Love and Marriage: How long time to keep a romantic relationship?

men and women before marriage is generally very romantic.The long-awaited meeting, flowers, gifts, the desire to look your best and make the most of the partner to create a favorable impression with unforgettable memories, the couple keeps in its memory for years to come.And the waters ceased to vibrate march by Mendelssohn, was a honeymoon and began regular life.

only thinking about marital relationship, any pair of dreams that their marriage and love will last for many years.But many forget that in order to keep the love in the family takes a lot of work.A common mistake - it is assumed that the partner is now chained and now is not going anywhere.Time passes and the couple begins to feel that their marriage and love have given a crack, start small scandals, recriminations and finger-pointing.But marriage is the union of two people, and not a relationship is usually to blame both of them.

No wonder it is considered that life is able to destroy marriage and love, and that it does not happen, try

to maintain the aura of romanticism that surrounds you in the early days of dating.And it's not only men but also women.

most disastrous for marriage psychologists believe the stereotype relations.How is a typical day of the family.In the morning ran to work, in the evening the wife goes shopping, preparing dinner, she is engaged in farming and children - is considered to be its duty.The husband is busy reading or TV on which reluctantly off to run errands.This is an extreme case, but it is something that can very quickly kill the love and marriage.

Women complain that her husband did not pay attention to it, does not bestow flowers, does not speak words of love and does not help with the housework.But even such household chores can be a lot of fun if you turn them into a kind of game.Divide responsibilities among themselves.Better yet do everything together.Jointly prepared and served dinner is easily converted into a romantic.A joint trip to the store can be combined with a walk on your favorite sites.Women love to receive constant support of its appeal - tell her compliments, give small gifts just for no reason.

why it is considered that the relationship must provide a man, but it is absolutely not true.A common mistake women is that after the wedding, she sees her husband as a reality and completely ceases to take care of yourself.An old robe, downtrodden sneakers, a mask on his face - all of which can repay the romantic impulses in the bud.Usually one female cop - I feel so comfortable.But the man loves his eyes.And when it narrowed to go to bed in lingerie faded or torn nightie do not expect from him what that exploits.

for establishing relations is sometimes enough just to buy beautiful clothes, put on a dress and do not forget about cosmetics and hairstyle.A man will appreciate your desire to look beautiful for him alone, for him it would be the best proof of your love.

Do not forget that the stronger sex loves to receive small tokens from his beloved.And it is not always gifts.Men, like women love compliments, they need to feel popular and able to resolve any issues.Consult with them as often as possible, create the impression that only he is able to solve many problems.All this increases the self-esteem and allows a man to feel needed.

If you feel the tension in the relationship and your marriage and love are threatened, do not think that everything will resolve itself.The sooner you sit down at the negotiating table, the more likely to pay off discontent in the bud just made a joint decision.Love - a rare feeling that connects the heart and soul.It is worth to work hard and keep the veil of romance all the years of married life.