The agent for the growth of eyelashes Almea Xlash: reviews

means Xlash, reviews of which could already make a lot of Russian women and girls, made by British Almea, headquartered in London.This drug affects the hair follicles, contributing to the saturation of the hair follicles with nutrients and improve the local blood circulation.Thanks to this cilia begin to recover faster, grow, become more dark and thick.

give high awareness about the drug

Where in the world (except Russia) Xlash popular means for eyelashes?Reviews about him can be found in almost all European languages, as the product has enjoyed great success in Poland, Germany and Spain.In Sweden, the market research from "Norstat Abie" showed that among the ladies of this country about the drug to enhance the natural lash know more than 70 percent.Thirteen percent of the ladies already have "IksLesh" in her purse, and about 30 percent of women who have not yet acquired such means would want to buy it Xlash.

Certification passed

Perhaps this popularity lies in the fact that the drug is really

high quality, passed the procedure of international evaluation and has a certificate of conformity issued in March 2013 (up to March 2018) in the production volumes of 1.5, 3,0 and 6.0 ml.Product Xlash, reviews which often positive than negative, got the certificate (number EU. 1282.OR130307. AO254).Perhaps it is worth remembering to ask the sellers of the goods, as the popular beauty products today are often counterfeited.

Magic extract coral

What special properties has a reducing cilia Xlash?Reviews of the manufacturer indicates that the product may increase the length of your own lashes by 40 percent, as well as their volume, due to the action of natural ingredients.Indeed, if you look at the instructions for use, it can be seen that the product is made of water-based (79 percent of the stock - it is water).There is a medicinal extract of coral (1 percent), which improves blood circulation and cellular respiration of the skin and promotes the generation of collagen and elastin.It's an added bonus to the wearer, who can thus energize a little and delicate eyelid skin, as a means necessary to put a time line on the night of the growth of cilia.

prohibition of

so instructed.While on individual resources and online stores you can find a recommendation to apply Almea Xlash, reviews about the action which is sometimes like a wonderful tale about the transformation directly to the upper eyelashes before bedtime.It is believed that during sleep and gets a means to lower the cilia, feeding them.However it is better to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.The instructions can also be found indications that the drug should not be used during pregnancy, while breast-feeding, when expressed allergic reactions.Also, the manufacturer does not recommend the use of cosmetic products to girls under 18 years old.Perhaps, at this age it is still strong natural beauty that does not need additional modeling or even fueling natural ingredients.

Means for eyelashes Xlash, reviews of which only contribute to the strengthening of its popularity, in addition, contains an extract of the seeds of woad dye (10 percent).This substance is slightly tints the lashes by amino acids in its composition, so the hairs become darker and thicker.Present in a product extract hebuly (2 percent of the total material) incorporates hebulovye acid and tannin, which are strong antioxidants, leveling aging changes and give increased growth of new tissue.

Natural extracts, used since ancient times

In addition, the drug Xlash for eyelash growth, reviews of which the Russian market give an average score of about four out of five, is composed of a three-percent seed extract Nigella sativa (black cumin sowing), provides a restorative effect andIt is used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine.The seeds of this plant are found in ancient Egypt, including the tombs of the Pharaohs, so maybe the beauty of the past millennia also used them in the care of themselves.

Eyelash serum Xlash: good reviews!

Also in the cosmetic products you can find a two-percent extract of the roots of Solomon's seal, and a three-percent extract from the leaves of the eastern biota, which also contribute to the regeneration of eyelashes.According to some, the composition further includes a bit of the drug "Bimatoprost", which is used to treat glaucoma.It was observed that the tool is provided as a side effect of the growth of eyelashes, so it began to be added in cosmetic preparations in small doses.

In what form is available serum for eyelashes Xlash?Reviews of buyers report that the Russian market presents all three variants of the package - one and a half to six milliliters.In this trial, polutoramillilitrovaya wrap spring 2015 will cost about 1.3 thousand rubles. Standard (3 milliliters) - about 2 thousand rubles, and increased volume, which gives savings - 3.5 thousand. Rubles (6 ml).It is worth noting that the manufacturer guarantees the economic use of funds through the special brush (included in the bottle).The tool has a total shelf life of two years, with an opened bottle should be used within 8 months from the time of discovery.With intensive use of volume in milliliters to the standard three lashes should last for a period of about three months.

wearer say compliments

How does Almea Xlash, reviews Russians about which there are, nevertheless, very different?It is believed that for good results you need to use the drug for about two or three months.Russian girl said that in the first week of the hairs look just shinier and fortified, but no specific results.In the second week there are new additional cilia around the eyes.Ladies saw a noticeable effect from the third week - the hair becomes longer, they are long.In the fifth week, you can already hear the questions from others, not built up any woman currently eyelashes.But after six weeks of use indicated incredible "fluffiness".The effect of the regeneration of some of the fair sex had stopped at the eighth week, thereafter change in the cilia do not show visible results.

Adverse reactions reported in the instructions

What features has the cosmetic Xlash to lash?Reviews of the wearer, and the manufacturer's instructions contain information on possible adverse reactions.It marked redness of the eyelids and eyes, dryness, hyperpigmentation, irritation, tingling in the eyelashes, which sometimes can only be eliminated by rinsing agents.For allergy sufferers, however, there is a separate product - Xlash sense.Some women notice hair loss, which may have been the result of a natural upgrade eyelashes (eyelash "lives" of three to six months).The manufacturer indicates that the serum in contact directly to the eye it must be thoroughly rinsed, and in the event of burning, consult a doctor.In addition, the product should not be diluted with water or use it with someone together, as microflora eyes each person is strictly individual.

Efficiency can be very different

How effective drug Xlash?Reviews in this respect there are also "abusive" because the girls were expecting more from the funds of 2.5 thousand. Rub., Paid for a small package.This is often due to the fact that the serum used in healthy women, the nature of the thick lashes, which, nevertheless, became a little darker.While the manual clearly defines the scope of the product - "for weak, thin, short eyelashes, including after removal of the building."Owners just such eyelashes are almost always in admiration of the drug.

But all the wearer should take into account that the serum, including the version Eyelash serum Xlash, reviews of which are good, has a limited period of validity of the results.After some time, eyelashes can return to its original form (if they are unsightly by nature) as they are updated in accordance planted genetic program, and would have to use the serum for eyelashes.In the case of damaged cilia can count on a revival of centuries by obtaining additional nutrients.