Manicure Purple: how to create and ideas

At present, almost every woman uses a nail design.This allows you to look the fairer sex is even more impressive and attractive.This article will tell you how to do a manicure purple.It is worth noting that the range of the new season is very fashionable.Wear manicure with purple paint can afford young and extravagant person and strict lady, welcoming style office.Consider a few ways to create a design in the home.

monochromatic coating

If you stick to strict style, the purple manicure to do monotonous.To do this, remove the file off the excess cuticle and nails.Then carefully degrease the plate and apply a thin layer of varnish.

to manicure was more durable and bright, it is necessary to cover the nails for the second time.Wait until completely dry and apply a color fixative.If you want to decorate manicure set up, you can use purple for a few shades lighter base.They need to outline the lower portion of the claw-type tunic.Similarly, you can enroll with the top of the plate, selecting hole.

Violet abstraction

very effectively looks yellow-purple manicure.To create a design "abstraction", you'll need some toothpicks or a needle for sewing.

Cover purple nail varnish.After that, wait for the complete drying of the color and proceed to further processing.Apply a drop of yellow varnish in the middle of the plate.Top place a smaller portion of the violet hue.Next, take a toothpick and Draw different lines.This can be a spiral design, vertical or horizontal stripes.When the design of the nail is finished, move on to the next finger clearance.Finally, apply a clear varnish for fixing.

Naughty point

Manicure Purple does not have to be dark and gloomy.You can create a fun cover.To do this, take the appropriate shade of nail and select multiple contrasting colors.It goes well with purple blue, green, yellow, silver and other colors.

Cover plate purple palette.After that, take the DOTS and dip it in a contrasting color.Put a few major points to provide coverage.Then turn the DOTS at the side to work.Dip the tools in purple and supported the points put smaller circles.If desired, you can perform several tiers of such registration.Do not forget to apply a fixer at the end of work.

Rubbing sequin

Manicure purple, made in the technique of rubbing, very solemn look.To do this you will need transparent varnish and glitter purple.The shade of the bulk material can be plain or holographic.

Apply nail varnish and transparent wait a few seconds.After that, sprinkle glitter, and finger plate rub them into the cover.You can completely cover the nails or select specific areas for clearance.Finally, apply a thin layer of fixing varnish.


If you want to get a nice transition between colors, use gradient technique.To do this you need two shades of purple.Take the dark and light tones.This will make the picture more vivid and contrasting.Also prepare a sponge to apply foundation or powder.You'll need to apply color to the plate.

Cover the nail in two colors, creating between them a vertical or horizontal border.Then place the same colors on a palette and mix them abroad.Attach the prepared sponge to the mass and quickly printed on the plate.Remove excess color from the skin and repeat with the remaining nails manipulation.

Conclusion Now that you know how to do a manicure purple.Do not be discouraged if at first you could not.Over time you will learn to create their masterpieces on the claw.Experiment with a manicure and a color palette, choose a bright or pastel colors.Be always in the spotlight!