Marriage and Family: How to avoid problems in family life?

Each family unit and family relations are different times in life.There are warm and passionate times, and there are misunderstandings and cold.There are ups and downs.Still, marriage and family are very important to many people, in spite of all obstacles and difficulties.If you want to maintain normal relations in a marriage with your loved one, try to remember the problems that may arise.Almost all marriage problems lie in the relations of spouses to each other.

It is very important not to lock into these problems and try to solve them together.So, let's talk about what can help couples to solve problems.

insincerity. Any relationship, whatever they may be, must be sincere.A loved one will always be able to feel the falseness.If you wish to be sincere with you, sincerely feel about your partner and you feel that you, too, related to the change.Without sincerity of your love will not survive.

lack of candor. If we consider the relationships within the family, the long-term and strong union is

not possible in the case when people lack of candor with each other.All the secrets that want to hide ever be known, because try to open up to each other and you will see how close your relationship will become.

lack of friendship.Most strong marriage and family are obtained if they are built on friendly terms.The concept of love on the part of psychology can be described by dividing it into three main stages.First - it is a passion, a sense of the mundane, Eros.The second stage - a strong friendship, Philos.And the culmination of this - embracing love, agape.Philos It is not just the intermediary between arisen passion and love, and firmly connects them.Therefore, your spouse must be your friend, he first learns about your joys and sorrows, achievements and concerns.This feeling is even more closer.

inattention. can not live together and do not pay attention to each other.Try to please her husband often a kind word.We all want affection and attention, you need to feel needed.Do not hesitate to speak more often kind and gentle words.

Lack of communication. concept of marriage and the family for building a strong relationship, first of all, requires constant communication between spouses.After a long time, lived together, people often just stop talking to each other.In the evening, coming home, everyone starts to do their work.But psychologists say that marriage and family maintain their stronghold in daily communication between spouses.Moreover, the communication should not be ordinary everyday phrases should be a full conversation.Speak on topics that interest you, discuss, argue.Try not to withdraw into themselves and find common interests.

inability to forgive. Think about all the little things that you need to forgive each other, otherwise it will accumulate and will eclipse the pervasive sense of high, which previously were trembling knees.Do not start a scandal because of the fact that someone threw a toothbrush or not made garbage.It's not all deadly.

inability to listen. It is also very important in a relationship.The ability to listen to your partner.If your spouse is a painful, be sure to speak to him, he will share with you and it is sure to become legche.V next time the opportunity to speak to you and has already given you too will become easier.

Finally. Marriage and family will be much stronger if you are in a negative situation, kindly smile to your partner.To live with a smile is always easier.Always remember, you do not need to be mean, give each other a sense, know how to give.Then you will be much easier to love and be loved!