Cosmetics "Dior": customer reviews and professional beauticians

Cosmetics "Dior" is known to most women around the world.These products are very popular.Initially the company was engaged in the production of designer clothing and accessories.Next in the lineup of products appeared perfume, and then cosmetics.

eye shadow, lipstick, blush, powders and creams can be found for sale in many retail stores.Availability cosmetics "Dior" facilitates the creation of a make-up not only fans, but also to professionals.The cost of production is estimated cosmetologists above the market average.For the price of five palettes with shadows shades can be purchased quite a professional set from another company.

Customer Reviews and professional beauticians about the use of tonal creams "Dior"

In the catalog of the company is not more than ten different tones of creams and serums.All of them are available in different shades.No liquid foundation always get positive feedback after use.Some women report that emphasizes the cream all the wrinkles on the face.They also do not like

the thick consistency, because that means falls on the skin and prevents the mask to breathe.

agree with this opinion, not all women customers.Some of them believed that cosmetics "Dior" perfectly fulfills its function.Women delighted with liquid foundation.Particular attention should be given anti-aging cream.He liked many women over 35 years old.

Professional beauticians and makeup artists say that with the help of foundation Diorskin Skulpt can hide all the small imperfections, such as pimples or redness.

Customer Reviews of Powder "Christian Dior"

Face should create a sense of naturalness.This fine powder helps of "Dior".The company has a collection of products with a distinct tone or invisible effect.

positive reviews of Powder relate their ease of application and the result.Some negative opinions apply to particular packaging.Most of the girls said that powder lies well to the skin and without pre-coating her tone or moisturizer.

shoppers also note that during the day the person is still fresh.Powder in the evening does not roll in the nasolabial folds and in the wings of the nose.

negative reviews relate to a small shade of yellow, which occurs in some skin types.Dissatisfied with the girls think the price of powdered overpriced.

opinions of professionals and amateurs on the road from the mosaic "Dior"

During the trip you do not want to bring a variety of different packages and cans to create expressive makeup.In this case, the aid comes road paletka Dior Color Designer.It contains a blush, powder, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.Middle occupy a number two pencils, mini-brush, applicator sponge and brush for blush.

shoppers claim that this set is really only suitable for traveling, since all the elements of the mosaic are located close to each other.For example, typing powder or blush brush desired shade inevitably falls into the next compartment and the result is a little different.Shadows is no such problem, but included in the kit applicator is too small to create fine lines on the eyelids.

shine, supplied with the kit, the majority of women are satisfied.Color lasts a long time.It should be borne in mind that immediately after applying the lip gloss can be a little pinch.

for professional use such reticulation is not suitable.Makeup artists need to clearly understand the results and not to think about the movements of the hand during a set of components.Cosmetics "Dior", reviews of which we consider suitable for professional use.With shadows contained in the set you can create a low-key make-up, as there is no bright colors.

Professionals and amateurs note that the use of mini-products every day is very tiring.Better to buy the necessary components separately.

Customer reviews of mascara from Dior

When you create your unique image of every woman uses a variety of different means.One of the mandatory is mascara.She, like any cosmetic "Dior", and has enthusiastic and negative reviews.Their reasons may be quite different.

lovers of quality cosmetics say that mascara perfectly separates them for a long time keeps the volume and does not cause reddening of the eyes at the end of the day.Respect is also worthy of constant composition products.

Other consumers argue the opposite.They talk about the effect of the appearance of "spider legs" after applying mascara.Also, the negative feedback that receives cosmetics "Dior", often associated with its ability to crumble and leave black spots under the eyes.

Disgruntled customers say and short service life of the carcass.Three months for her - limit.Cosmetics "Dior", reviews of which kosmetista most positive, to serve on the packaging specified amount of time.Longer term use of any funds may no longer be good for health.

Reviews of nail polishes from the "Dior"

Complementing the image is always correctly chosen paint.Cosmetics "Dior", reviews of which are contained in the article, it is always made on the modern equipment.This also applies to varnishes.On this part of the product found only positive feedback.

Enthusiastic women argue that the quality of the lakes "Dior" are on a par with the world's luxe manufacturers, and their price is significantly lower than peers.The rich range of colors allows you to choose a bottle of each to a customer like.The characteristic and recognizable packaging design nail polish makes a great gift for any occasion.

Conclusion It can be concluded that the cosmetics "Dior" (lotions, powders, pencils, blush, eye shadow, etc.) Are very popular today among Russian buyers.Constant product quality is all confidence.In the catalog company also has a large number of world famous fragrances.