Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr): Biography, parameters and personal life figure (photo)

Australia "rich" in the beautiful and talented young women, many of whom became world-famous singer, actress and model.One of them - Miranda Kerr.It is many times the most recognized sexual and desirable woman on the planet.Miranda was known as the angel of the show «Victoria's Secret» and as the wife of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.This girl did not just become the heroine of the various scandals recently became a mother, and she was separated from her husband.Let's learn more about this extraordinary person, because so many young girls want to be like her!


Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney on April 20 in 1983.Her beauty is "the result of" mixing of several nationalities: the girl runs in English, French, Scottish and Filipino blood.Future celebrity grew up in the small town of Gunnedah in New South Wales.There the family had a farm where little Miranda Kerr looked after horses.In addition to her family still have a younger brother.

Early career Like many other models, pre-Miranda did

not choose a path model.Initially, she wanted to become a nutritionist and has devoted time to this task.

In 13 years (in 1996) Miranda Kerr wins for the first time in the competition model, called Australian Nation-Wide Model Search, which organizes such publications as Dolly Magazine and Impulse Fragrances.The prize for the winner was a photo shoot posted on the magazine cover.It should be noted that Miranda's young age (she was then 14 years old) made a lot of noise.Many suspected organizers of child pornography.However, due to the riposte of the Miranda scandal was avoided.

path to fame

Actually, Kerr's professional career began in 2004 when she posed for the campaign with the participation of photographer Eric Sebag-Meier brand Ober Jeans Paris.

then had a job in his native Australia, in Asia.This recognition comes after Miranda cooperation with the brand Billabong.After that she was invited to work in New York.Then it comes to a contract with Next, then with Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine Swimwear, Levi's, Maybelline and others.

Miranda became Angel

The real success comes to the girl after the signing of the contract with Victoria's Secret - now Miranda became a full-fledged angelworld-renowned show.It should be noted that Kerr was the first Australian in the ranks of models of this fashion house.

From 2006 to 2012, Miranda was one of the leading models of Victoria's Secret, it passes on the catwalk at the annual show is always accompanied by the rapid expression of emotion on the part of the present guests (male, of course).During this time, Kerr appeared on the covers of such renowned publications as Vogue Espana, Rolling Stone Australia Magazine, Harper's Bazaar Australia, Glamour, Vogue Turkey, Elle Korea, and others.

Outside Miranda

girl with an angelic face - so you can say about Miranda.She surprisingly comely, baby face, funny dimples and radiant, piercing look.This is complemented by excellent hair, of which a model is usually does some fancy hairstyles - a loose, well-arranged curls.And what parameters have Miranda Kerr?

Weight girl of 52 kg.Its parameters - 84-60-86 (almost perfect).Interestingly, even pregnancy and childbirth could not spoil her perfect body.Within 4 months after the appearance of a baby born Miranda was back "in service": she went to the podium to display clothing Balenciaga.In the front row sat her husband with her mother - to provide moral support.How has the growth of Miranda Kerr?Its growth is 175 cm. Not surprisingly, with such parameters girl looks like a porcelain figurine.


Also impressive appearance, perfect sexy figure, the model has an excellent sense of taste.Almost all of it, "bows" flawless, pictured Miranda always looks neat, collected, with perfect makeup and hairstyle.

She was lucky because she can afford to put on any clothes.Miranda did not have to hide or emphasize - her perfect figure does not need it.Therefore, the model can be seen in skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and short dresses and skirts "to the floor."At the solemn event as Miranda almost always wears evening, long dresses.With accessories girl did not replay, picks them quite harmoniously.

Dresses Miranda Kerr may be red, yellow and white colors.If they are longer, while the cut is sure to be tall or deep neckline.He loves model and short dresses that are beneficial to emphasize her flawless legs.

In general, any image of Miranda - a laconic combination of well-chosen items.In her wardrobe there are shorts, skirts and trousers made of genuine leather, which she combines with fine blouses and jackets.As for shoes, it can be studs, ballerinas, sneakers, shoes with stable heels, loafers.So dress Miranda Kerr.Style it fits the definition of "modern" classics.

Life model

This bright girl can not be without a fan.Up Orlando Bloom Miranda met a guy like Adrian Kameleri.He was engaged in financial fraud, for which he was arrested.Miranda herself has also suffered, as on the advice of her boyfriend failed to invest money.Needless to say that this relationship between the two ended.

then had an affair with a musician (Jay Lyon), which lasted until 2007.After breaking Miranda twisted love with a handsome Orlando Bloom.Only in July 2010, the pair announced their intention to marry in August of the same year.By the time Miranda was already pregnant with their first child.The boy was born on 6 January 2011 in the presence of his father.Later, Kerr said that the birth was long and complex, and without the support of her husband she would not have happened.

inner world

Miranda seriously professes Buddhism.She meditates every day and sings songs of power.I am convinced that matter, what thoughts and feelings of a person lives depends on the quality of his life.In addition, the model has recently written a book entitled "Appreciate yourself" (autobiographical product).

In it she addresses issues such as self-esteem and love women themselves to themselves.Miranda is also convinced that their weaknesses, shortcomings can be turned into dividends, which will enrich the life of every girl.Kerr's pretty clear, simple and wise brings readers his thoughts.And she argues that harmony, sports, healthy food and a full-care - the foundation of a successful life of a modern woman.

manifests itself in the book of Miranda and as a mother.She believes that children themselves must make a choice about their future.

Miranda Kerr: photo, her life today

Today it is no longer an angel of Victoria's Secret.The contract was terminated by its own initiative.She was not his wife, and Orlando Bloom.The couple decided to give up, but keep a friendly relationship for the sake of the son - they regularly meet to three time.Why do guys went, remained a mystery to the general public.Among the reasons were the treachery, and financial insolvency Bloom, and other rumors.Rather, the relationship simply outlived their usefulness after 7 years of existence.

But Miranda was sad alone, and then she attributed novels with different celebrities.According to rumors, her heart now occupied by Australian billionaire James Packer by name (he 46 years old and she 31).The man - a media mogul, divorced, has 3 children from a previous marriage.Recently, he got into a fight on the beach with another rich man, too millionaire.They say that the reason for fights former friends (!) Became the Heartbreakers Miranda, but she herself is the news has not commented.

model has also produced its own line of organic cosmetics, she is engaged in projects for Mango and other famous brands.Miranda lives in New York, a lot of work, and even tries to sing.She still regularly ranked in the ratings of a variety of the most beautiful, sexy and desirable women on the planet.