Fictitious Marriage: Should it be like?

Sham marriage today is a means of resolving many problems.Characteristically, the most common synonym for a marriage advocates the concept of 'commercial business or marriage. "In fact, this concept expresses the basic meaning and purpose to enter into alliances of this kind.

Objectives and benefits: why enter into a marriage?

From the legal position of the registration of a marriage is the union of two people pursuing all sorts purpose other than marriage.The specific objectives of the statistical data in most cases are the desire to obtain citizenship, benefits from the state, to avoid religious and ethnic persecution or hide sexual orientation.The most popular motive was and still is a desire to obtain citizenship of a particular country to be able to live there permanently and work.

cost "services┬╗

According to the study of social status in Russia, about a fifth of marriages are in fact fictitious, by which people in crisis earn good money.The cost of a marriage is high enough.Bride an

d groom having valuable features such as Moscow registration evaluate "its hand and heart" in the amount of from three to ten thousand dollars.Such fees can be found on the Internet.There is an option to look for "husband" through a friend, then it is likely that a hike to the registrar will cost a little less.

Dangers marriages

With all the opportunities offered by the marriage business, it is fraught with dangerous consequences and series that can "swim" at any time.Bargaining in the registry office, we have to some extent become dependent on a fictitious spouse.After all, he may pursue the dual goal and after the painting is quite able to go to the police with the requirement of section of your property or any financial benefits.Facts weaning housing are not known in a few cases.

easy to arrange the marriage business?

As in recent years the number of marriages has increased quite dramatically, the conclusion suggests itself.Rather, find a marriage partner (or business) is easy enough.

course, opened in the newspapers nobody writes that provides similar services.Marriage Agencies also from the provision of such assistance has officially refused, arguing that the refusal is unlawful activities.

But there is one sure and reliable way, which certainly helps in the search - the Internet.

the registrar to refuse to issue the union can not.Even when frankly it is clear that the pair is clearly established on commercial criteria: a huge age difference (especially if the woman is older than the man), there is no wedding dresses and happy smiles impatient newlyweds.

Is a marriage cognizable case?

No, it is not.While many of the subconscious fear.Under Russian law, criminal and administrative responsibility for the conclusion of insincere alliances are not provided.

Fear is not necessary to the court, and that in a couple of thousands of dollars then do not lose the apartment or other property.Try later prove in court that the marriage was a sham and you "is not a camel."Stamps put something voluntarily.

main danger marriages

sham marriages are of two types:

  1. When both "spouse" aware of its commercial nature and get mutual benefit from the deal.
  2. When one of the spouses misled (conscientious spouse), marries for a family, and the other pursuing selfish goals.

Here is a second option may be for fair half a tragedy that could destroy the family plans to destroy morale and cause serious damage.

However, even in the first case, when both the "merchant" aware of the fact that marriage is only on paper, one of the halves, he may suffer other dishonesty.

How to terminate a marriage?

Such a marriage can be declared null and void or may enter the phase of the law (for example, the birth of a child in common) - unpredictable life circumstances.

annulment - an opportunity to get rid of the unfair trial by a spouse.However, if a marriage is officially dissolved, the Court has no dummy does not recognize it.Knowing this can save you from losing, for example, an apartment.Because business marriages, believe, dangerous.

To protect themselves from possible negative consequences of the "marriage" with a future spouse take receipt of his intentions invalid.This will quickly recognize the marriage invalid if the circumstances go out of control and you will need to "evict" reluctant "spouse" with its living space.

Should I enter into a marriage?

all depends on your adventure, well, moral framework.Some regard the conclusion of such a "deal" as a sale of the country and themselves, others perceive as a temporary means of resolving problems.Reason is, and those and others.

If you are willing to take risks and are aware of the possible unpleasant consequences , who know how to neutralize the - well, then you can try.

If you are not peculiar adventurism and you are afraid that the consequences could be much more serious benefits - then think about other ways to solve your problems.They are just there, you need only to look.