Cosmetics Bobby Brown: reviews, prices

Cosmetics Bobby Brown appeared on the market around the world more than 20 years ago.During this time, means for creating makeup became popular among many women in different parts of the world.Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is composed of natural ingredients, the benefits of using such means appreciated and some professionals to create makeup.

Company "Bobby Brown": description and reviews about the brand

at numerous forums and specialized websites girls share their impressions of Bobby Brown.Cosmetics, reviews of which are collected in the article deserves attention.Product catalog is quite extensive.It has everything to create a natural make-up - from the basics and ending tonal eyeshadow.Each category of products deserves special consideration and analysis of comments on it.

Customer reviews of tonal framework Bobby Brown and their prices

One of the popular bases from Bobby Brown is a product of Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15. Consumers note that the composition is more suitable for dr

y skin, as much moisturizes face.The most perfectly evens the base, of course looks corrects minor pimples and other problem areas.Makeup created with this tonal composition, will hold unchanged all day.

Almost all customers indicate a higher price in the tonal basis.Depending on where you buy the goods can be purchased for 40-60 dollars.Better not limited to directory scans in one place, as compared to a few stores or to order via the Internet.

reviews on the use of tonal creams Bobby Brown

Cosmetics Bobby Brown appreciated by many girls because of its natural composition.Especially it concerns the foundation, since they have long been in contact with the skin throughout the day.But not all customers are satisfied with the effect of their application.

Many say that the selection of the wrong tone cream on face mask creates an unnatural color.In his review, women customers do not recommend to buy his girlfriend with oily skin, because a few hours after applying makeup, you may receive an unpleasant characteristic luster.Light structure of a cream on the face can turn into a coarse layer.

For use on oily skin, a special matting composition.Girls who have bought goods do not advise buying it to camouflage redness and pimples, as it often can not cope with this task.But after using matting foundation on the skin is not greasy.

It should be borne in mind that all reviews of decorative cosmetics girls are left to the individual characteristics of the skin.For example, the same Bobby Brown cosmetics can cause two opposite reactions of consumers.

Customer reviews of powder from "Bobby Brown"

Among the products the company has a large number of different powders in friable and compact versions.All of them are very popular.

Loose powder Sheer Finish Loose Powder is easy to use.It is noted by many consumers.Through holes sifter poured enough of.Apply with a powder brush or need sponzhikom.The girls say that after applying on the face of no effect, dust, or excessive pinkish yellow.The product is economical to use and has a neutral smell.

A nice feature is that with repeated application of powder during the day on the face is left feeling tight.Ultrafine grinding is capable of applying the composition of a very thin layer.

Most shoppers say that Sheer Finish Loose powder worth the money.The average price of its 2200 rubles.Due to the very economical consumption of one pack may last long.The main thing is to follow the expiration date.

Eyeliner Long Wear Gel Eyeliner from Bobby Brown: description, reviews and price review

For many girls problematic smoothly and symmetrically strike his eyes.This is especially true desire to draw arrows.With gel podvodkami from Bobbi Brown, customer reviews which are positive in most cases, the creation of a make-up becomes easier.

Liner Long Wear Gel Eyeliner is a small glass jar with a firm lid.Package Content has a creamy consistency with a minimum fat content.Podvodok from those of other manufacturers Long Wear is characterized by its relative dryness.This does not prevent her to be evenly distributed through the centuries and stay for a long time.

Many girls say that it is with podvodkami of "Bobby Brown" they learned to draw arrows as creamy texture allows you to quickly correct mistakes.Such a purchase is ideal for beginners.When applying the composition probably best to use a brush, in this case the lines will be more precise.

The disadvantage girls shedding release liner.It happens rarely, but at such moments is preventing owners of contact lenses.With this disadvantage can be overcome if carefully applied eyeliner and look around at this time.

On average jar liner Long Wear worth 1,400 rubles.Advanced users can order the product from other countries at a more affordable price.

opinions on the use of cream eye shadows from "Bobby Brown".Price products

Cosmetics Bobby Brown AC, reviews of which are contained in the article, introduced to the market as cream shadows in different shades.This type of product is intended to equalize the age of color.

In the opinion of the girls are not falling into the shadows around the eyes, easy to hold and shaded throughout the day.They can be used as a base for eye makeup.The advantage of these shadows is also the resistance, they can withstand even the lessons in the pool.

The disadvantage users note that when applying the second layer of shadows can start to roll and dry.Girls seem inconvenient packaging design, they believe that the neck of the jar is too narrow to climb to a finger or a brush.Added some glitter shades, according to the buyers, do not allow them to create a make-up in the winter.

On average jar shadows Long Wear Cream Shadow is 1200-1400 rubles.In the commercial networks can be purchased in a set with ink or pencil, that's often sold cosmetics Bobbi Brown.Where to buy it in the provincial towns, getting to know the forums.

Cream Blush by "Bobby Brown": reviews and price

catalog and found Bobbi Brown cream blush shades.All of them are well pigmented and have rich natural colors.Even the bright colors on the skin look natural.

creamy texture rouge scares some women accustomed to crumbly version of such products.Regular shoppers say they do not need to be afraid to try new things.Most of the girls are happy with a soft texture and economical use of cream blush.Jars long enough.

Blush get a lot of positive feedback because it does not emit the pores on the skin and do not cause peeling it throughout the day.Especially bright colors, some even used as a lipstick.On the lips in this case, a natural effect of a slightly damp surface.Girls who do not use a foundation, blush like, because they are well-kept and on a normal day cream or liquid foundation.

The product has a pleasant smell.It can be applied with a finger.One light stroke of blush would be enough to cover one cheek.

price starts from 1200 rubles for a bottle of blush Bobby Brown.Cosmetics sold in Moscow shops "Rive Gauche", in the Corner "Stockmann" and some other stores.When buying overseas dollar value may be even higher than in rubles in Russia.

reviews mascara from Bobby Brown

Among all makeup one of the most popular products is the mascara.Almost all the girls and women use it at least occasionally.

Mascara Lash Glamour Extreme has many positive and negative reviews.On the eyelashes some girls she goes smoothly and does not create lumps.So they are happy with it.Other users claimed that after use have an effect "spider legs", ie all the eyelashes stick together in a few large entities.Before you buy is better to use the tester in the store and evaluate the result.

Reviews of lipstick from Bobbi Brown

The range of colors of lipstick Bobbi Brown every girl will find a suitable option.Most of the girls speak on this product is neutral or positive.Color becomes sufficient the first time, it pleases many.Lipstick moisturizes and nourishes.

effect of the resulting color is often overshadows the high cost of lipstick.This becomes the reason for neutral feedback.Most of the girls are trying to buy lipstick shares a birthday or at the sale.

Thus, Bobby Brown cosmetics popular among buyers in Russia.In the brick and mortar stores can be bought only in large cities.Residents of the provinces need to order products via the Internet.