"Geyser" (Filter): review of models

very first domestic manufacturer of water treatment systems is the firm "geyser".The company employs more than 700 professionals with the fundamental formation of the Soviet era, as the company has been operating since 1986.Shops and offices are brand in Russia, but the products are exported to America, Europe, Asia.Types of filters

company conducts active research work.One of the developments is the ion exchange resin "Aragon", which not only filters, but also protects against scale.In its product brand uses a three-level water purification system, for example, it has a filter "Geiser 3".

company produces the following types of filters to protect against rust, certain bacteria and viruses: Trunk, household, softening water jugs, industrial, reverse osmosis system.

Jug "Geyser»

Jug "Geyser" - the filter for domestic use, which is the most popular water purifiers today.Despite the fact that the market is represented by a total of five models, thanks to the undeniable qualities they occupy lead

ing positions.The most important advantages of these are:

  1. tight lid, which allow not wait until all the water is poured into the jar cleared and drained in small portions.
  2. Filters "Geyser" have impact-resistant housing made of plastic, German food, and the model of "Amigo" is made of safety glass, which is especially important if you have small children and you will often go on nature.
  3. convenient volume to 4 liters and the filtration rate - 0.4 liters per minute.
  4. Affordable pricing.The cost is about 500 rubles.

Includes replaceable filter cartridges "Geyser".These four pieces can be used in other brands of water purifiers, you only need an adapter.

Types cartridges

  • protection against the most common problems of rust and chlorine tap water is a universal cartridge.
  • use cartridge for hard water can help avoid many troubles."Geyser" - a filter that allows you to do without unpleasant kettle scale.But this is not the main problem.Softening source necessary for the health, because hard water can form kidney stones.After filtration, the water becomes soft and pleasant taste.
  • «Geyser" - a filter that can be taken out of the city to the country .Only you need to fill it with a special cartridge against bacteria.He is able to protect them from a variety of species, including E. coli.

advantages of replaceable cartridges

Composed of materials of the latest developments of the company, such as the "Aragon", "GEFS" and "Damfer."Water passes 5 stages of cleaning, since they serve as the basis for the activated coconut carbon and silver ions.

Another advantage is that the filter cartridges "geyser" is not only large amounts of clean water, but also after time can be regenerated, that is, after cleaning it will again serve you.This is done so.Toothbrushes scraped residue is washed under running water, filled with a solution of citric acid and left for a few hours.The price range varies from 130 to 350 rubles.

Membrane systems

as water purifiers high demand for membrane systems, they use reverse osmosis system.Using filter "Geiser Bio" or "Geyser Prestige», get water perfectly clean, healthy and tasty.With these systems, even the most hard water perfectly purified and mineralized.On the effectiveness of this system is unique, it protects almost all impurities.Filters "geyser" in this system works.Water falling on the membrane is divided into pure and various impurities, which go to the drain.The membrane pores are the size of a water molecule, the various components of the impurities is much larger, and it achieved the highest result.

line filters

The name changeable flow water purifiers have received from the installation site.They are mounted on the water pipe line villas, apartments, houses, attach them under the sink.Household water purifiers use cartridges that are cleaned mechanically.

These filters will protect household and sanitary equipment from rust, a variety of particle decaying pipes.You can use removable cartridges, each of which protects against certain types of pollution.One removes ferrous compounds other softens water, removes water from the third chlorine.

The apartments have two pipes with hot and cold water.Cartridges are set separately for each pipe.Requirements are more stringent to filters for hot water, so they are more expensive.The company produces versatile filter "Geyser Typhoon", it is used for one or the other of water and purification of drinking water level going up.

How do I replace the cartridge?

To start reimplemented crane included in the kit, the water supply to the "Geyser" (filter).With it, you need to unscrew the bottom of the filter element.Once removed the old print cartridge, check the on the end of gum.If they are flexible, you can continue to use them, the seals need to install a new cartridge.Then the residue was poured from the flask water tank and washed, then mounted in a removable cartridge clean flask.Key bulb tightly twisted.

Filters "Geyser" - a unique and complete system of water purification for each house.It allows you to receive any amount of drinking water from a separate tap installed.The equipment is able to protect the family from various types of pollution, caught in the water.