As a manicure with a ribbon.

I want to make new and interesting manicure, but like everything has already been tried a?There is a very interesting and easy way to perform which do not require significant costs.This manicure with a ribbon, the basic ideas in the design of which may well overlap with someone else's thoughts.But this does not mean that the color of the background and ribbons will coincide with the appearance of nails another girl.Manicure obtained noticeable, correct and very neat.

Bonding decorative ribbon

Scotch for nail design - a great accessory that allows you to decorate manicure, giving all manner of originality.The tape is available in different colors, has a metallic luster.Its width can be different, but to decorate the nails is best to buy the most subtle.This tape has a self-adhesive surface capable to hold on any surface: lacquer, acrylic, gel varnish.

the online store this product can be called: nail line, striping tape.One such adhesive tape is sold at an affordable price.Therefore, to make a goo

d manicure with tape several times, it is recommended to take a few pieces at once.

tape should be glued to a dry lacquer, because in the painted layer by pressing it causes unnecessary recesses.We must stand a short distance from the edge of the cuticle and nail contour.Otherwise, the tip of the tape will cling to interfere, and can also come off at the wrong time.

After the work is applied to the transparent fixative or varnish with fine glitter.The surface of this becomes smoother and shine nail is reinforced, making manicure with tape brighter.

How useful liquid feed

With the advent of a new manicure many lovers of art on nails relieved and immediately rushed to buy new.What is this wonderful invention?Liquid feed for manicure - a wonderful tool that is available in the same bottles with brushes, like nail polish.

They need to cover the skin around the nail and cuticle.Medium dries quickly, so almost immediately after application, you can start doing manicure.To remove the need to pry a little tape and remove it by analogy with purifying facial mask.Liquid feed for manicure completely removed and the skin that was under it remains beautiful and clean.

Earlier masters after applying the varnish had carefully put his hands in order, and do it yourself it was even more difficult.Now simply remove the film after the staining.And do not be afraid to spoil just a manicure, wiping the skin around each nail nail polish remover.Now there is no need at all to achieve accuracy when applied at the color bars in order not to go beyond the edge of the nail.Also, the liquid feed is useful to those who do manicure on the stamping technique.

Tape - supporting material

decorative ribbon may well be used as the material for the job.At the same time the nails are made this way:

  1. applied lacquer 1 or more different.
  2. In accordance with the pattern invented glued strips.
  3. Apply 1 more varnish.
  4. After drying the coating come off the strip.
  5. used fixer.

As a result, a homogeneous background appears a combination of bands of different colors.And the manicure with tape turns spectacular and eye-catching.If adhesive tape is used as an auxiliary material, it is best to choose one that is less than pleasant.Fixer is necessarily needed to smooth the uneven surface.

ribbon as decoration nail

to use adhesive tape as a design element, it is necessary to perform these steps:

  1. a manicure, removing the cuticle and gives shape to the nail plate.
  2. Cover the nail lacquer into 2 layers.
  3. Cut a piece of tape desired length, and then glued to the surface.
  4. 2 times to cover the nail fixer.

pattern should come up in advance to faster and more accurately work with tape.Scissors used only with pointed tips and blades sharpened.You can take them out of manicure sets, but not necessarily new.If it so happened that turned the tape length of nails and a little in favor of it, it is necessary to remove any excess, leaving somewhere to the edge of a millimeter.Beautifully it looks like a pattern of multiple colored stripes, separated by tape at the junction.Manicure with ribbons for design always looks impressive and interesting.

It turns a great manicure in striped vest example.A strip can be glued to carry a French manicure.It is interesting to complement ribbons drawing made with acrylic paints.

Modern fashionistas easy to perform spectacular manicure tape yourself.Manufacturers are working to release new and exciting tools to help you look good, developing imagination.