Gel polish without drying in the lamp: truth and fiction

grooming concept consists of a variety of factors.An integral component of this category are well-groomed hands and beautiful manicure.Women's hands do the work of the household, which often leads to disastrous results: flaking nails, brittle, dry cuticles and it is impossible to have a beautiful manicure.It should be noted that conventional nail varnishes desiccated platinum hold significantly less.Knowing all these difficulties, manufacturers of nail have proposed an innovative solution - a symbiosis of gel and varnish.

facility and was called: gel nail.On the one hand, it has the qualities of the gel coating to simulate the nails - protects the surface from damage physical and chemical.On the other hand, the gel-coating, which does not require drying Fitting Your bottle in place, has a maximum similarity with a conventional lacquer, allowing it to be applied at home.To use it requires no special skills.

advantages of gel polish

main advantage - lasting saturated color for 3-4 weeks.As mentio

ned above, the coating is easily applied and removed in the home.Manufacturers gel coatings developed the broadest palette of colors from translucent pearl to rich black interspersed with Shimmer, covering all the beauty of the game can be seen on the photo.Fingernails gel lacquer makes manicured, strong and healthy, allow the passage of the regeneration process.Unlike acrylic and gel masses for modeling, gel varnish does not require pre-washed down the nail plate, which causes its deformation and thinning.Gel polish without drying in the tube does not polymerize, respectively, does not attain the hardness and strength.

Shellac of CND and In'Garden So naturally

Shellac by CND - the first in this category.Leading positions he could take, not only due to the fact that the first new product released to the market, but also the fact that during the existence of high-quality preserved.Nail art experts note that a sufficient density of the material makes it possible to obtain a rich and smooth color with the first layer.

CND manufactures its products in containers of 7.3 ml, which allows you to perform 15-20 application.For home use as required Product Remover - means for removal of gel polish.

distinctive feature In'Garden So naturally is the availability of medicinal natural ingredients.Furthermore, unlike Shellac In'Garden consistency does not change with time.At home, experts recommend to be used together with the base and the top In'Garden Gelish Harmony, that will greatly facilitate the removal procedure.The presence of natural ingredients has its consequences.After removing the nail plate may become an unpleasant yellowish tint.

Color Couture by Entity One and Jessica Geleration

addition to low cost, Color Couture has become popular due to its ability to self-leveling and filling of cracks.Its development was carried out specifically for the home environment, so consistency means ergonomic bottle brush and make use of the convenient, even for non-professionals.

Gel polish from Entity One - is more than 140 tones of varying degrees of saturation, bright and muted, cold and warm, pearl and shiny.Another inexpensive gel lacquer, which found mixed reviews.Low cost given him popularity, however inconvenient brush and the inability of some colors to keep the shape substantially lowered his ratings.Another disadvantage lies in the shape of the bottle, which allows the gel to dry up over time.

Axxium OPI and Lidan Gel Polish

Axxium OPI has earned the title of the best from the perspective of strengthening the gel nails.In home use should be prepared for the fact that it is quite capricious, if not drying can give uneven coating.Time socks in most cases does not exceed 10 days.Little Secrets divided manicure - extend the life of Axxium OPI will touch up paint from the usual OPI, which has a similar color palette.Cheap

gel coatings company offered Lidan Gel Polish, the cost varies between 250-350 rubles.At such a low price nail gel has sufficiently high levels of resistance and is able to stay on the nails about 14 days.For bright and saturated colors need to impose at least three layers, each of which must be dried.After three months, the liquid in the bottle acquires a consistency which makes it unsuitable for application.After removing the nail plate can exfoliate and yellow.

Gel Polish from KRIMLE

Gel Polish - the two-phase gel varnish, which is used to apply a comprehensive tool that combines the properties of the base and the top.Get rich, vivid color can be the first layer.Special love and popularity earned through shelf life for 5 years.

production gel lacquer is carried out in the US pharmaceutical factory, where with great delicacy relate to health issues.Over time, the gel nail polish does not alter the texture and retains the average density.All the beauty of this coating can be seen on the photo.Nails nail gel is not adversely affected, which has been proven in the laboratory.Furthermore, it does not cause allergic reactions.

Fortified gel lacquer without drying lamp - Myth or Reality?

With care about their customers manicure promgiganty has another novelty.Fortified gel lacquer without drying in the lamp, according to experts, most relate to the category of high-quality coatings.Cosmetic products on the market released just three companies - Limoni, Brigitte-Bottier and Deborah lippmann.Currently gel lacquer without drying in the tube can not bear the full title of "gel nail" as greatly inferior to him in the matter of longevity manicure.