The universal thing - waisted shirt

shirt - a universal thing in the locker room.It goes well with pants, skirts, it can be worn under a jacket or on their own and wear a vest.A special attraction of the figure adds waisted shirt, which is perfectly suitable for both women and men.


trend models like the silhouette emphasize the athletic body of young guys, so the shape it is necessary to watch.From season to season clothing manufacturers are changing color and texture of the fabric, but the cut in the last few years is maintained unchanged.Form-fitting shirts do not lose their relevance, since the attached figure manly shape and favorably distinguish the shoulders of any width.The advantage of this cut is the fact that while driving without distracting from the thing waistband.

The fitted jacket - not only a stylish item of clothing, but also a convenient type of clothing.Her worn tucked into pants when general appearance should be given a more formal and solemn character.This option is usually emphasize the accessories, such

as cufflinks, tie.It is also run by the shirt in the event that the top coat is provided.

wearing a suit made model with long sleeves, but modern fashion trends demolish the usual stereotypes and offer all sorts of combinations.In any case, waisted shirt perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure of his master, and create a unique image in a formal setting or on vacation.


choosing the model for all occasions, it should be remembered that the same style may have different forms depending on the material.For example, the business environment is better to choose from a form-fitting shirt for men Cotton matte appearance, solemnity of the moment emphasize the model of mothers with the tide, and for unwinding during the warmer months is perfect linen, cotton or silk version.The shade is chosen individually considering tsvetotipa appearance.Stylish, form-fitting shirt to help look dignified manner absolutely in any situation.


features female figure always worth emphasizing.It's no wonder they say - beautiful half of humanity.So, even when at work or school in a formal setting, special attention should be paid to appropriate tailoring clothes.Women form-fitting shirt - fit for such purposes.Profitable placing accents, cut them comfortably rests on the figure.

What goes?

As is the case with the male model, ladies' stylish, form-fitting shirt perfectly with the suit, bringing the official image of the touch of femininity with loose trousers or jeans, skirts of different cut and shorts.They are appropriate in any situation, whether it is a working day or a party.

way, often immediately after the office has to go to a meeting with friends or a romantic date.The fitted jacket is the best adapted to this situation.It is only necessary to add accessories: such as chiffon scarf or bright jewelry, stylish handbag or clutch.A little lipstick luscious colors, voluminous curls seductive, unbuttoned the top buttons of the gate - and the image becomes romantic.

jacket in this case also does not become a hindrance.It can not completely putting just throw on the shoulders.Wearing a plaid shirt over a shirt or T-shirt combined with shorts or loose jeans can easily create a style that is suitable for a holiday with friends.Silk model, tucked in his belt pencil skirt, seductive silhouette accentuate the female figure, and in the ensemble with pumps will create an unforgettable view.

small conclusion

The fitted jacket - is an indispensable item of clothing, with which you can collect all sorts of images in any stylistic direction.The main thing - to choose the right size and quality cut, which sits perfectly on a figure, emphasizing its advantages and attracting admiring glances.In the wardrobe women and men have to be more slim line models, which are made of various tissues and have a short and a long sleeve.A variety of models will facilitate the daily difficult choice.