Marriage of convenience are happy?

Wedding - this is the most important step in the life of every woman, and in choosing a life partner must be thoughtfully and carefully.However, not always the young ladies, and sometimes that older women are willing to listen to his heart.The fact that the call of the heart are often drowned out by a passion for material well-being - in such situations and there are marriages of convenience, which later turn into big problems.

It should be noted that marriages of convenience are not exclusively female line - and some men think marriage is a good way to correct their financial well-being.But we must pay tribute to the representatives of a strong half of mankind: properly weighed, which is better - a marriage of love or by calculation, for the most part, they prefer the first option.Today we will talk about whether such a situation where a marriage of convenience may be the basis for a long and happy family life.

among young men and women aged 20 to 30 years, according to surveys of sociologists,

there is a perception that love - is not a prerequisite for marriage.Like, it's all vestiges of the past, and modern man is more important than calculation and material gain than some ephemeral love that can not be hand to touch or put in a pocket.We will not touch the moral side of the issue, and once mention one very important point - the young people just can not imagine how hard it is to live near the unloved man, even a stuffed wallet.The woman over the age of maturity, getting married on the calculation, there is a conscious life with the unloved man, and subconsciously feels a victim.However, do not understand what that sacrifice she makes herself, and what will the marriage of her family present, or will it remain a commercial transaction, it depends on it.

However, it would be wrong to say that the marriage of convenience always mean a deliberate failure and poor family.Not at all - and the examples of many women confirm this.Sometimes it happens that a marriage, which from the outset was planned only as a win-win deal, after some time, became something more than just living together.Between people there were those feelings, and that did not exist when they put their signatures in the Book of Registration of Marriages Registry Office.And as a result, their marriage became almost perfect, combining security and material and spiritual closeness, which are indispensable for a full family.

So how can you make a marriage of love marriage?To answer this question, we need to understand that love can not be "vaccinated" or forcibly driven into the partner.This feeling can only come about by itself, without gross external action, and the partner can contribute to its maturation, creating for her husband comfortable environment in the home and family comfort.And it is very easy - you need to stop looking at her husband only as a source of material well-being, and begin to see it in person.For example, each person has their own little ways - so why not spend a little time and do your partner a pleasant, giving an unusual ashtray in his collection, or purchasing two tickets to a concert of his favorite band.Obviously, these gifts do not require large material costs, but it can help create a sense of intimacy and peace of mind, without which it is impossible to marital happiness.

also women who as fate would have to get married on the calculation, experts in the field of psychology of family relationships recommend as little as possible to ask for her husband's money.Otherwise, this action is clearly associated with his commercialism of your relationship, and anything good it will not.And vice versa - the more successful you get a job and the greater the amount can invest in the family budget - the higher the likelihood that sooner or later, your spouse will see in you not only bought for money toy, and a woman with whom he wants to live his entirelife.

If you can not simply follow these guidelines, but also the attempt to find common ground, with her husband, then you can be sure - your kids will look at the marriage of a surprise, not understanding how this is someone the parentsThey can not love each other?And perhaps, you will celebrate the anniversary of your wedding day is not the day you got married in the registry office, and when I first went to sleep next to a loving husband and wife.