"Yellow nail polish": ideas and ways of creation

Every day hundreds of women are manipulated to help them look their best.Not the last step in the care of a manicure is.Currently, there are many design options.This may be a classic one-color coat, jacket, abstract, gradient, crystals and stones, and more.You should always choose the design so that it was combined with a major way.In this article you will learn about the yellow manicure.You will find some ideas of creation of such design and be able to get acquainted with the technique of execution.

What nails will look good manicure yellow?

This coating is ideal for office strict style and flirtatious way.Yellow manicure can decorate fingers women aged or schoolgirl.Covering the same looks good on long and short marigolds.

also does not matter the shape and material of the nail plate.It can be sharp or square gel nail tips, natural nails long or short natural.Yellow manicure can decorate the fingers of even the most capricious person.It is only necessary to choose the right tone and design.Bel

ow you can see some embodiments of the coating.


French manicure with yellow varnish can be very restrained.To create a classic tunic you will need a thin brush yellow paint suitable tone and fixer.

to start all Trim nails so that they have the same length.Then wipe the plate degreaser or nail polish remover.Take the yellow color and dip into it a thin brush.Then create on the tip of each claw beautiful "smile".When the coating is dry, apply the final layer.

If you have this option seems to be very low-key, you can decorate your nails with the help of sequins.The material may be yellow or any contrasting color.Sprinkle glitter on the planchette, and dip them in the ends of the fingers.It must be done as long as the varnish is not completely dry.Then dry spray and cover with a transparent fixative.

Trendy bars

Very original look manicure with yellow stripes.To create a color coat, you can choose green, red, pink and other shades.All of them are perfectly combined with yellow.

to visually lengthen the nail bed, apply strokes vertically.To expand the plates create horizontal strokes.In order lines were straight, use stencils or plain paper tape.Apply the material on the nail and apply one color.Dry paint and repeat the procedure with a different scheme.At the end of a transparent cover nails fixer.

Additional elements (ornaments)

manicure with yellow varnish can vary many sequins, stones and means for decoration.Select the appropriate tone and cover the nails.Wait for the moment when the base is completely dry.After that, you can start drawing and decorative application tools.

All rhinestones and large stones should be superimposed on a special adhesive.Only in this case the design will be kept.If you are using a massaging jets, then it should be done when the paint is not yet dried out.Any shapes and swirls paint can be black, red, green and any other color.

gradient yellow or abstraction

This type of coverage is increasingly gaining popularity.Into each other colors look very impressive and unusual.You can choose several different shades of yellow, or use contrasting colors.

Apply a few drops of nail polish on the mosaic.Then lightly oil the border with a brush or wand.Take sponge and firmly attach it to the mixture for a few seconds.A quick movement of the hand to print a range of nail plate.Remove excess color from the skin and repeat the procedure on the remaining fingers.

Summary and small

opinion article you learned some ideas yellow manicure.Remember that the color does not have to be bright and flashy.Often yellow tones can be classified as pastel.You can choose a range of soft, bright, acidic and so on.Experiment with your nails and grab something that is right for you.

coating can be applied not only to paint, and paint.Also very popular in recent years gel varnish.These substances require specific materials for the application.However, the design is kept very long.Beautiful manicure in this case, will delight you with not less than one month.

If desired, you can go to a beauty salon, where you will make the original yellow manicure.However, the described designs are very simple, and virtually every woman can make them yourself.I wish you success!