Pink french polish: step by step instruction execution

In recent years become very popular color and bright manicure.This design combines seemingly incompatible colors.This article will tell you how to perform white-pink jacket with decorative elements.You will learn what you need to do before applying the shade and how to create beauty on your nails.It is worth noting that a pink jacket with a pattern has several stages of processing.Let us examine them in detail.

first step: cuticle and preparation of the work area

pink jacket, just like any other design, suggests preliminary cleaning nails.Remove the old paint and sawdust ends in the same shape.After that, make a cuticle removal by any suitable means to you.

further align the work area.To do this, use a soft buff.Try not to use abrasive saws.They can damage the nail structure and thin the them.After treatment, wipe the plate with a napkin soaked in degreaser.

Second step: design "SmileĀ»

pink jacket involves creating neat semicircle on the tips of the nails.You can do this in two ways: using

a brush or using a stencil.If you do not have the skills to work with nails, you should give preference to the second option.

Stick the stencil to the ends of strips of nails.Thereafter, using a varnish selected shade cover the empty space.If necessary, apply two coats.If you are working with a brush, then choose a short and fine hair.When the paint is dry, you can carefully remove the stencil to nail.

The third step: the formulation of decorative elements

pink jacket with a picture looks very effectively and gently.If you can not create masterpieces, do not be upset.Currently, you can buy a lot of different labels that decorate your nails.

If you do not want your pink jacket was very catchy, apply design just unmarked fingers.This method is used by all masters of nail service.This will not be boring, and at the same time give the coating a low-key style.

If you want to decorate your own pink jacket, you will need the following tools: a dense white paint, glitter silver or pink tones, foil and rhinestones.

Take a thin brush and dip into varnish.Then create a few curls that come out of the corner of the "smile".At the end of the medium-sized curls glue rhinestones.To do this, use only the fastening means.Never apply on natural nails superglue.Otherwise, after a few formalities you earn serious problems with the plate.

With loose sequins can be issued a nail tip.To do this, cover it with a thin layer of clear varnish.Wait a few seconds and place the tip of the nail to the mix of sequins.After that, wait until the material is dry, and cover it with the finishing tool.

An alternative method of decoration French manicure pink

If you do not want to put sequins, rhinestones and patterns on your nails, pink jacket can be decorated in any other way.Recently, a very fashionable considered coverage in several tiers.To create you need to paint in white or any other color and a thin brush.

Soak the unit in color and draw a thin line on a path to create a "smile".All your movements should be confident, but the most accurate.After drying, apply a decorative lines of clear varnish.If you wish, you can repeat the manipulation of a bit higher, but in a different shade.In this case, you'll have a multi-layered pink French manicure.Use only those colors that blend with the overall style.

You can make the upper hole in white.This manicure is a natural and gentle.To do this, brush paint the space where the new nail grows at the base of the plate.Dry and fix a special compound.

When you create a pink tunic can be used and other decorative elements.It all depends on your ultimate goal.Be creative and experiment over the nail.I wish you success in this difficult task!Be beautiful and original!