick layer of balm for the night.Also, the manufacturer advises to use it for dry skin areas such as elbows, for the treatment of herpes lesions on the face, to remove the redness in the area of ​​insect bites.

Balm lasts a long time and will not disappear in half an hour after application.

Types balms Carmex

Manufacturers have tried to please all potential buyers.There are all kinds of chapstick they have not created!

Carmex lip balm is available in several versions.Originally it was manufactured in compact round jar of white with yellow cap.From this it was necessary to extract the contents with your finger, that is not very comfortable on the road or in the office.Therefore, he was soon released balm in the standard form of lipstick.It has a firm texture which melts rapidly upon contact with the warm skin.Also, there is an option in a small vial, from which it is necessary to squeeze out the contents.

balms have the most diverse tastes.Classic mint has a whole army of fans.You can also purchase balm with taste of cherry, strawberry, lime, and even prunes.

Depending on the degree of protection from UV rays, available options with an SPF of 15 to 30.

Company Carma Laboratories did not stop in the production of standard transparent chapstick and began producing colored sticks.The palette is wide enough - from pale pink to deep burgundy.Of course, such a bright color, like using lipstick, you will not get, but a beautiful shade provided to you.

reviews balms Carmex

As mentioned above, this means there is no competition in most developed countries.Carmex - lip balm, reviews of which in most cases enthusiastic.Very often you can find statements that lipstick allows you to fight even with strong eruptions that have emerged because of the virus.In addition, some applied a balm for dry elbows.

However, some cosmetologists do not recommend the use of lip balm Carmex, claiming that he is a kind of remedy, and, like any medication should be used only when necessary.But manufacturers do not report such features.On the contrary, they are advised to apply balm every time you feel you need extra moisturizing lips.