Socks Pedicure: consumer reviews

Female legs always need special care.This is especially significant in the warm season, when the girls go to the open shoes.Virtually the only way to bring your feet in perfect order - salon pedicure.But, alas, this procedure is quite expensive, and not always have time to visit the salon.

Almost any of us know how to make yourself a pedicure.But some prefer to visit a qualified master, for someone closer pedicure.In recent years become increasingly popular this kind of home pedicure as an acid or chemical peeling.

Modern cosmetology has leaped forward, and make a full pedicure at home is not difficult.You need only to buy a set for a pedicure, which includes a special gel and wear for peeling.

reviews of this wonderful means a lot.They work just fine toes, making the skin soft stop, like a child.The only thing that shocked almost all consumers - the process of cleaning the feet of rough skin.It looks scaly skin, of course, horrible, but it does not cause any pain.

Pedicure socks - one of the fol
lowing chemical peels

Popular socks for peeling, reviews which are very positive, created by Japanese cosmetologists.The procedure itself is very simple.

Its essence lies in the following.The set consists of a special plastic or similar material made of socks and a special gel has a strong exfoliating properties.It is necessary to wear these socks and fill them into the required amount of gel.Next, you need to warm his feet by conventional cotton socks and continue to go about their usual business.The main thing - keep track of time and do not overdo gel mask on her feet.

exfoliating masks socks are complex formulations.At the same time as the components used natural ingredients, so contraindications to the use of these socks almost none.It is necessary to refuse a chemical peel, if the surface there are wounds and stop the damage, such as scratches or fresh corn.

socks for pedicure, which reviews, mainly, enthusiastic, help get rid of corns, calluses dry, heal minor cracks, full stop renewing the skin.The legs look great!

As you can see, the procedure is very simple and really effective.By the way, the socks can be used for pedicure and representatives of the strong half of mankind.Yes, and do not need to sniff!The fact that the acid peeling copes with very rough skin, which is very useful for the feet.

such procedures will help get rid of corns.Dead skin cells create a beneficial environment for the growth of bacteria that cause terrible odor.Pedicure socks completely removed from the surface of the foot the old skin, so you are sure of the smell disappeared.

Main advantages The main advantages of this type of home pedicure should include the following:

  • during the procedure is enhanced lymph flow, which helps to stimulate cellular activity of the skin;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • is a wonderful decongestant effect;
  • happening regulation of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which makes it possible to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet;
  • provided antifungal effect;
  • happening healing cracks.

In addition, the use of pedicure socks - an excellent prevention of this unpleasant disease feet as excessive actinic skin.It also is the most frequent cause of painful abrasions.

How does it work?

In its application socks are very simple.Before you use them, you need to wash your feet thoroughly dry your feet with a towel.

wear socks, previously poured into the required amount of gel.You can already buy socks impregnated with the composition.They are more convenient to use.

Waiting for a certain amount of time (according to the attached instructions).Engaged in farming in them is not very convenient: a gel when walking squelching and legs wrapped in polyethylene wear, slip on the floor surface.

After the allotted time socks should be removed carefully, thoroughly wash the feet and dry them with a towel.That's all.Socks virtually all manufacturers of disposable, so they can be safely discarded.

Choose socks for pedicure

you decide to buy socks for a pedicure?Reviews will help you choose the best option.

Premium Class

Japanese socks for pedicure fall into this category.That Japanese Estheticians have become sponsors of the peeling technique.Products from this manufacturer is traditionally considered the best.

socks for pedicure SOSO - one of the most popular products in the field of cosmetology home.Exfoliation of dead skin occurs under the influence of lactic acid and other active components of the gel.It:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • ceramides;
  • butylene;
  • squalane.

addition of chemical components in there socks and vegetable ingredients: watercress, ivy, sage and soapwort.They, in turn, provides skin hydration and accelerate regeneration.

Pedicure socks SOSU have three different flavors: mint, lavender and rose fragrance.

Budget option

Korean socks for pedicure do not differ from the Japanese counterparts, but cost much less.Popular Tony Moly and Shany Foot.By the way, the Korean version pedicure socks excellent value "price-quality."

Cheap socks for chemical peels

Chinese socks for pedicure refers specifically to the cheapest category of products.Buying Chinese products - always a lottery.Sometimes, for little money you can buy a really quality product, no inferior to premium products.And sometimes - a complete disappointment, so when buying a Chinese socks should rely on existing reviews.

Pedicure socks from Chinese manufacturer are somewhat different from the Japanese counterparts.It should be noted that the Chinese socks strictly limited time (maximum 45 minutes), not too wide component composition.As a rule, water, tocopherol, citrus, cucumber and lavender oil.In addition, the maximum size of socks - the fortieth.

Especially popular are the socks for pedicure Skinlite.Reviews of this Chinese version of the home for the feet peeling the most positive.They do a good job with the coarsened skin of feet and calluses.

Besides socks Skinlite help to improve skin elasticity, making it more elastic.Socks nice to show themselves and to combat excessive sweating, regulating the work of the sweat glands.

At the heart of the product is citrus and glycolic acid to help safely deliver the foot of the "dead" skin.A further part of the gel present in extracts of apple and papaya effectively soften and moisturize the skin surface after the procedure.

extract from chamomile, which is a part of Chinese pedicure socks, helps to soothe the skin.Although socks for pedicure Skinlite reviews of the application are only positive, they show one small flaw size.These socks can not be used by women and men, having a size of more than a foot of the fortieth number.


As part pedicure socks there are various components.This acid extracts and oils of plants so they are contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • existing on the surface of the foot skin disorders.