"Oriflame" mascara "5 in 1".

Usually applying makeup spent a lot of time.This is especially true mascara.Choosing a tool that does not fit you have to lose a lot of precious minutes to get the length, volume and good separation.But the company "Oriflame" has solved this problem.She invented a completely innovative product that meets all the requirements of modern fashionistas.This unique tool company "Oriflame" - ink "5 in 1".

Why choose this particular product?

Mascara should be present in any woman's purse.Professional make-up artists in one voice say that the secret of the perfect make-up are the eyes.Properly selecting them, she completely changes its appearance, and her eyes became languid and charming.

However, not all women can boast of impeccable lashes length and density.We have to pick up some tools to make your eyes expressiveness.But if you choose a product of the company "Oriflame" (ink "5 in 1ยป), all problems will be solved with one wave of a magic brush.

This amazing tool has become an indispensable tool f

or the modern woman.The paint is applied quickly and easily, and the result exceeds all expectations.Eyelashes instantly transformed, become long, thick and fluffy.When applying mascara does not form lumps, and every hair perfectly divided and stained.

secret of the unique brush mascara

developers put a lot of effort to create a product that combines several functions.This unique 3D-brush tool lets you apply paint over and perfect each hair.

Elastic silicone brush lint from one side long and rare, but on the other - are short and thick.This feature allows you to first apply mascara on the lashes, giving them volume and then split and extend.

brush has a pronounced pink shade that allows you to control the amount of mascara when applied.In turn, the manifestation of color helps to identify the woman, that means it's time to end, and buy a new bottle.

stunning effect mascara

This tool is the most recognizable and popular product of the company "Oriflame".Mascara "5 in 1" has all the necessary qualities for the perfect makeup dreamed of every woman.

To its undeniable advantages include:

  • maximum elongation of eyelashes by 61%;
  • perfect simulation of bending by 55%;
  • exact division of each hair and perfect staining to tip, 98%;
  • accurate and even application without lumps;
  • extra care and nutrition eyelashes.

can clearly see in the amazing beauty of the view after applying mascara "Oriflame".Photos luxurious eyelashes below.

As part of the carcass?

absolutely all cosmetics "Oriflame" is made up of natural ingredients.Particular attention is paid to the quality and hypoallergenic products.

main components of mascara, "5 in 1" are:

  • nutritious oil olive;
  • provitamin B5;
  • extract bran from rice;
  • carnauba wax.

Olive oil provides lashes flexibility and continuous power, as pro-vitamin B5 strengthens them and prevents breakage.Valuable pigment carnauba wax gives silky lashes and extra resistance to moisture.Although mascara is not waterproof, it can not be afraid small rain - make-up will not be spoiled.

cosmetics "Oriflame" - is not only care, but also gentle protection from the effects of environmental hazards.A special extract of rice bran protects lashes against the penetration of direct sunlight and the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

attention to detail

loved by many women in the company "Oriflame" (ink "5 in 1") is now presented in a new, glamorous bottle.The square changed its shape round, more perfect.The modifications have occurred in the composition of the carcass - all manufacturers have improved their quality to create expressive look and flawless application.It remained unchanged only brush.

to create different types of make-up, there are two shades of mascara - black and brown.If you are aiming to create a more bright make-up, you need to highlight the lashes.For this perfect black mascara.Long voluminous lashes, will open eyes, to emphasize and expressiveness - Using this tool, you can achieve just such a stunning result.

brown shade of mascara longer appropriate to create a make-up day and is ideal for light eyes.It will not be too much to stand out, but do look clear and exciting.

rules applying

For day makeup is better not to apply many layers of ink - this look will seem hard.Just one application, and your makeup is complete, fresh.For a special evening makeup, you can use 2-3 coats of mascara to give lashes effect "overhead."Thus, application technique:

  • Step 1: Gently swipe brush with short fibers along the entire length of eyelashes.Do not forget about the corner, inconspicuous hairs.Brush simulates their shape, twist and lift the bit at the bottom.
  • Step 2: Turn the brush and continue to spend on the other side of the lashes with longer fibers.Several motions - and you'll see a stunning effect.Lashes gain volume, incredibly long and perfect separation.

Magic amazing mascara "Oriflame": reviews shoppers

The catalogs of the companies represented by a great variety of cosmetic products for the eyes.In accordance with the appearance of a woman and the expected effect can purchase bulk separating, water-resistant or lengthening mascara.

close attention to the production of "Oriflame" should be paid to women who wear glasses or contact lenses.There is a special mascara for sensitive eyes, which does not cause irritation, and eliminates the risk of inflammation.

Feedback from fans of cosmetics "Oriflame" mascara this company, until recently, were not popular.They had bulky brushes badly stained eyelashes and quickly crumbled.However, the appearance of the carcasses, "5 in 1" has radically changed their opinion.

Instant volume, absolute length and perfect separation - that can be obtained using this magical means.A nice feature was the cost and mascara.Its price is around 200 rubles, which allows shoppers with different income levels to enjoy the excellent quality of this amazing tools.