Gift of a man on New Year's Eve

new year for many - while waiting for something miraculous, in anticipation of gifts and celebration.Shops pleasing to the eye space discounts and a variety of assortment, and people bought, bought, bought gifts for their loved ones.If a gift for children and mothers, sisters or girlfriend problems, as a rule, does not occur, then to get a good gift to the man in the New Year, have a lot of hard work.A woman will certainly be like another jar of cream, a mask or oil for the body, but the opposite sex that is not obradueshsya.

What are gifts for the New Year a man?They can be divided into several categories:

  1. Clothing.Traditional gift to the man in the New Year (and not only) - is socks and underwear.Default, as it is a welcome and enjoyable.But a good, warm and fashionable sweater can come to mind.As an option - to give him warm gloves, a scarf, a good shirt, suit and tie even.The main thing is not to be mistaken with the size - to take into account not only the width but also Rostovka.Sweater with
    short sleeves, or, conversely, very long, hardly anyone is able to please.And, of course, must take into account the tastes bestow.If he has a couple of dozen different colored shirts and heels, another winter scarves, most of which he had not worn even once, the next article of clothing will be at least inappropriate.
  2. Haberdashery and watch.A good gift for the New Year a man - a purse, briefcase, business card holder, bag for documents, belt, umbrella and so on.It is advisable not to save and buy nice clothes.Substandard kind of lose a couple of months, they will be cracks and fissures.Watches, especially expensive, now you can give as a business accessory giving weight to the owner.
  3. Hobby.The best gifts for men on New Year's - the ones that will fit their interests.If he collects caps, beer glasses or posters times of the Soviet Union about the dangers of alcohol - another instance of the collection it certainly will appreciate.Fishing, hunting, hiking also give room for imagination: new spinning or tripod for fishing soup, garden chair, a thermos, a blanket, tent, awning, jar.Just go to a specialty store and choose a gift for his pocket.If the family keeps the garden or the garden, you can take a new trimmer, screwdriver, grinder, electric planer, tool box (of course provided that a man will use all of these).
  4. car.Subject accessories for this "iron horse" is truly inexhaustible, new seat covers, "skunk" -aromatizatory on a string, and heated seat massager, oil, tools, mat, video recorder, radio, radar detector, breathalyzer, new wheels or winter /summer tires, battery charger, removable roof rack, a set of care salon, Cleaners, powered by the cigarette lighter.As you can see, a lot of variants.
  5. Alcohol and cigarettes.The most popular gift to the man in the New Year.Of course, we are not talking about a pack of "Balkan Star" and a bottle of tincture of hawthorn.If alcohol is expensive wines in an unusual package or aged brandy.If the cigarette is too expensive brands or cigars.You can give the phone to her and tobacco.The only thing - you need to be sure that man does not belong to the category of non-drinking, non-smoking or encoded.
  6. Other gifts.Vitamins for health promotion.Tickets for concerts, exhibitions or sports.Mobile phones and computer accessories - mouse, camera for Skype, USB-souvenirs.
  7. pretty popular means for body care.These include shower gels, razors, rechargeable toothbrushes, shaving foam, hair removal machines from ears and nose (trimmers), toilet waters.