Mounting plate for the car with their hands

Tablet PC, or just a tablet, has long since become suitable for use in cars.Motorists have adapted these subtle and powerful devices as a replacement head unit, gps-navigators, and some specialists in electronics and programming even use them as a trip computer.The tablet - it's convenient, practical and in traffic jams not so boring.And if you have children, then they can take their favorite games or watch cartoons on long and tiring trip.Some have even adapted the plates as DVRs, and those perfectly perform their functions.

How to attach the tablet PC in the car?Types holders

versatility, multimedia functions, as well as the minimum size and power - all this is very, very good.It remains only to make a mount for tablet machine.

Today the market is literally overflowing with different types of fasteners.There are many holders.

So, among all the devices are the following designs:

  • Framework universal.Most often installed in the center console.
  • on suckers (attached to the car windshield).
  • Anti-slip mats.

Many do not wish to bother with selecting and acquiring universal mounting plate for the car.These constructions can be adjusted in height, width and other parameters.These holders are free to mobile devices of any diagonals.You can rotate the device, both vertically and horizontally.There are models from well-known manufacturers, but they are few and expensive.

To attach the tablet?

For these purposes, there are only a few places in the car.It is possible to mount the holder on the dashboard, on the right side of the glass, the ventilation system on the grid.You can also set the computer back on the headrest.We analyze the pros and cons for each of these places.

plate on the dashboard will look perfect.Often they are fixed as if it was always there.But such structures are not found on sale, so motorists and car owners prefer to make such devices themselves.It all depends on manual dexterity and imagination.

the right of the driver can be installed for the mounting plate to the car on the glass.Of course, you can buy ready-made design, but you can make it completely on their own.It is much more interesting, and also allows an interesting experience.

mount plate in the car with their hands

So here we got to the most interesting part of the article.Previously, many before becoming car owners have bicycles and motorcycles and a regular "collective farm" them anything because of lack of spare parts.So here, in fact search for easy ways are not our method.Let's try to make the mount plate in the car with his own hands.It's very interesting and economically.

Fasten the plate to the ventilation grille

To make the mount plate to the duct in the car, you will need the device itself, a little stainless steel welding machine, and small tools.

This makeshift arrangement has several advantages over quite shaky holders of fellow Chinese.The design is very easy to operate, it is easy to make, it does not take a lot of extra space in the passenger compartment of your car.To produce only need skills in metal and welding machine.

Cons design has not.It's very simple, if necessary, removed a universal mounting plate for the car on the dashboard.Generally, variants of such structures can come up with a lot.You can use different clamps, brackets.

Where to start?

First you need to look for stainless steel.Next you need to measure the band stands for manufacturing.Recommended 2 vertical stripes.Desired bandwidth must be 1 cm in width and 17 in length.You also need to prepare a single horizontal strip length of 25 cm and a width of 1 cm. Then you need to cut the strip and fold the edges.So it will be more convenient to use this thing.

Tops received bands to bend more than the lower ones.It should get a design similar to the integral.Curl the upper part of our bands will cling to the lattice ducts and the bottom is the same will hold the bent plate.Horizontal stripes should be attached in such a way that she held a high-tech device from the lateral displacement.Then, a mounting plate for the car will be able to securely hold the plate, and he did not fall out while driving on our roads.

You can also make additional insert in this construct.They do not have any functional load, however slightly increase the inclination angle of the tablet.

as decorative treatment can be pasted received by the fabric, leather, or something else.As a result, mounting plate for the machine engages the grille and duct firmly held there.

Fasten your computer instead of duct

It is a way to insert a tablet PC in the dashboard of the car.The mobile computer will be mounted into the middle duct.This method is suitable for VAZ.

What to do?

First you need to remove and disassemble the body duct.By the way, take it apart is not so simple.There are many small details.Gutted?Now we need to take a box and try it on a plate.Frame suitable for small devices.If the mobile device is inexpensive, it is possible that the screen will fade.It is therefore desirable to drown him in a niche of the ventilation.

Then after all the measurements you need to cut the partition between the two panels ventilation.Then, when we get a single niche, we need more time to try to design from the plate and frame.Depending on the results of measurements may need a little sawed panel with ventilation.

Next you need to glue the frame to the double-sided tape to the screen plate to the broken part.Then insert into the cavity structure to sit on double-sided tape.When everything is perfect, it is necessary to treat the places, which used to be a dividing wall.It must be sanded, primed and painted, possibly decorate.

Also as attachment can ask my friends from a broken arm holder and make their own metal frames or strips for direct deduction of the mobile device and secure it with you wherever you go, for example, so you can make the mount plate to the car headrest.This bracket finished structure will not bother to create it, and the metal holders will be much more convenient flimsy plastic parts.The children will thank you for the plate on the rear passenger.