"Gradient" gel varnish: a master class.

manicure has always been considered a "second person" of the woman.After all, your hands and nails can give out that information about a person who conceals cosmetics.Currently, there are many ways of processing marigold.This article focuses on how to apply manicures "gradient" gel varnish.Master class will be described below.You will learn what the advantages of such a manicure.It is also able to figure out how to make it as spectacular.

Pros cover "gradient" gel polishes

Workshop, photos and a detailed description of the procedure, you can read further.To get started is to say that such a manicure allows you to mask some of the shortcomings of women's hands.If your nails are not completely flat surface, then this technique will make it the most invisible.

manicure "gradient" is able to visually lengthen or shorten the fingers.It all depends on the direction in which to apply shading.This coating allows for a long time not to go to beauty salons for correction.Gel polish able to delight in its

beauty more than one month.At the same time in the material did not affect domestic work.

If you decide to save money and create your own manicure "gradient" gel paints, master class should be studied in advance.You will need some tools, which are sold in specialized points.This could include a variety of color bases varnishes, base, finishing layer, ultraviolet lamp, brushes and nail file.Consider how to make the most spectacular manicure "gradient" gel lacquer (master class).

First step: preparing the plate

If you have accrued nails, it is first necessary to make a correction.When the plate is genuine, first to cut the top layer of a nail and make the surface more rough.This will help the gel to obtain a stronger adhesion.

Take non-rigid nail file or buff.Carefully top layer of sawdust plate.Then you need to apply a primer.Some women do without this tool.However, in this case nail plate must be very dry.The primer dries and prepares the surface for further ground.He quickly dried in the air.

Second step: the imposition base

«Gradient» Gel lacquer (master class continued) involves the use of the base.Most often it takes a clear, but may be tinged with pink (masking).Apply a thin layer of means, as if rubbing it into the surface of the claw.Then dry the fingers in the ultraviolet lamp 2 to 5 minutes.

The third step: the creation of color

Manicure "gradient" gel lacquer (master class in front of you) created in several ways.It may be vertical or horizontal application of coating colors.Also recently become very popular manicure "abstraction gradient."Gel lacquer (master class will be described below) to create such effects are very convenient.All because of the fact that it does not dry out in the air, and you can proceed to complete the nail only after all the decorating.

first option

Apply two bands on the nail plate.After that, take the brush size 0, and gently blend the transition.After each stroke, wipe the instrument thoroughly with a napkin.Make sure that it does not remain the villi.

second option

Apply the selected colors for a manicure at the wells.Use a dry sponge and press it to the scheme.After transferring the color tool gently pat his nails.Be prepared that after such a coating would be stained skin around the plate.Remove excess color can be with a conventional degreaser.

Fourth step: drying and finishing layer

When all the design is complete, it is necessary to dry the nails in the tube for five minutes each finger.You can then cover the final gel manicure or fixing varnish.This layer may also be subjected to drying.

So, you now know how to do a manicure "gradient" gel varnish.Master class steps described in this article.Examine it carefully and start to create beauty.I wish you success in this difficult task!