Drying Nail: reviews.

Probably, many women have done at least once a permanent manicure, in which uses a special lamp, the so-called drying polish.Such means have long ceased to be associated only with beauty.Today, this device has become an indispensable tool lovers lasting nail art.In the arsenal of many home fashionistas present drying polish.Reviews, unlike models, advice on the selection of equipment - to make the right choice and not to be disappointed in buying all of these aspects should be studied thoroughly.The information in this article will help you with this.


lamp for drying nail can have different dimensions.This is a very important point that must be considered when selecting an instrument.There are models that allow to dry two hands at once.This drying nail bulky, heavy and rather expensive, but it can help to save a certain amount of time.Such models are professional equipment suitable for personal use more compact versions.

Another factor that requires attention - it is "filling" the

lamp which defines the capacity of the equipment.Bulbs inside the device can be fluorescent and LED.It depends on the species of the type of lamp: In the first embodiment, it is UV, in the second - ICE (LED).

UV drying nail

reviews indicate the popularity and availability of this particular type of device.The main parameters of the equipment regardless of the manufacturer, the device is power.UV lamp for drying nail may have a capacity of 9, 18, 36, 54 Watts.How long nails will be in the lamp and how good is the polymerization coating depends on the capacity of the device.

Models 9 and 18 watts now sidelined, as they require quite a lot of time for quality drying.However, these lamps have a positive side: they are light and compact, so it is very convenient for transportation.A more in demand today UV-drying nail 36 and 54 watts.It is through such an instrument cover on the nails to dry quickly and efficiently.Today the leader of sales - a UV dryer for 36 watts.According to many, such a device - it's the best value for money.

Advantages and disadvantages of UV lamps

Reviews of such a device is left consumers both positive and negative.UV drying nail has the following key benefits:

  • wide range of models of different design, power brands.UV lamp without any problem can be purchased in a specialty store or order online.
  • versatility of the device.This lamp is used as a nail professional masters in their work, and many lovers manicure at home.

Despite the obvious advantages, such drying polish, if you believe the reviews, has certain disadvantages:

  • The short life span of fluorescent light bulbs.They generally do not burn, and eventually weaken.As a result, drying nail is insufficiently effective, which affects the final result: it turns out the poor-quality manicure.UV bulb replacement is recommended once every six months, and this is a further, albeit small, costs.
  • Handle UV lamp must be extremely cautious.Observe extreme care in the use and disposal of fluorescent bulbs as robbery, they can release mercury vapor.
  • the polymerization nail in such a device, you may receive an unpleasant burning sensation.However, it is rather linked to individual sensitivity of the skin, so UV-drying may not all fit.

Innovative LED-lamps

The operation of these dryers polish is not the action of ultraviolet rays, and special LEDs.This not only achieved the safety and neenergozatratnost process, but also significantly reduces the drying time of various coatings.So, if for the polymerization of shellac varnish or gel in the UV lamp requires 2-3 minutes, then the LED - only 10-30 seconds.

Pros and cons of LED-lamps for drying nail

majority of consumers are satisfied with the device, and positive feedback confirmation:

  • maximum fast drying coating and high power.
  • Security LED-rays to the nail plate and skin.
  • LED Absence of any chemical components (such as mercury), which means that health and safety in the event of failure of the device is not in danger.
  • absence of pulsation flux.
  • power LEDs over time is not reduced, and if some of them are broken, urgent repairs lamps are not required.

LED-lamps have disadvantages:

  • Not all materials focused on the structure of LED-lamps.This, of course, a significant drawback, especially for the CIS countries, where high-quality gel formulations are not very diverse.For such a lamp is preferable to select materials marked LED.For example gel varnish Gelish company very well polymerized LEDs.
  • high price.

How much is drying nail?

Price depends on the power of the device, the manufacturer and type of lamp.Thus, high-quality UV lamp power 36 watts will cost in the range of 1500-2000 rubles.This price is acceptable, given that it is one-time investment.

LED-lamps are too expensive for many consumers.The average cost of the device with a good capacity of 5000-6000 rubles.Such devices are usually not purchased for use at home and for the prestigious beauty salons.

Choice dryers polish today is huge.Almost every consumer can find a lamp that will meet all his requirements.When choosing a device, you must not only rely on your budget, but also be aware of the problems to be solved with the help of polish lamps.Before you opt for a particular device, be sure to consult with experts.Buy More correctly - and excellent results provided to you!