Moon manicure gel polish.

Fashion returns to the style of previous years.This applies both to clothing, shoes and nail polish.And so it was revived moon manicure.It is truly unique, and his name is very suitable application method.So what is it - the moon manicure?It is made only in the full moon, or any certain days?

History coating

No, the moon here at all and.It's all in the bottom of the nail - lunula, very similar to the moon, which overturned.Moon manicure gel polish is very original looks on nails: lunula strongly emphasized, which use special master stencils.That is the moon manicure.

He appeared in about 1940.Foreigners call it "coating of Dior", as Christian Dior gave this idea a second life in 2007, at a fashion show presenting their models on nails that "adorned" the coating.It can still be called "Hollywood french manicure", because he really liked the many "stars" female.

Moon manicure gel polish your hands at home

Why do it at home if you can go and do a manicure at the salon?First, you need to call, s

ign, wait in line, that is, there is a waste of time.Secondly, if you cover your nails in the salon, the price for this service will be 500-600 rubles., And maybe more.If you want to nail something such "draw" or even lay out a tidy sum.

order to make moon manicure at home itself, you need to buy only the most necessary things.The first - a UV lamp.The price for it varies depending on the store, but it can be found for 1000-1500 p.

second - gel nail.For this procedure, sell special kits, which cost about 350 rubles.Color nail depend on where a manicure, so to speak, more "targeted".If hired, then it will be pastel colors, white or chocolate.If holiday, then something extraordinary, such as gold on a black background.

Third, elementary hygiene.Now you know how to disinfect the cabin all the necessary tools?Ask masters useless.And if everything is sterile or not - you never know.So, we develop a new method.If you have no idea about how to make moon manicure gel polish step by step, the stuff listed hints and tips to help you learn it.

Required items

  • lamp.
  • Single-phase gels, varnishes.
  • coverings: basic and finish.
  • wool or cotton pads.
  • Liquids for removal: gel lacquer and the adhesive layer.
  • stencils.
  • Sequins, crystals and other items to decorate nails.

selection of lamps

If you go buy a lamp in a specialty store or ask about it in the cabin, you are likely to lash out "with three boxes": they say, the more powerful the better, and powerful and are more expensive.For one you can buy the device at 9 watts.

On gel lacquers there is an inscription, which indicates that they are kept for 2-3 minutes.However, we should remember that it is more suitable for the salon, because the procedure is faster, the more customers.And you only need to slightly increase the time: 4-5 minutes.The result will be absolutely identical.

Selecting combinations of tones

Alternating Gel is fine, to make moon manicure gel polish in a home.On sale are relatively inexpensive paints.Using them is simple: the same as usual, then just a little bit to hold a lamp.You can take one tone paint and try.

If you liked the "fruits" of your efforts, it is already possible to buy coverage that will turn your manicure salon in creation.Experts advise to do well lighter than the background.It is not necessary to combine matte and gloss varnishes.But if the base is painted glossy and hole - metal, it looks luxurious.

advantageous looks such combinations (A - Hole O - base):

  • L - silver or gold, Oh - black or white.
  • L - silver or white, Oh - blue, turquoise, aquamarine.
  • L - white, gold, Oh - purple, red.
  • L - chocolate, Oh - beige

Moon manicure steps

desired object: database, 2 multi-colored varnish, stencils, paint fixing.
Nail made bath, the excess cuticle and the nail is removed, the nail file to shape.It is best to make an oval shape of the nail.It should be borne in mind that the moon manicure visually "shorten" the nail.

  • nail base is covered in a single layer, and then - basic varnish.
  • per well applied stencil.
  • second nail covered with varnish.
  • stencil is removed.
  • fixing varnish is applied.

And what to do if there is no stencil?You can use tape, or draw all the same, only instead of the stencil will need a thin brush.Repeat steps 2-3, then brush with a second lacquer carefully mark the boundaries of the "moon" and paint it, do not forget about a fixer.

Tear foil

Moon manicure gel lacquer is still using foil:

  1. objects: base, zakreplyuschy lacquer, gel varnish transfer foil and glue for her, means for degreasing, lamp.
  2. Nails processed degreased nail plate.
  3. base coat is applied and dried by the lamp.
  4. Apply gel varnish and dried.Then fixer - and again dried.
  5. foil is cut into small pieces.
  6. the nail glue is applied to the foil, which must dry.
  7. Pieces of foil applied to the places with the adhesive side of the mat.
  8. smoothed foil, and then abruptly breaks away from the nail.
  9. Fix the varnish.


your nails to bring you more joy, and attracted the attention of your friends and acquaintances who need a variety of decorating moon manicure gel polish, design thus involves the use of all sorts of "frills."

It's very simple: add some sparkles - and voila, a completely different look.Covered or the entire nail or some of the parts are usually well.It is possible to draw some patterns: flowers, stars, cobweb, a fan, a sign of Chanel, butterfly and so on. D. Or glue decorative acrylic ladybug.

If you select both very well, and the edge of the nail, you get some combination of: jacket + moon manicure "in one bottle."To make such a design, a stencil is applied to the nail hole and on the edge.

Moon manicure gel lacquer is a vast field for all sorts of experiments, starting with combining different colors and a variety of pumping some jewelry.Incidentally, the "moon" can be turned the other way, it will look very interesting.