Magnetic clay - fun for the whole family

material from which today produce the magnetic clay, invented back in 1943.Like many other inventions - it was a simple coincidence.At that time, scientists have tried to invent an entirely different matter, and hendgam become a byproduct of a chemical.The amazing properties of this material have noticed a little later.Then it no one noticed, but today he is considered extraordinary and entertaining toy for all ages.And as the clay did not demand in the industry, entrepreneurs find it elsewhere.

Great toy

Smart clay can become a great fun for the whole family.This colorful toy that can really delicious smell is pleasant and soft to the touch.The material can take many forms, that only you want.Besides, he does not stick to objects and hands, which means that the furniture and the clothes do not get dirty.Also, he would not get dirty clay, while it can be stretched, cut, knead.Play with clay allow children to three years.But the most important thing is that it is non-toxic.

Useful properties

As already mentioned, a clever magnetic clay is a great toy for kids and adults, but it has many other positive properties, as well as an interesting application.It should list the other useful qualities toys:

  • helps fight irritability, aggression shoots appeared, while developing fine motor skills of fingers and even writing, creative thinking;
  • excellent antidepressant, has a positive effect on emotions, strengthens the muscles of the arms;
  • exercise hand create harmony of mind and body, relieve fatigue, have a positive effect on the brain;
  • because massage can have a positive impact on the internal organs;
  • bright colors plasticine charged with positive emotions and calm pastel colors.

As already mentioned, you can knead the magnetic clay, give it different forms, tear, it can even jump like a little ball and reach for the metal objects.To charge the particles is sufficient to close a powerful ceramic magnet and as a result you will be able to collect them from the table clip.

Live toy

If you're bored, take a small magnet and clever clay - in a good mood is guaranteed.You will be able to see how your toy just eats magnet - it is fun and exciting spectacle.Laying next to these two materials, you will see how clay is gradually completely cover the entire magnet.Moreover, he even slightly lift the magnet to envelop him from below.Get it as easy - just stretch the clay and in the middle you will see your piece of magnet.


Initially hendgam became very popular in America, but after a while he liked and our customers.It really is an unusual gadget, which began to produce in the most different variations.For example, a variety of colors - white, green, red, black, blue and many others.You can also purchase transparent clay.In other words, today you can buy a magnetic clay of any color or a mixture of several shades and colors.There are even options with a beautiful metallic sheen or those that glow in the dark.

Properties hendgama

clay has presented a variety of properties, and all of them should be studied in more detail.Liquid - it spreads, so all of your creations will be spread on the table.Solid - after a strong blow clay or disintegrate into smaller particles or even virtually unchanged form.Breaks - sharp movements will quickly break it into several parts.Lights - your space glow he always attracts attention.Drips - if attached to the vertical surface of clay, it will change shape and soon will drop.Jumps - Made of hendgama ball, you can be sure that he can jump well.Changes color - the color of clay may vary from what he warms up in the hands.It pulls - it can be very smooth movements stretch.Smells - magnetic clay has a pleasant aroma of fruit or chocolate, the smell can last for a long time.

Application medicine

worth noting that clay gives not only a good mood, but also recommended by specialists in various hand injuries.For example, for medical treatment, rehabilitation, restoration of mobility of fingers and hand after plastics, joints, CNS diseases, for a better development of children, and so on.Do not be upset if you decide to buy such a thing, and your city is not for sale magnetic clay.How to do it and that it will need, you can always learn without much difficulty.By purchasing everything you need, you can already enjoy the very process of its creation, and then, if you get bored, will be able to have fun with your family.

For starters take a stick for stirring and a small container in which it is necessary to pour stationery PVA glue exactly 100, the dye can choose their own taste, just like flavor.All this is thoroughly mixed.The pharmacy should buy sodium tetraborate, a solution of one tube is sufficient for 100 g glue.If you purchased a powder, then half a tablespoon dissolved in water and then added to the mixture and again mixed.Then it makes a quarter cup of water.Water can be used at their discretion, but what it is more, the fluid hendgam.When all is well will be contacted, the mass is placed in a bag and kneaded by hand.As soon as the mass becomes plastic, it can be removed and play.