Shaving brush Shaving - a necessary element

Shaving - an important process in the life of every man.It is very important to choose the right one of the necessary elements.Shaving brush Shaving usually causes a lot of difficulties in the selection.To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.First of all, you must understand why it is needed at all.

Why is it important

Many people do not think about the significance of this element.And it was the tip for shaving largely ensures the quality of the foam.This thing is indispensable in cases where it is necessary to beat.

Of course, now there are a lot of unique ordinary foam.For example, various gels or cans under pressure.They eliminate the need for shaving brush.However, it is important to understand that their chemical composition is almost completely eliminates the water.This will, in turn, to dryness.


Shaving brush Shaving can be very different.It can vary in color, material handles for pile fabrication process.Choose the best for yoursel

f is very important.

Worth distinguish fake and animals.It is the latter is the best option.It has long been shaving brush shaving were made of wild boar and badger.Boar bristles established itself as a quality product.In ancient times it could afford only wealthy people.For beating a foam swab fits perfectly recoup its price.

Shaving brush of badger

If you are going to buy a shaving kit with a shaving brush, the quality of the latter should pay close attention.It is therefore now possible to meet shaving brushes made of wool with different parts of the animal's body.Unfortunately, not all of them allow for really high-quality shaving.Shaving brush of badger shaving is the best option.It should be understood that not all countries allow for such production.This is due to low population badger.

The following types of material Pomazkov:

  1. Garbage badger - one of the most popular types of cloth.For some reason, he is in demand, but, at its heart, shaving does not fit all.Its performance figures are very low.For example, the cheapest analogue boar bristle is more effective.Customers often draws only the price.
  2. Pure badger - pile, which is much more expensive.This is explained by the fact that it covers a more than 60% of the animal's body.Shaving can be and should be used, but it does not enjoy demand.
  3. Best badger is a pile, that covers a significant part of the badger.Parameters such Pomazkov quite significant.This pile ensures absorption of water and a gentle application of the foam.It is perfect for sensitive skin.
  4. Super badger - this type is a mixture of the previous two.This option is considered to be good.Incompatible features two pile add up to a quality product that is suitable for shaving.
  5. Silvertip badger - pile, which is considered to be elite.It is characterized by extraordinary tenderness.It is also perfectly absorbs water, and even allows you to do a kind of facial massage during application of the foam.However, its price is quite high, in principle, due to its quality.


now and demand is a synthetic pile.Of course, it is inferior to the natural parameters, but in general is a high-quality product.This kind of pile for those who for whatever reason can not use the material of natural origin.To those include religious beliefs, or the presence of individual intolerance.

Remember that when you buy should pay attention to the reviews of people and choose the best product for yourself.