"Cora" (cosmetics): reviews beauticians and customers

today's beauty market in large numbers represented a means to care for face, body and hair.There are luxury brands, and budget.Many on the shelves of imported goods.But is the foreign manufacturer can boast of impeccable quality?The good news is that our domestic cosmetics in recent years began to enjoy good demand for our females.Our manufacturer is ready to present products in no way inferior in quality to the best foreign goods.We are talking about a company called "bark".Cosmetics reviews cosmetologists and consumers which we are examining today, winning the domestic market.Cover the entire range of tools offered by our women, "bark", will not turn out.There are a lot of them.Therefore we confine ourselves to a few products: one from each group of products.


The holding called "Kora Laboratory" is in full swing the research work on the creation of innovative cosmetic products for face, body and hair.Employees use the latest developments from the fields of medicine and biology, offering the

use of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes for the production of highly advanced products for the preservation of youth and beauty.More than 100 different kinds of tools developed by their own recipes, today the company is "bark".Cosmetics reviews in 2014 of which are full of good grades of consumers, made only from the raw material of premium and thoroughly tested by dermatologists.

from fat and pimples

What distinguishes means for normalizing high salovydeleniya and solve the problem of acne?First, light texture and a loose structure, helps to narrow pores and smothering acne infection.In addressing these issues, we can help cosmetics "Bark".Reviews beautician about it will be discussed below.In the meantime, listen to the opinions of our customers.Very popular in the series of data products of this brand enjoys a light cream-gel for oily skin with a matte effect.In its structure contains the following active ingredients: sebo- and superuvlazhnyayuschy complexes, calendula extract, raspberry, arnica, plantain, izokvertsetin and corn oil, shea butter.This product is designed to stabilize the sebaceous glands and inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the formation of acne outbreak.Let's look at an example of user feedback, whether the means to cope with its mission.Consumer Opinions are divided.Most of the women says that the product is good, it gives an excellent matting effect, not immediately, but gradually get rid of pimples.A negative comments stressed that the cream is quite thick, clog pores, thereby saving on the occurrence of acne.And the face after it becomes shiny and greasy to the touch.Makeup for such oily skin spreads instantly.The cost of this money varies from 422 to 512 rubles.

For mature skin

Women of all ages want to look beautiful.Every self-respecting brand seeks to present to the lovely ladies tools that can help them in the fight against wrinkles.Is no exception to this rule and the company "Koran".Cosmetics, reviews, modeling cream - all of these items, we now consider.As part of this product, there are a lot of active ingredients that enhance skin elasticity, namely: plant proteins and amino acids, avocado oil, shea butter, sunflower, soybean, Kigelia extract, myrrh, horsetail, ivy and coleus and superuvlazhnyayuschy complex.The results of the clinical studies of the product are impressive: the removal of sagging skin - 44%, increasing its elasticity - 41.5%, improving the contour of the chin - 29%.And all this only through a face cream without the use of plastic surgery.And what will they say about it our consumers?They think that is worthy of all praise cosmetics "Bark".Feedback from customers suggest that the firming cream to restore facial contours really works.The women write that it is not sticky and not greasy, absorbs quickly, good as a base for make-up, effective facelift.And, of course, they were pleased with the price of such effective product - about 500 rubles.The only drawback, which they point out - it is inconvenient glass jar.And I would like a bottle with a dropper.

To cleanse

than our women remove makeup from the face?Indeed, many today are waterproof cosmetics.Therefore, there should be an effective tool, but gentle.In this case, the best fit lotion makeup remover.One such product is pleased to present the company "Koran".Cosmetics reviews of beauticians who are mostly positive, contains a complex of active ingredients such as natural oils (olive, soybean, coconut), allantoin, oat extract, dandelion, red bilberry, licorice and rose hips.Milk gently and carefully removes impurities and make-up, moisturizes the skin, enhances its natural defenses, making it smooth, smooth and velvety.Consumers write that it is very effective, as, indeed, and all cosmetics "Bark".Reviews beautician say that the product is suitable for all skin types.Consumers tell us about the secrets of its use: Apply lotion to damp skin should be massaged, then foam, moisten with water and wash off the product.Women stressed that the means has a rather fat consistency, copes with the removal of even the most resistant make-up.Product price - only 257 rubles.


It's safe to say that for all ages suitable cosmetics "Bark".Testimonials about it say that women of all ages will find suitable for them a means of facial and body treatments.Cream to restore skin elasticity, submitted by the company, contains hyaluronic acid, betaine, wheat protein hydrolysates, extracts of ginger and carrots.This tool activates the production of its own collagen and elastin production in the cells of the epidermis, evens skin tone, moisturizes it, thus slowing down the formation of facial wrinkles and age.I wonder what they think about it, our customers?The product did not disappoint them.What are primarily interested in the person who is going to buy a new product (no matter what it will be - home appliances, Medications or cosmetics the same "Bark")?Reviews!"Kosmetista" - Community users sharing their opinions about a particular caregiver means.There we learned that this cream has the consistency of thick cream that does not prevent him quickly absorbed.The smell of it is almost there.The effectiveness of anti-wrinkle good.The women write that in a few days they become visually less noticeable.After discontinuation of the drug result disappears.This suggests that the remedy really works.Its only drawback - it is too fatty.For dry skin - a great option.For oily cream, apparently, will not do.Product price - about 500 rubles.

Hand Care

What is most valued in a woman means to care?The fact that it is a complex action.If we talk about hand cream, it is important that he cared for the skin and nails.There is a product from our manufacturer.This regenerating cream for hands and nails, "Cora".Cosmetics, reviews of professionals of which do not cause mixed feelings, contains a highly complex nutrients: soybean oil and sea buckthorn extracts a mother and stepmother, aloe, rose hips, chamomile, yarrow, licorice, horsetail and nettle, as well as vitamin E and keratin.Means well restores the skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of the environment, prevents breakage and splitting the nail plate.Consumers are largely satisfied with its performance.They write that it is thick, but it is quickly absorbed without making your hands greasy.If you use the cream regularly, the result will be persistent.However, many women believe that the remedy for the winter cold is not suitable as it does not save us from flaking and redness.Product price - 194 rubles.

Body Care

As we said above, the most reliable source of information to learn how to effectively cosmetics "Cora" - reviews.Cream Serum for firming body - a product of the brand, which gathered a lot of positive feedback from customers.It contains ivy extract, collagen and elastin.Women say that it has a liquid consistency, like most body creams.Apply it easy and pleasant.The skin after use becomes soft, smooth and silky.The manufacturer promises that the product is able to deliver even on the "orange peel".That this assertion consumers do not agree.They write that the cream moisturizes, but cellulite does not help.Its price - 287 rubles.

Fighting cellulite

But this product could help women get rid of the hated "orange peel".This is an anti-cellulite cream "Bark".Cosmetics, opinions, positions which we are considering, it is surprising our women high efficiency and democratic price.The composition of this product is very rich in caffeine, medical bile, niacinamide, Fucus extract, coleus, horsetail, kelp, arnica, pineapple leaves of birch, horse chestnut, juniper, soybean oil, corn and hemp, essential oils of lemon and orange, gum myrrh.Product with this rich formula breaks down body fat, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in the cells, strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity.With regular use, the cream helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.The women say that the product is really good tightens the skin.But of extra centimeters, he can not save.It needs a set of additional measures, such as diet and an active massage.Price money - 592 rubles.


Thus, the theme of our conversation - TM "Cora": cosmetics reviews.Hair is offered a whole range of tools for daily care, and for the additional.With regards to the first case, we consider Shampoo for fine and dry hair on the basis of thermal water.The active ingredients here - amino acids, betaine, D-panthenol, keratin, rice bran oil, wheat germ extracts, oats and aloe.All these ingredients proven themselves in the struggle for the firmness and softness of hair.An additional advantage - the product does not contain silicone and dye.Consumers praise the result of this product.They write that the hair after use become obedient, well-stacked in her hair, decided the problem of split ends.

following tools are worth paying attention to, refers to a line of products for additional hair care.We are talking about shampoo strengthens against hair loss based on thermal water.It includes such valuable ingredients as macadamia oil, arginine, betaine, keratin, extracts of medicinal herbs.Consumers write that after two months of treatment, as a rule, there is a strong result as cessation of hair loss.In addition, they are living, lush, easy to comb.You can also note the convenience of the issue - a bottle with a lid equipped with a button, when clicked, it opens.Price shampoo and that in both cases is about 500 rubles.


It is very important for us to view regular users of the company's products "Bark".Cosmetics, beauticians reviews which we now consider, deserves a detailed discussion.Experts warn that the solution of a problem with the skin, you may need more than one tool, and the complex products of the same series.For example, for the treatment of acne, they are advised to purchase a cream matting day cream night - bioregulator for oily skin tonic and cleansing mask-sebobalans with prebiotic.Therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics, as described above, can be used at home.Beauty salon beauticians are advised to acquire the means of brand sold under the name "New Line".This professional cosmetics.In the line of its products is not only the masks and cleansers, and acid peels, such as raspberry, cranberry, cranberry.Use these products at its discretion experts is not recommended: it is possible to obtain a burn or damage the skin.Overall Estheticians positively assess the quality of products of the firm.

We talked about the Russian cosmetics company named "Bark".Cosmetics reviews cosmetologists and consumers about which mostly positive, actively gaining market today beauty.