Cheese Week (Maslenitsa)

Myasopust, Zvonchaty, wedding with a pine tree, Carnival - all the name of the holiday in different nations.We used to call it just a Mardi Gras.This is the boundary between winter and spring.At the end of Maslenitsa comes Lent.The main task - to prepare people for the Easter holiday.

bit of history

Mardi Gras - a familiar popular name that we normally use, but in reality, this period is called the Cheese Week.The origins of this celebration is rooted in the depths of pagan times.In pre-Christian Russia this festival was timed to the day of the vernal equinox.The fun lasted for 14 days.In those days, Carnival featuring special expanse: booths were arranged along the villagers gathered to greet each other and noisy time.Women, children, teens chose the high hill and organized sledging, all this was accompanied by laughter.Men preferred to measure themselves with their relatives and neighbors, organized sports competitions and fights with fists.

Every housewife is committed to as much as possible t

o prepare delicious food.Particular attention was paid to the pancakes, they were prepared with different fillings.The symbol of the holiday was chosen not for nothing is this dish.

Waiting for Spring people would like to attract as much sunlight.Damn it suited to the role of the heavenly body - such as yellow and hot.With the adoption of Christianity, many pagan holidays were canceled.But Pancake yet decided to leave, but fun time shifted and became smaller.This was done in order not to violate the rules of Lent.

According to church canons

Answering the question: "Cheese Week - what is it?" - We can say that this is a great Christian holiday, which is considered a harbinger of Lent.He noted seven weeks before Easter.The people called this period - Myasopust.That's because it was impossible to eat meat products.During this period, diet consisted of eggs, butter and dairy products.For believers and priests Cheese Week is especially important, it is the starting point to the preparation for Lent.Christians, in addition to giving up meat, should be particularly rigor in his behavior.We can not succumb to the fun, entertainment and revelry.

modern celebration

Today, many do not adhere to church canons.Modern people believe that Sedmitsa cheese (Shrovetide) - just another excuse for fun and relaxation from everyday work.

Week Maslenitsa

believed that Mardi Gras should be carried out and have fun in a big way.It was believed that in this way you can attract good luck for the next year.It is worth noting that each day Cheese Week withdrawn role.During the week, it was necessary to perform specific rituals.

Seven days are divided into narrow and broad Pancake.

first half

Monday.On this day, in the morning all housewives start making pancakes, and he was special and for young girls who are preparing to get married.Met matchmakers, discussing wedding menu and a list of guests.Women who are married, went to his parents, and the next morning my husband came to visit them, together with their families.

Pancakes are baked first handed out to the poor and the homeless, and those in turn were supposed to pray for deceased relatives.There were a few residents of the settlements, chosen especially snowy place, bringing with pancakes and tea.During the festivities were building a scarecrow, who represents a leaving winter.He dressed in old clothes and ride a sleigh.Thus, we paid tribute to the winter months.Closer to the night stuffed installed in a prominent place - near the village or in the city center.This day is called meeting.

Tuesday.On this day, we arranged trips to the fair and visit.Among young people were the bride, and after Lent, and could play a wedding.The future husband and wife all this time had to be together.Men cheered their girls rolling around on the snow hills and sang songs of praise.Those trying to show their skills in the preparation of various dishes that were treated with the future groom.

Wednesday.This day of the week was devoted to the family.Mistress covered a large table.If guests come in-law, after it had to carefully look after, to show signs of special attention, so that he felt honored guest.If earlier there were quarrels, it was the best day to make peace.Large tables covered and on the street, it is united villagers and helped settle old quarrels.

second half Shrovetide

Thursday.It was the most bustling and cheerful celebration of Maslenitsa.Mistress completed all the work on the house.Cheese Week was an indicator of how cheerful and friendly was the Slavic people.What games and only undertaking they did not invent: the dizzying skating with slides, swings and roundabouts.Competitions in eating pancakes.Men can show your courage strength and resourcefulness - in comic defense and takes snow castles.People believed that jumping over the fire, they help Sun gain momentum and quickly drive away the cold winter.

Thursday staged fights and revered Veles - a god that protects animals.That is why the first attempt of the day were fed to horses and cows.

Friday.This day was dedicated to the mother-in.In-law invited them to his guests, were treated and showed all my respect.On the eve of Friday's mother-in-law passed food and utensils to be able to cook pancakes.It was butter, buckwheat flour, a ladle and a pan.If one of the parties fails to fulfill its part of the responsibility, it caused hostility and strife.

Saturday.This day is called Zolovkina gatherings.Bride collected at all the relatives of her husband, but special attention was given in-law, her husband's sister.She had to prepare and present a gift to the hostess.The young wife was entertaining offers various dishes, once again proving their skills.If she was unmarried, she invites her friends.The fair sex who were engaged, to make gifts to their relatives.

last day of Cheese Week

Sunday.This day ended with Cheese Week.Nearing the end of the celebration, and the living room.One of the traditions of this day is considered to be a whistle.For this purpose, whistles, made in the form of birds.So people called the birds return to their homes.

When meeting people bowed low and asked each other for forgiveness for all the wrongs and omissions.Bonfires, banishing the winter and invite spring.The central event of the day became burning effigies.To him throwing the remains of a festive meal.After the fire there was only ash that people gathered and scattered in their fields or rivers.They believed that it would help to awaken the sleeping earth.

cleaned houses and preparing for the main holiday - Easter.During the entire evening it was possible to seven times to come to the table.And finally come for them as a family, to live in harmony next year.

then it is not removed, it is covered with cloth and fur sheep.Before sunset, it was necessary to visit the cemetery to pay tribute to the deceased.On the graves left pancakes.On Sunday, we drank very little and went to bed before midnight.


Cheese Week: What You Can EatIn the Christian church this week is also called the Cheese-fare.For the reason that the presence of food in the meat completely excluded.Eating pancakes with cheese in this post welcomed, and therefore it is called the Cheese Week.Eating these days is simple: dairy products, fish, eggs.

conjugal duty during Shrovetide

Many couples who are fasting, there is the question of whether the Church Allowed marital relations Cheese Week.By itself, the Maslenitsa week is not strict fasting.On the one hand, meat can not, on the other hand - it is possible fish, eggs, milk, cheese, butter.Then it follows that the absence of a wedding couple in the church does not imply a need for abstinence during these days.If a man and a woman are Orthodox Christians, here they can make a decision in consultation with a spiritual mentor.

Mardi Gras in 2015

Cheese Week in 2015 fell from 16 to 22 February.The preparations for Shrovetide should start in advance.Make clean in all rooms.

If there is a stove, it must be completely put in order, clean, whiten.Also, every woman should be at the festival stock flour, butter, eggs and a variety of sweets.