An interesting idea is the French manicure

Marigold handle and women are its hallmark.Beautiful and well-groomed fingers have to communicate and establish contacts.It is absurd to look like the fair sex with a ton of makeup on her face and dirty fingernails.This image alienate perhaps each person.Currently, there are many ways to decorate the nail plate and to create glamorous manicure.You can go to a specialized beauty treatment or work on them at home.This article will describe the ideas of the French

manicure.At home, they bring to life is not always easy, but it is possible.For this you will need some tools.

Interesting ideas French manicure

If you visit the beauty salon, the wizard will give you a lot of samples, from which you can select a suitable design.A few years ago the idea of ​​a French manicure nails short or long plate was limited.Masters use only one color - white.It is this shade covered the tip, and the rest of the plate remained natural.

With time, new trends and directions.Currently, there are the ideas of the French manicure with crystals or liquid stones.Marigold cover two or three shades.In recent years, the increasing popularity got a French manicure with elements of the gradient.Also, the allocation of the top hole is a new model of the coating.Consider in detail what are the ideas of the French manicure.Photos of some models you can find in the article.

Classic Design

This idea is the French manicure is the most simple.To create it you need stencils or thin brush.You can use not only white color, but any solid color.In recent years become very fashionable matte and glossy colors.Be sure to consider your outfit, under which selected manicure.

Using stencils and brush cover the lower part of the claw.Hole for each finger must be the same size and shape.Once dry, apply lacquer finishing transparent layer.

Manicure in several tiers

There is another new-fangled idea of ​​a French manicure.To create such a masterpiece, you will need several shades of nail polish and thin brush.If necessary, use stencils.

Covering nail need from the middle of the plate.After applying the first layer is to wait it dry completely.Such levels can be 2 or 3. More not necessary to create.Otherwise, the design is very cumbersome.When one below the other you apply colors, carefully dry the varnish.Only after that can be applied to the anchor layer.I do not think that this idea of ​​a French manicure is just youth.With proper selection of colors you can create a very strict style.

Color Design

There is another original way to do a French manicure.In this case, typically two or three selectable between a combined hue.First you need to pick up a foundation.It will cover the entire nail plate.Apply the paint as you do it normally, and thoroughly dry it.

next step is to create a contrast "smile."With this you can use stencils for a smoother edge.Remember that the work should be initially performed well.You will not be able to erase or correct uneven "smile" as the main color has already been done.

Making the tip of the nail can be performed in several stages using the same method as described above.Remember that all shades have a good harmony with each other.

Double french

This idea is the French manicure has appeared relatively recently.For its creation, you will need to draw not only the lower tip of the claw, but also draw the upper well.Choose two or three colors that perfectly match each other and are suitable to your outfit.Then cover the main range of the plate and dry it.

Next you need to draw the upper part of the claw.For this Draw well off the ground.This element is present in every human being.If you look closely to the nail plate uncovered, be sure to see the outline of the hole.After applying the color layer of varnish to dry and continue decorating.

Scroll to the bottom of the claw.Many women prefer to use a thin strip, as the focus is attracting the top of the nail plate.Not very effectively would look piled on each other elements with minimal color base.In the end, apply a layer of transparent fixing.

Additional decorations

French manicure can be decorated in festive style.In this case, the master propose to use additional ornaments.This can be rhinestones, sequins, stones, liquid, foil and much more.Then play your imagination is not limited by anything.However, it is worth remembering that the color of the bottom "smile" should perfectly match with ornaments.

If you create a classic white nail polish, it can be decorated with beige or silver sequins.When choosing a steel shades are perfect for large stones with a pre-cut loomed.Pearl tone nails tips perfectly complement the glitter and sequins.All decorative elements must sit down on a special adhesive.After that is covered ornaments final layer of varnish and dry it.

gradient style

very impressive and looks stylish French manicure with elements of the gradient.At first glance it seems that this design only by the master.However, this is not so.You can easily perform the decor in the home.You will need two colors of paint and sponge to apply powder.

Stick the stencil on the lower part of a nail plate and cover with the rest of the two shades.Between them there must be a clear border.Thoroughly dry tone and continue to create shading.To do this, take the wells and put on her chosen color.Mix the border using the orange stick or DOTS.While the paint has dried, you need to quickly create a transition wet sponge and print it on the nail plate.If necessary, repeat the manipulation and add french decorative elements.


you now know the original and interesting ideas of the French manicure.Photo of some finished models you can find in the article.Create a beautiful coat and experiment on their appearance.Strive for excellence and be beautiful!