Manicure "Lunar jacket" (photo)

desire to look stylish, from hairstyles to the tips of the nails, the girls laid down somewhere on the genetic level.And by the way, the choice of manicure is sometimes quite difficult.Lunar jacket will appeal to those who can not decide with existing design.It's all the rage!

What is it?

Lunar jacket - is the original French manicure where the smile line stands out not by the free edge and near the cuticle.This kind of design got its name because of the location.Lunula - it is small, 2 mm, near the cuticle portion of a nail, which is visible to the naked eye.

When gained popularity?

Initially lunar jacket appeared at the end of the last century, but it was quickly forgotten about as nail industry is undergoing significant change.But just a few years ago, he again came into vogue.Dita Von Teese, the famous lover of retro, began to decorate their nails.Lunar jacket at the same time began to appear more and more models have the world's catwalks.So this type of design was revived in modern times.

Classic version

There are only two broad categories of this type of manicure in color - a classic and colorful moon nail art.That first version was in demand in the thirties of the past century.What is it?Lunula not colored varnish, leaving the natural color, while the rest of the nail plate stands a bright color.Lunar jacket (pictured above) in a classic performance is quite simple.

technology implementation

Manicure require only a few components:

  • bright varnish;
  • base and top;
  • stencils for tunic.

If necessary, the first nails trimmed or sawed.After this foundation covered with a transparent fast drying very thin layer.When it dries out and will cease to stick, paste stencil.This is done in the same way as the conventional classic French manicure, just near the cuticle, and not at the free edge.Nail plate coated with a bright varnish.If necessary, two or three layers.When the paint is dry, the stencil is removed.Ready Lunar jacket cover top.Or clear varnish, unless otherwise fixer.

Moon fan

This kind of design is done in two colors: one for the lunula, the other - to the nail bed.Color lunar jacket (pictured above) has become popular just a few years ago - in 2009.And it looks great.Masters nail service each time trying to improve this manicure.Lunar jacket (photo given as an example of the possible color combinations) is as simple as the classic version.

technology implementation fun

be required:

  • two color lacquer;
  • base and top;
  • round or patterned stencils.

Marigold gently opilivaem that was beautiful and suitable form.Excess dust whisked.Nail plate coated with a thin layer of foundation so that it is quickly dried out.First apply a base color that was selected.After its drying paste stencils.Smoothly and symmetrically in all marigolds.The second color overlap area near the cuticle - lunula.And when it dries, gently remove the stencil and design fix top.It turns color beautiful manicure.Lunar jacket (photo of the original design with foil below) is changing now, as fashion is not static, and the requirements of modern ladies are getting higher.

options jewelry

often used to complement the design and rhinestones, and painting, and spot painting.Alternatively, a variant with the foil, as shown above.He came into vogue just a year ago.Usually on the first foil glued nails, and then cover it with colored lacquer.Either, the taste.The color scheme is used very different - silver, white, gold and black, and colored metallic lacquer to match.It all depends on the planned composition.For example, the colors can be chosen to match the dress and accessories.This manicure will look very appropriate and effective.

Double moon design

Yes, there is and such.Double Lunar jacket.How to do it yourself?What is it?First of all, it is the French manicure, which is allocated a different color and the free edge of the lunula simultaneously.It is noteworthy that this type of design is suitable only for owners of long nails.He is absolutely not relevant to small and wide nail plate, as will make it even shorter and wider.Double design exists in a monochromatic color and form.However, each of them must be appropriate and acceptable.

technology implementation

Manicure need two colored paint and stencils.Top and base are required, since no one design is complete without them.When the nails are prepared, they are covered with colored varnish.Later on the dry layer paste stencils: at the free edge and the cuticle.They are something, and overlap the second colored lacquer.Usually one shade.While some do not mind and experiment by selecting a different color for this.Again, if the length of the nail allows.Ready-made design fix topom after removing stencil.Double Lunar jacket is popular with owners of artificial nails.

Is it worth doing?

Each woman decides for itself what kind of manicure she needed to do.And the moon design has to appeal to quite a few ladies.Firstly, it is quite exquisite and original.Secondly, it performed easily.Thirdly, even a small length of the nails look spectacular.However, it should be taken with caution for such a design.Lunula should be allocated not too much, otherwise the nails will look even shorter and wider than it actually is.Patterned stencils are used when boring and classic round already stale.Or when the length of the nail plate allows.Decorations are added as desired.However, we should remember that everything is good in moderation: the more decorative elements, the alyapistey and vulgar will look manicure.That is why the masters are trying to focus on only one or two fingers.It does not overload the song, making it a harmonious and elegant.