Think carefully about what it takes to Weddings

As you know, preparing for the wedding ceremony - it is extremely troublesome.However, this great day is so important for the two men entering the marriage, that they have to spend it without fuss and nervous spoiled the mood.Therefore, all aspects of the organization of the selection and preparation of what is needed for the wedding must be carefully thought out in advance.The sooner you identify all the necessary, the more time it will be on the implementation of the whole preparation.

banquet venue.

If you select all of the most important things you need for your wedding list obtained rather impressive.But, of course, in the first place is always the choice of the place where the banquet will be held, where the newlyweds will greet relatives and friends.Before this there was no particular problems: Relatives gathered and celebrated at the home of the bride or groom, but now much more likely to choose a banquet in a restaurant.Now there is a large selection, and almost any restaurant or cafe will

ing to offer their services for a banquet.Their employees are well aware that you need for the wedding.This will save the couple and their families from many economic problems.

Before choosing a suitable restaurant, determine the exact number of guests and their composition: men, women, children, etc.Small restaurants and cafes typically hold up to 50 people.Terms of payment of rent of the hall and the menu is typically determined in each case.Try to make the expected option menu, including alcoholic beverages, as well as determine the version of the decoration of the banquet hall and the concert program.Even based on the layout of the hall, determine the number and placement of tables: typically the letter P and the letter T. Also, be sure to discuss the time for the main dishes on the table: hot, wedding cake and more.

discussing what you need for a wedding in the restaurant, do not forget that, in spite of the Russian tradition, in which the tables are simply obliged to "burst" of food, usually at a wedding actively eat only the first 15-20 minutes and thenhave all switched to focus on the drinks.Therefore it is better emphasis on snacks and hot pick something big and showy, designed for a lot of servings.

wedding transport.

Our ancestors came to the place of celebration in gilded carriages or threes now young prefer luxury cars.Before selecting the desired car, determine the approximate travel time, the route and the number of people who will go to the wedding cortege.To view a string of cars were more stylish, better to give preference to the classic car colors: white, silver and black.Red car in the motorcade will look out of place if there is no other way, then you need to put them in a ponytail.When decorating the car better be based on contrast: machines suitable for dark ribbons and bows bright colors and whites, you can use bright colors.The car of the bride good bit decorate wreaths of flowers.

pictures and videos.

To your left a remarkable event not only in the memory, do not forget that you need for the wedding to take care of who will take pictures and shoot video of such an important event in the life of the newlyweds.There is no doubt that among the friends and relatives always find people who wish to help with this, but it is better to use the services of professionals, as "second take" the wedding is already impossible.In addition, a professional will be able to not only capture the entire process, and then mount a nice and interesting film.Take the time to choose a photographer and cameraman for a wedding in advance to see samples of their previous work.

cultural program.

This is a very broad concept, which includes almost all the wedding day schedule.Once you have identified all you need to buy for the wedding and where to celebrate, go to drawing up detailed schedules with a view to this day the newlyweds remember most happily and invited guests did not have to wait long for their arrival at the banquet.The main thing that this day is not imprinted in the memory of your nervous bustle and joyful smiles, joyful feast and the atmosphere of happiness and love!